Clarence’s The Bold and Beautiful Update: Bill 'The Stallion' Spencer Shoots Silver Bullets


You know Clarence couldn’t pass up discussing Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) getting knocked up by Bill (Don Diamont) on The Bold and the Beautiful! From Brooke’s menopause scare, to her receiving the shocking news from her doctor, he covers it all and doesn't disappoint. Watch the hilarious clip below!


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I know people are all up in arms about this storyline, but I love it. It's soo....B&B. And yeah, Brooke is older now, but geez...I don't get the big deal. People that age get pregnant in real life. It's a risk...but it happens.

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Clarence does a great Eric Forrester impersonation, imo.
Also, Brooke getting pregnant isn't that far out. There are lots of "surprise babies" at that age, I think they say it's because of the pre-menopause hormone rush, it's actually more likely than it would've been a couple of years before. Anyway, Can't wait to see what happens next.

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The only reason it bothers me is because it was sooooo obvious that's where this was going.

What would be good is to see Brooke give the baby up or have an abortion out of guilt of her affair. If she loses it, I'll be rolling my eyes again.

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LOL Gotta love Clarence, still CMTHU after all these years.

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Clarence should have his own weekly wrap up show. Make it happen, CBS/

In the meantime, you B&B fans have to let me know when little 'Benjamin Button' Spencer is born.

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Well if it's a girl how about Penny? Dollar Bill and daughter Penny.

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I love Clarence! He should be doing the whole CBS daytime lineup. I don't mind the story with Brooke just because KKL always shines in these type of stories....but having said that Brad this is redundant. Unless Brooke gives Brad & Katie the baby because Katie can't have anymore children.

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harlee490 wrote:
...but having said that Brad this is redundant. Unless Brooke gives Brad & Katie the baby because Katie can't have anymore children.

I don't know if that would work, Bill didn't even want Katie to be pregnant with Will at first, he probably doesn't want another crumbsnatcher around either.ITA about Brooke's surprise pregnancy being redundant though, we've been there and certainly done that.Is it Brad Bell is bored for writing for Brooke now? (Oh yeah and Clarence is so hilarious, I love him!)

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That was fu****g awesome! By far, one of the best ever Clarence updates! I can't stop laughing and I need to watch it again.