Cady McClain Declares All My Children is Reclaiming “Daytime Structure of Storytelling” From Primetime

 Cady McClain is letting primetime know, All My Children is reclaiming serialized storytelling!  The actress has partnered with PARADE to blog an insider's take on AMC 's resurrection.

In her first post about the new AMC, McClain revealed:

Every single character has something going on internally, some drive, some need, as well as a purpose. Perhaps most importantly, we all have some romance!

On AMC reclaiming serialized storytelling, McClain added:

We all know how many nighttime shows borrowed from the daytime structure of storytelling. Well, here on All My Children, we are claiming it right back as rightfully ours, thank you very much, due to the brilliance of Agnes Nixon – our creator, Ginger Smith – our Executive Producer, and Marlene MacPherson and Elizabeth Snyder – our intrepid head writers.

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    commitment to freshness

    Women or men, I just hope they can write intriguing, interesting stories that are told intelligently. After watching nuAMC and nuOLTL and then watching one of the big four, you just see how disjointed the new shows are.

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    tampon tammy

    Male or female, I just hope they can write intriguing stories that can be told with intelligence. After watching the new shows they just look very disjointed. I think they would have been better off just starting from scratch with all new characters and calling it a day.

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    Tired of all the negative comments. So far I’m really enjoying the AMC reboot. It’s much better now than the last few years it ran on ABC. Looking forward to watching it all play out without the interference of Brian Frons.

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    Clearly ms McClain has not bothered to watch the silly piece of show she is on. Cringe worthy dialogue. Horribly dated stories. And a premise that is more like 5 days later than 5 years.

    Plus throw in that she is 40 with a 36 yr old son and a 16/17 yr old grandson and I can guarantee that primetime has nothing to worry about.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @harlee490: All got to say to the Statler and Waldorf’s of daytime is that the numbers showed what fans were asking for. The stats read well. What is ABC sending out their minions due to lawsuits to try and get the show not to be watched?

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    She is crazier than Janet from another Planet. has she watched the “new” AMC? Other than some swear words and shorter episodes there isn’t anything new about these shows to engage a younger audience. Not even a week has passed in they have fallen into the same traps that got them canceled in the first place.

    The NY TIMES was spot on….

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    AMC’s reboot has it happening, I’m in love with AMC. I wish Jesse comes clean to Angie about Cassie but this could be a setup for problems in Jesse\Angie’s relationship.

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    I don’t know about anyone else, but I really like that AMC has been ‘reset’. It seems a bit weird, because it’s been so long since we’ve seen this style of soap production. The original formula is needed to start things rolling, and everything else grows from there.

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    I can understand the New York Times’ complaints about acting, dialogue and storylines. That’s a matter of taste. But to spend the bulk of the review criticizing the shows for being too insider seems completely unfair. “Revenge” has been on the air for only two seasons, and anyone just coming in for the first time with Sunday’s episode would be utterly confused. That’s how it goes with serialized storytelling. If you want to know what’s going on, either you do your homework before joining in, or you just watch patiently and try to catch up.

    It would make absolutely no sense to pretend that these characters have no back story. Even new shows begin in the middle of the action and then back track to explain things. I can’t say much about AMC since I live abroad, and I was only able to watch the first episode, but OLTL pretty much explained everything within the first week. A new viewer who was paying attention and wasn’t just out to write a negative review would certainly have understood why everyone hated Todd by the end of Thursday’s show (and the Friday re-cap filled in more blanks).

    Perhaps Prospect Park shot itself in the foot by spinning the online versions more as reboots than as continuations, which is pretty much what they are. Most of the new actors are playing aged characters from the TV versions, so I don’t understand why the New York Times reviewer — who obviously doesn’t know much about daytime soaps and must hate the genre to deem the campy, self-conscious acting and convoluted storylines of “Revenge” better — thinks that it should be starting from Day 1, lest new viewers be confused.

    Also, it’s very 1999 to suggest that a large part of the reason for the waning daytime TV soap audience is the fact that viewers are locked in to having to watch them at certain hours when few people are at home. This argument might have been true in the pre-TiVo age, but it’s completely irrelevant today.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the shows are perfect. I agree that the Victor-is-alive reveal fell a little flat, but remember Victoria Grayson’s resurrection from the dead on “Revenge”? That wasn’t treated with much less of a shrug. One of the defining characteristics of daytime drama is that for all of the overacting the stars are accused of doing, often the characters respond to the outlandish out-of-the-real-world stuff (returns from the dead, frequent life-in-jeopardy moments, the supernatural) with much less OMFG shock than the average person would in real life.

    I would defend anyone’s right to criticize the soaps here and elsewhere. I don’t think supporting the genre means we all have to sing the praises of the shows all the time. But as a veteran magazine editor, I’m kind of appalled that the Times would let a writer who knows nothing about “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” and has never seen either show review the online versions. It’s a lot like letting a reviewer who never heard a David Bowie song review Bowie’s current album. Would any good editor even go there?

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    My curiousity has worn off for me a bit.

    I think they are doing a good job, but it’s hard to get 100% invested, because I’m not sure how their success is being measured or how long they’ll be around. (I noticed day over day their ranking went down a bit.)

    I know the shows are still working out the kinks too.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @nysam: The writer of the piece is obviously not a fan of soaps. As he writes in a condescending manner. Especially when he says this:

    “No. At least, that’s how it looked to this potential viewer, one of the vast millions who never watched the original shows because they had jobs.”

    What is up with that. There were many viewers who “had jobs,” who rushed home to watch their soaps via VHS and later DVR. But from that statement he thinks like the rest that soap fans are just some women sitting at home eating bon bons on sofa.

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    It is nice to have an impartial view on these reboots from someone who isn’t a fan. It seems there are a lot of fans on blogs that are just happy the shows are back and not giving any critical analysis. From what I saw the first week neither AMC or OLTL sadly gave the audience anything new.

    The first episodes were going to get the largest audience. From there it’s downhill. The reboots will never have a bigger number eyeballs watching than they did their first week.

    I believe the mistake that PP made was hiring all the same people behind the scenes that worked on these shows for years. They didn’t bother to bring any new blood in with primetime, film or even reality experience. The same mistakes are being made over again and this time we don’t have Frons to blame.

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    I’m enjoying both AMC and OLTL, though probably OLTL just slightly more(although I will say AMC has OLTL beat on set design; other than Llanfair, OLTL’s sets look cheap and uninspired).

    @harlee–LOVE the avatar pic. Beth Maitland ROCKS! Cannot wait for Traci’s return to Y&R.

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