Dorian Lord Fights Back on One Life to Live!

Jeffrey King (Corbin Bleu) was excited by the new Senate ethics investigation into whether Dorian (Robin Strasser) tried to cover up C.I.A. black sites. Viki (Erika Slezak) wasn’t quite as excited. She didn't want Dorian (Robin Strasser) to be collateral damage. Jeffrey said they needed to run with Dorian's quote, because it was the kind of  scoop that would help save The Banner in the digital age. Viki warned the ambitious reporter to do his due diligence.

David (Tuc Watkins) told Dorian for the first time in her life she committed the crime of being naïve. When a reporter called and asked when the “holed up” senator was going to do an interview, she took the challenge and scheduled an interview.

The interview was going fairly well until the TV reporter brought up Dorian’s comment about Americans being “a bunch of idiots who can’t be trusted to spell their own names right."  Dorian later vowed Viki would pay.

Victor (Trevor St. John) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) made hot and passionate love on the floor.  Afterwards, she asked him about the tattoo on his wrist. He wasn't very forthcoming. Victor later was discovered the nursery. Tea tearfully recounted losing their child and how Todd (Roger Howarth) had switched the babies.

A mysterious man brought a police officer to Cutter (Josh Kelly) and told him he’d be working at Shelter at night. Cutter agreed, but didn’t want to know any details.

Todd tried to reconnect with Jack (Andrew Trischitta) by cracking open two bottles of beer. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) snatched the booze away from their son and ripped into her ex. Blair told Todd he couldn't just swoop back into town and expect things to be okay with her or his kids. Todd countered by taking one of the flowers used as table decorations to woo her. Blair and Todd are still just as sizzling as Victor and Tea. 

Rama (Shenez Treasury) saw a headline about Shelter's disastrous opening night, only to discover Vimal (Nick Choksi) holding the copy of The Banner. Her estranged husband wanted her back so badly, he was prepared to agree to an open marriage!

The episode ended with Victor ripping apart a stuffed giraffe, as a video camera recorded his actions. Who could be  filming Tea’s nursery?

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    I must say how impressed I am with the way the show is going. I know Jillian does not like Rama and Vimal but I LOVE RAMA and VIM. They are a hoot on the show. I would of also liked to know what happened with Roxy? Tea and Victor have not missed a beat. Their interaction is still spectacular. It is a bit surprising when Tea gives that look towards Victor, but its like that is who Victor is, that’s who he always has been.

    Since Todd won’t be returning to Port Charles and Roger will not be remaining on OLTL does that mean we are facing another disappearance of Todd Manning? It would be better if they would just have Todd go off to California with Starr to run an L.A. version of The Sun. I do not want a dead Todd nor a kidnapped Todd!!!!!

    Corbin and Erika are really bring the mature acting to life on the show. I love their interactions. He is a very talented actor and what a fine ass that boy got on him.

    Today David and Dorian was on point. I heard the podcast and I must say that at first it was a bit odd between the two actors but they are back into the groove of things. Dorian is back and with a vengeance.

    Todd and Blair are so far blah…Todd coming and dancing up on Jack then handing him the Heineken was ROLOTF. My gosh Roger is so NYC. I love the fact that he brings a bit of Brooklyn to the show. I love seeing casts from NYC on this show because they bring the vibe and feel to the show. I love how Dani is like the Latin girls I know. I want more of that kind of acting its real and raw.

    I hope to see some add ons soon. Like Billy Douglas and perhaps even a Marty return.

    I am thoroughly enjoying OLTL 2.0. I can not wait to get home each day to catch GH and OLTL. AMC needs work still.

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    That Robin Strasser. SHE has not missed a beat. She came back with a vengence. Her acting is spot on for someone who has not acted in a few years. All and all I love it, and I am hoping TSJ stays. How I have missed him. wonder who is watching them in that room???

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    I think OLTL is all plot with little character development and AMC is all character development with little plot. Luckily OLTL has stronger actors to carry it, but both shows need to find a happy medium.

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    I’m assuming there are other rooms in the house that are bugged. I mean, the nursery has essentially been shut off from the rest of the house for several months (since the baby went back to Port Charles), so there isn’t much traffic in that room to be recorded. Whoever put the device in would be stupid to put it in a disused room.

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    All Prospect Park’s weave/hair budget went to All My Children…that wig is awful. Not a good look for Ms. Strasser. Dorian always had these elaborate up-dos…elegant,classy, etc. They gave her Julia Roberts old wig from Pretty Woman.

