Forrester Hotties Go Shirtless For Charity on Bold and Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) wanted to raise a lot of money for charity and decided to use the men of Forrester to do so. She had everyone from her top dog boyfriend Rick (Jacob Young) to photographer Oliver (Zack Conroy) shed their shirts and walk the Forrester catwalk. Check out more photos of The Bold and the Beautiful hunks shirtless after the jump!

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    Shirtless guys on soaps-gee what else is knew. About time Jacob Young got back into shape. He’s had to keep his shirt on since AMC, lol. Texas Battle needs to lay off the twinkies too.
    I’m sure the desperate housewives and horny gays are all salavating. Yawn. SMH. Does anyone watch TV for story and substance anymore? Did that go out with analog TV and the landline phone? LMAO.

  2. Profile photo of House of Plantagenet
    House of Plantagenet

    Jacob Young has got in great shape. On AMC, he had put on weight as was never show shirtless or never shirtless below his pecs. He actually had manboobs on AMC. Damn Jacob, you definitely brought sexy back.

  3. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    This is the third soap in a row to have a strip-tease. Are the writers watching each others soaps to get ideas? The next one will be Y &R, how many bets on that? Tyler, Mason Dylan, all the AB guys. They should have Victor, Jack, the older guys, now that would be original-Ha!!

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]This is the third soap in a row to have a strip-tease. Are the writers watching each others soaps to get ideas?![/quote]

    (LOL)Yes, and they’ve always done this. Don’t you know that certain popular story lines over the years have had a tendency to occur in clusters?

    I agree that it does seem desperate, especially if there is no compelling story line behind it.

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    So these guys as a group blow away the other two shows who had their men parading around shirtless! Rick looks great again. And Thomas…. >)

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    They all looked good especially Carter but way to clean cut and hairless for my taste. It’s rather a turn off. I hate to see a man that shaves his body for body building, which is the norm I know. When the Arnold Classics is here every March the men shave their whole body and soak it down with baby oil as the woman also but I tend to like fit a fit well define man and not a body builder. I don’t have a problem with man to trim his body hair such as chest but not smooth as baby’s behind. You know the saying “don’t send a boy to do a man’s job” >)

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    Adam Gregory (Thomas) is perfection! I can’t get enough of this man and I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t made him the next big star.

    But my next favorite is Zack Conroy. So handsome and such a tight body. Oh the things I could do with that man! Go Zack!!!

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