Donna Helps Brooke and Bill Cover up Their Betrayal on The Bold and the Beautiful

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) couldn’t believe Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) had betrayed Katie (Heather Tom).  As usual, Brooke made a bunch of excuses for her marriage-busting behavior. 

Brooke told her sister she and Bill (Don Diamont) agreed it would never happen again. Donna said she didn’t care. She wanted to know how he could ever be a husband to Katie again.  Donna quickly agreed to help cover up the secret. She said she didn’t think Katie could survive such news.

Meanwhile, Bill’s horny ass was snooping on Donna’s desk, where there just happened to be pictures of Brooke in lingerie. Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) interrupted his fantasies to talk about her charity event. 

Bill told his niece how proud he was of what she was doing, but that he couldn’t be there because he needed to be with Katie. It was nice to see airhead Caroline share a substantial moment with her uncle.

Oliver (Zack Conroy), Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), Marcus (Texas Battle), Thomas (Adam Gregory) and Rick (Jacob Young) weren’t all that enthused about modeling in their underwear for charity. When they found out tickets had already sold out, they grudgingly agreed to help.

I don’t see what Rick’s problem was. He had no problem strutting around in high heels on a catwalk. 

It’s a good thing there are a lot of female names that begin with the letter M, because Caroline is running through them faster than a roadrunner. I laughed when she called Maya (Karla Mosley) “Marigold.”

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    I just knew this. Donna, “how can Bill ever be a husband to Katie again”? Umm, how about “how can Brooke ever be a sister to them anymore”?

    I really hope Heather Tom as Katie rips Brooke a new one good, once she finds out. Without having a heart attack, please.

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    LOL and she cries about it???

    BTW: loved how those “Men Of Forrestor” were all shaved down for the runway…. not a stand of body hair on any of them….. very unrealistic, esp how low Rick’s pjs were slung…

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    I said on twitter is Brooke Catholic? Why isn’t she on the pill or had her tubes tied? On top of that she pregnant with her sister’s husband on top of that. Damn you Brooke I was about to jump on your team, because Taylor was getting so annoying, but I’m staying team Taylor. I can’t wait until Taylor gets in your face and cuss you out and go in-

    Today show was great!

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    I LOVE that she’s pregnant with Bill’s kid. It’s going to screw up so many things. Is she going to call Whip to help her out again? Or how about Deacon?

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    Are all the soaps just copying each other lately? First it was GH at the Nurses Ball with Magic Milo and the other guys doing their strip dance, which was funny. Then DOOL followed with their male strip show, and now B &B. I think the writers all watch each others soaps because they can’t come up with original stories anymore. The only soap left to do the male strip is Y &R. Get ready to see Tyler, Mason Dylan, Cane show off their abs soon. How funny would it be to see Victor or Jack, now that would be original! Billy is getting involved in gambling and now GH has Sonny’s son Morgan in a gambling situation.
    Brooke is pregnant? How old is she???? Poor Katie. Can you imagine having a sister like Brooke?! How many bets Carly on GH will wind up pregnant next. Different soaps, same stories.

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]Are all the soaps just copying each other lately? First it was GH at the Nurses Ball with Magic Milo and the other guys doing their strip dance, which was funny. Then DOOL followed with their male strip show, and now B &B. . …[/quote]

    If anybody is copying anybody, then the others are copying Days. (God forbid!) Days is the soap with the longest time between taping and airing.

    I don’t think of Brooke as a slut: I see her as a selfish, entitled bitch in heat. Wait….I guess that IS the definition of a slut. :)

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    Is it speculation that Brooke is going to be pregnant or is she really pregnant? Some of the posts seem so definite that she is, but based on the article I can’t make that leap.

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    I thought they said that she was going through early menopause?! PLEASE DON”T MAKE HER PREGNANT because then this story went the wrong direction again!!!

    HONESTLY, this is 2013. We see Chelsea on Y&R get pregnant with unprotected sex and complain that she doesn’t like the baby daddy. Then she goes and has UNPROTECTED sex with a total stranger WHILE PREGNANT… you damn fool since STDs can have massive effects on the unborn child.

    Then you have Carly on GH who has had unprotected sex and all of her kids are the product of that! The same with Alexis with Christina.

    Shoot over to Days and I think ALL OF SAMI’s 12 kids are through unprotected and UNINTENDED reasons.


    All of Brooke’s kids have had paternity tests! DON”T MAKE HER PREGNANT!

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    The end of today’s show her doctor walked up to her and Brooke asked about her menopause test, and the doc said she is pregnant.

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    I just watched it!!! What a waste of space on my DVR!!! Seriously how many times can ONE woman get pregnant unintentionally and STILL not get the symptoms when some guys sperm is creating his SPAWN in her belly?!!

    Brooke should have the morning after pill in her medicine cabinet with the number of unwanted pregnancies!!

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    I don’t understand Bill. Yesterday Donna asked Brooke if she could resist her impulses for Bill? Then, Pam came over and reminded Brooke how hot Bill is. Then, Katie showed that she’s a caring wife by letting Bill drink at lunch?

    Why are the writers working so hard to explain the attraction of Bill Spencer?

    Maybe because all we know of him as a character is that he meddles inappropriately in his son’s love life, he tossed his niece off of a balcony, he tossed Amber over a ledge, he locked Katie in a bell tower, and he tried to stab himself with a miniature knife. Bill needs a talk-to to explain his motivations on a more psychological basis because they totally elude me as an audience member.

    Does anyone suspect that Brooke might try to hook Eric in as her baby’s daddy in order to stick it to Taylor and spare Katie?

    ALSO – note to the women of LA – if you have heard of a female OB/GYN who can not tell the difference between menopause and pregnancy – run (don’t walk) to get a second opinion!!!!!!

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