Miranda Needs AJ’s Help Getting Into Her Pants on All My Children

AJ (Eric Nelsen) discovered Miranda (Denyse Tontz) in his room trying on Colby’s “vintage” jeans. Apparently Colby was even skinnier than Miranda, because she had to ask AJ for help in squeezing into the hip huggers. For some reason I doubt Miranda was the only one having problems with their jeans.

Later, Miranda came out wearing a top without a bra. AJ told her to take the shirt off because she was all on display. When she balked, AJ proceeded to tell Miranda “the trailer park called and they want their trash back.” Okay, even I chuckled at that line. 

Apparently AJ’s room is busier than Pine Valley’s airport, because Bianca (Eden Riegel) showed up with a gift for her daughter.

Celia (Jordan Lane Price) told Brooke (Julia Barr) her guardian didn’t want her working for the Miranda Center. Brooke wasn’t happy to hear the news. However, Celia said she didn’t care what her guardian had to say. 

When Celia returned to her  dorm room she found flowers and an iPad waiting for her. The iPad had a taped message from Pete (Robert Scott Wilson) on it. In the video, he asked her to come to the window. When Celia opened the window, she discovered her digital knight waiting with flowers below.

Angie (Debbie Morgan) informed Jesse (Darnell Williams) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) about David (Vincent Irizarry) being out of jail. The men weren't happy with the news, especially when Angie revealed she was the reason he'd been paroled. Angie told them to get over themselves where Hayward was concerned.

Jesse used his wife's reaction to the David situation to drive home the point of why she couldn't know about Cassandra's (Sal Stowers) kidnapping. Will this guy ever stop lying to Angie about what's really going on with her children?

Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) was about to call the police, but stopped when David revealed he was out on parole. Cara (Lindsay Hartley) told her brother she could handle talking to David.  One week into TOLN’s All My Children and I REALLY want to see more David and Cara.

After Cara stalked off, David noticed a hospital room with JR Chandler’s (Ryan Bittle) name on it. David discovered his biter enemy connected to tubes and monitors. He started turning off the various alarms, but stopped himself just before pulling the final plug.

Hunter (David Covin) distracted Miranda on their date at Jane’s Addition, by asking her to draw something.  While she was drawing, he kept looking over her shoulder. AJ showed up, causing Miranda to go over and accuse him of following her.

A blonde girl was sitting with Hunter when Miranda returned to the table. Miranda's cocky crush quickly explained the girl swung both ways and wanted to know if she was interested in getting high and doing a threesome! When Miranda cringed at the idea, Hunter commented that he thought she'd be a "freak" like her mother.

A traumatized Miranda left Jane's Addiction, as AJ stormed over to confront Hunter. When Hunter dissed Miranda, AJ punched him.

The dialogue during the teen set's scenes still needs A LOT of work. To say it was heavy-handed would be an understatement on par with saying ABC was a little rash in cancelling two iconic sudsers at the same time.

Bianca visited Marissa’s (Sarah Glendening) grave. She talked to her dead lover about AJ and Miranda. We've got to get Binks on Match.com It's been five years.

Back in JR's room, David was gloating about Babe and Marissa's ex-husband being trapped in a fate worse than death. Of course, Junior's fingers started twitching, prompting David to go into a chokehold on the defenseless vegetable.

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  1. Profile photo of bren

    i LOVED this episode. david hates jr so much it’s great.

    the line about getting bianca on match.com made me laugh out loud.

    the kids dialogue is…. rough.

    i can’t get enough of david and cara. but someone else needs to do cara’s makeup, this girl is STUNNING and she’s not looking as stunning as she did on the old AMC.

    poor cassandra. this is hard to watch. i really hope griffin is the dr to help her after the trauma like how he helped kendal last year oops i mean 5 years ago.

    i’m only saying this because i know the actor is really 22 and not 16 so i don’t feel as bad but…. damn AJ is hot naked! i’m glad miranda is hot naked too since we know these two have a romance brewing. i hope they take it nice and slow and focus on their friendship more. i love that miranda thinks of him as her brother still. i think AJ is so well rounded because he had bianca and brooke in his life. these are strong women and they broke the dysfunctional cycle of mean chandler men! AJ seems like a good guy, defending miranda and encouraging her to dress well without looking slutty.

    also. bianca is like the best mom. i wish my mom would go pick me up a cute top at the mall when i have a date. that was really sweet. totally bianca. reminded me of older scenes with her and kendal and what good sisters they were and i knew they would both be such good moms. i really want to meet gabby and kendal and her kids. i’m hoping kendal is with ryan and causing drama for him and greenlee.

    where is tad and kathy!?? if dixie is here we should at least get a shout out about her daughter kathy who is the teens age now. a nod to jamie and brooks daughter would be great too.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Is it just me or is Pete and Celia happening a bit too fast? I don’t know but all those flowers in her room, the message and him standing there with a rose in his hand felt a little bit too much. I mean they had like one real conversation till this…

    I agree with you, bren, regarding AJ. ;)

    LOVE Cara and David!

    The kids dialog needs to improve but other than that I liked the episode. Miranda and AJ have a great chemistry and so do Pete and Celia – well at least in the little screen time they have shared. ;)

  3. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Is there a story with AJ and Miranda? AMC seems to be all about character with very little plot. Character development happens within a story, not instead of it.

  4. Profile photo of GatesBear

    With AJ, I know we’re supposed to believe he likes Miranda or were going to find out he has a crush on her …but my gaydar goes off big time on him.

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Im struggling with the reboot. I am totally invested in the david cara stuff but this show is focusing too much on the younger set for me. And while I could care less that there is no tad greenlee or ryan an amc with no kendall and no erica is sorely lacking for me.

  6. Profile photo of pjc722

    I don’t necessarily get the idea that it’s 5 years later. It feels MORE like last year and OLTL feels like 5 yrs ago since there is less of the mystery surrounding OLTL story than AMC.

    AMC also seems JUST like before and stunted dialogue for the young crowd and not enough juice for the older ones. David comes back and they pick up with Cara being no longer pregant but just like she did with hiding the pregnancy from him she’s now hiding the kid.

    The younger set have such dull story that it’s not drama it’s watching my nieces and nephews. BORING. Also, the guy Miranda went out with seemed like he was HIGH throughout that scene.

  7. Profile photo of SparkleLJJ

    I’m glad that AMC is back but I wish they would focus more on the older set too. I know the “plan” is to draw in younger viewers and this may be the way to go. IRL, almost all my friends and co-workers who are over 25, don’t even have a clue that AMC and OLTL are back. Let alone where to watch it. So, I get why they want to focus on the younger set. However, as a 30+ female, I’m not watching for high school drama. I do miss Kendall, Erica, Jack and Tad. And I would love to see more Cara/David and the Cassandra storyline.

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