    Dorian is way too silly, and too frantic. Her movements are way too spastic. She is like a ‘grownup’ character on a Nickelodeon tween show. Dorian always had a level of poise and grace. This one seems like she needs a nicorette patch or something. Tone it down a bit please writers?

    Destiny went from being Gaborey Sidibe to Lisa Bonet in just two summers, lol. Destiny 2.0/Lisa Bonet gets on my nerves a bit, but the actress is doing a great job.

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    Im actually right now liking OLTL more than AMC. Too many people didnt come back, and way too many SOARS. I am having the feeling that sooner or later the people we are used to will take the back burner and the younger people will be front and center to draw younger people. I will be the first one to tell you out of all my kids, nieces, nephews etc. that are the “younger” generation, none of them are about to watch soaps. Its not going to happen.

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    I can’t watch OLTL anymore because I can’t take what they’re doing with Dorian. They are trying to make it too comedic and Robin Strasser looks terrible in that wig and her clothes have been awful too. The other day she was wearing flats and it just looked so wrong. I’m wondering if the actress is sick or something.

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    Agreed with you angrierblackerman. This Dorian is like a farce. I remember watching Robin Strasser as the original Rachel on Another World and nobody could hold a candle to her, she was the absolute best. I’m liking All My Children more. For some reason I feel like Tom Racina is not that good of a writer. IMHO.

  9. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Hearing a lot of negative shit on here. Don’t start something and them can’t end it. These shows were gone and now they are back and I for one am loving all things OLTL and some AMC. But I am not going to seat here and allow people to begin complaining about story lines. Getting Dorian kicked out as Senator makes sense how else would she return to Llanview?

  10. Profile photo of giogio

    Robin Strasser looks downright beautiful. Her acting is great. She had back problems. Thats why she left OLTL early. How can you be so mean to put her down. That is down right nasty. Nasty. She is a legend in soap history. Go watch Punked or something.

  11. Profile photo of fmat55

    I am grateful that the shows are back. They need our support. If all you need is a week to write it off, there are literally thousands of other shows being broadcast for you to choose from. OLTL is the very first soap I started watching (in 1971) and has made my list of top 25 favorite TV shows of all time, the only daytime soap to do so. As with any show, it has its ups and its downs so I guess it’s up to the true fans to support it thru thick and thin.

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    As a first time viewer I am having a hard time with this Dorian character and also with David. This is a total snooze fest of a storyline. This is OLTL’s reboot?

    I’ll keep watching for some of the other storylines, but c’mon!

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    Angie Lucy

    OLTL for the most part has been on fire. That little Paranormal Activity ending today surprised me. TSJ is still hot, even with the stubble. Where is FL’s Emmy? I agree that RS is a little over-the-top as Dorian, but that’ll probably even out. I never knew Corbin Bleu before this show, but I’m happy to make his acquaintance. He’s a keeper. NuDestiny, not so much. Original Destiny was not Gabby Sidibe. There’s a difference between overweight and seriously obese. Anyway, I can believe that Destiny could lose a certain amount of weight in a year or so. I can’t believe, however, that she’s gotten several shades lighter. That’s my bigger issue.

  14. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’m really enjoying it so far, though I’m just not feeling Dorian and David. I was never a big fan of that pairing to begin with; David long ago became a walking cartoon and he just doesn’t read as anything other than a (gay)man hanging with his best gal pal.

    At this juncture, could take or leave Rama; she was amusing on the network version but I’m not loving the character or the acting from ST.

    Looking forward to more Cutter and Natalie.

  15. Profile photo of TheOldSoapster

    People, please … let’s be thankful our show is back. And no, it’s not going to be perfect. It never was.

    That said, I laughed out loud at the Dorian-David-Blair scene at La Balogna. It was priceless. And yes, having Dorian lose her Senate seat was the best way to get her back in town.

    But the wig, the clothes — please. The woman was only a few days out of a sickbed after fighting pneumonia for a couple of weeks. In fact, she didn’t report for filming until several days after everyone else. Note that in the reality-TV scene of David next to the fireplace, you hear her say “I’m back” but don’t see her in the shot. She holds the portrait, the newspaper and thumps it once with her hand — but David isn’t in the shot. Looks like they filmed him and then spliced her in later.

    With the pared-down budget, the quick start-up, and a whole new medium, I think what we’re seeing is a pretty good piece of work. My sole complaint is that the music in the club occasionally drowned out the dialogue.

    Bottom line: I’m over the moon that it’s back!

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    hey mon

    I am interested in the new OLTL. Never saw it before. Really like Robin Strasser as Dorian. I know she has a long and checkered past on the show, but she’s very interesting, in an 80s sort of way.

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