More One Life to Live and More All My Children Premiere (VIDEO)

After four great days of One Life to Live and All My Children  episodes, fans now get a chance to see TOLN’s new Friday shows More One Life to Live and More All My Children. Hosted by Leslie Miller, each show takes viewers behind the scenes and features must-see clips and interviews with your favorite stars. Watch More One Life to Live and More All My Children after the jump!

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    This was fun! I really enjoyed watching these, the bathing suit segment was a little weird but I take it they do these things for advertising and money and business stuff and if that means money for our soaps I’ll take it! Reminds me a little of “Soap Talk” which was fun in itself. Hopefully they can keep up the show, (there’s only so many actors on these shows they can interview) Really loved the viewer questions via webcam and facebook/twitter.

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    The shows were good, but the add on segments after the Q & A are a little awkward. I liked how Ginger Smith stated that there were a couple of core characters returning that they couldn’t talk about yet. Hopefully one is Michael Knight. I hope everyone has been reassuring him about their experiences and that he would be returning to a much more positive work environment.

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    I’m enjoying both shows so far…but bothered by a few things.

    1. The whole “guardian” thing with Celia is going to get really old really fast. She’s 18. Ditch him, get a loan, go to college and stop being a weak little girl. Evelyn is creeping me out. OK, and why would Celia feel that she would need to wear a school girl uniform to tutor girls she is one year older? Those girls can’t wait to ditch the uniform.

    2. Jesse should have learned from the death of the baby not to keep secrets from Angie. Sure it’s been “five years”…but she’s not going to be happy. I get that they have to create story…but come on, learn from past mistakes and don’t go the easy way to create story.

    3. The Cara/David baby stuff is going to get tiresome too if that “secret” is lame. But David and all of his dead children…move on..something new. Give him a kid that is “better” than he is…maybe that dynamic would create interesting story. I also don’t by David and Cara as a couple.

    4. Dixie…please give her something to do than to mope around. I really hope she’s got some meaty story coming…just don’t pair her with David again. Bring back Tad…STAT!

    5. Let’s expand Pete’s wardrobe beyond the tight long-underwear shirt. We can count his abs when he’s shirtless (which is a lot) without having to get to count them through his tight clothing. We got it..he’s pretty.

    6. I like the build up to the AJ/Miranda storyline. It will work and something that we are rooting for. The new Jenny and Greg. Just don’t stretch it out too long.

    7. Bianca…we know she’s not around long. Don’t make her so desperate to have a relationship with Miranda. Make Miranda stronger…she’s a Kane woman after all.

    8. They’ve made a huge investment into giving Opal a Cortland Manor…don’t give her silly dialogue about her baby boy or say things like scrap booking. She is more than that, and I hope that they give her something good to work with rather than telling everyone how smart Pete is.

    1. Matthew is a brat. But Bo’s over acting in the first scene yelling at a kid that is old enough to be on his own was a little over the top. Yes, even with the Oxy…but it was still over the top.

    2. Natalie stripping down in her living room and keeping her slutty shoes on…what? That was just really odd.

    3. I think the new drinking game with OLTL is how many times they say “sh**”…it’s just so silly and not needed. It’s not smart writing to toss it in, just because you can. It’s also not pushing the envelope with dialogue.

    4. Take Tea for a manicure and get rid of the lavender nail polish. If your’e that sad…you’re not going to have finger nails that are that happy.

    5. I am afraid the Shelter…drug/sex vibe will tire as well. I hope they don’t focus the majority of story around that. I’m 47 and I know that the twenty something crowd is more than just clubbing. Kids are smart these days…maybe not at smart as Petey on AMC…but make it all about sex just because you think that’s what the younger viewers want. I love Cutter, but don’t make him one dimensional. And don’t make Blair a cougar.

    6. If you really want to push the envelope…make David bisexual. He doesn’t have to go full on gay…but play with that for a little. Don’t pair him with Rama as the opening credits would lead us to believe. I don’t believe that there has been a bisexual story before…try it out.

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    I did say that I like OLTL better than AMC right now because Im having a very hard time with the 5 year thing, really a hard time. Bigger kids etc. but like everything else I know I will get used to it. I just was wondering if Pete is going to be the new Palmer, and AJ the new JR, JR the new Adam and Miranda the new Bianca, and Bianca the new Erica. I just was wondering. Just got a little knocked for a loop. And to make me more scared, Wheres Gabby. I hope she wasnt shot.

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