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Sabrina claims Britt is faking, and accuses her of having no intention of going through with the abortion in order to manipulate Patrick.  Patrick is shocked by Sabrina’s attitude. Sabrina believes it’s not that farfetched of an accusation, and wonders why Patrick is giving Britt the benefit of the doubt.  Patrick doesn’t trust Britt, but he needs to make sure the baby is okay.  

AJ asks Liz to accompany him to New York, and promises separate rooms in their hotel. He explains about taping The Chew for Pickle Lila.  Liz agrees to go with him, and heads home to pack.  Spin tells AJ that Betsy told him Lauren was in New York City.  
Luke gives Tracy an update on Lulu.  She asks about the search for Lauren Frank.  Luke spoke with Betsy, who gave him a New York address.  He tells her Spinelli got the same information, but feels Spin won’t be a problem.  Tracy explains she changed the name of the relish, and Luke is surprised to see Edward’s face on the jar.  Tracy reminds Luke he needs to find Lauren before Spin does.  He agrees, but only after he’s checked on Lulu. 
Nik visits Lulu, and explains he’s her brother.  He swears he did everything he could to save her from Stavros, including getting shot.  Nik thinks Lulu doesn’t want to remember her past, but Lulu assures him she does. However, she admits Dante is putting pressure on her.  Nik starts to say something about love being worth it, and Lulu finishes his sentence.  He asks if she remembers anything, but she says it’s gone.  Nik advises his sister those that love her will never abandon her.  
Laura is on the way to Milo’s to show Lulu their family photo album, when Scotty stops her. He wants to know if they are still going through with their wedding.  Laura reminds him about Lulu's condition.  Scotty complains she left him to look after Nik, while she went off with Luke.  Laura assures Scotty she does want to marry him, but she needs to check on Lulu.  
Maxie warns Ellie to keep her mouth shut about the baby, especially to Lante.  Dante arrives, and asks if Maxie can talk to Lulu to try and jog her memory.   At Milo’s, Dante introduces Maxie to Lulu. He even puts her hand on Maxie’s belly.  Lulu feels the baby move, and Dante talks about the sonogram.  Lulu has a brief flash, but wonders if she’s just imagining what he’s describing.  Maxie offers to have Lulu join her at the next doctor's appointment, and Lulu agrees to go.  
Spin visits Ellie, and is angry with her for tricking him into helping her hack into Maxie’s records.  He feels there was no point, since Maxie isn’t lying. However, Ellie tells him Maxie is lying, and drops the news about Maxie's miscarriage.

Nik stops by to see Liz, and she updates him on her current situation with AJ. She tells him they are going to New York for the night.  She apologizes if she’s hurting him, but Nikolas admits he’s jealous. He still wants to be with her.  
Patrick gets Britt’s test results. They reveal she has serious morning sickness, and low potassium, which could cause cardiac arrhythmias.  Britt points out to Sabrina she wasn’t faking.  Patrick tells Britt she should have told him she was having problems. He vows they will deal with this together.  
Patrick tells Sabrina he’s Britt’s only source of support, and needs to be sure the baby is healthy.  Meanwhile, a perfectly fine Britt thanks the lab tech for changing the results in her favor.  
Tracy tells Nik which hotel they will be staying at in New York, but he wants her to change the reservations to AJ and Liz's hotel.
Laura drops by Milo’s, and asks to see Lulu. Lulu isn't home, but will return shortly.  Laura asks to sit and wait for her to come back, and Milo doesn't have a problem letting her stay.  Luke arrives, as Laura’s waiting for Lulu.

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    Why are they writing Sabrina as if she’s been with Patrick for months/years when she’s only had 2 dates or so with him?! If I was Patrick I would have said that’s its none of your business Sabrina and right now I have to deal with this and not your petty crybaby scenarios.

    But that might be just cause I dislike the character. lol

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    [quote=thecourt99]They haven’t even had one date. The almost abortion was scheduled on their first date.[/quote]

    It’s hard to get invested in a couple when there are no dates or fun little moments. Anna/Duke, Liz/AJ, and Patrick/Sabrina have all been spinning their wheels for months. Anna and Duke had their second date two weeks ago, Liz/Aj have kissed once or is it twice since November? Patrick/Sabrina have not been on a single date.

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    Viva Futbol

    Now, I understand the tension between AJ and Nikolas. AJ is a cheating bastard, and Nikolas is stalker. They’re both entitled jerks.

    Sabrina’s rant was enjoyable, and I hope Michael bumps into her and takes notice.

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    Patrick and Sabrina hasn’t had a date or nothing. He ain’t bought that heifer a juice box or a Lunchable. I don’t know kind of perverted relationship those two have. Did those drugs mess up Patrick’s brain cells?

    AJ and Liz scenes were nice and sweet. The Nik and Lulu scenes were so sweet and beautiful. That’s the relationship I miss. When Nik first came to PC, that’s how him and Lulu were together but after they aged her, it was Lucky first Nik second. Lucky got excused for all his behavior and Lulu would blame others yet with Nik she yelled at him for everything. Love nuLulu. “If Love was easy, it wouldn’t mean much to have it”

    But then those Niz scene. Oh my lawd!! Hunty, Nik made me change my …nevermind. When Liz asked what he was doing there and he said he came to see her then touched her cheek. OMG. Then when he was sitting there calmly as Liz told him she was going to NY with AJ, Nik told her he wasn’t hurt but he was jealous! Then he reminded her that he wanted her. Liz eyes swelled up in tears and she said she had to pack and Nik told her to have fun in NY and that’s when the eyes really started to fill with tears.

    I love that Nik said he wasn’t hurt. Why would he be hurt when he knows Liz feels the same way about him. She just wants to see where things could go with AJ but Nik knows he has her heart. He ain’t worried. Can’t wait to see them at the hotel. #TeamNiz Just joined Twitter and I’m on there everyday cheering Niz. I’m also cheering Quiz just until AJ tells Liz the truth about Carly.

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    [quote=Viva Futbol]Now, I understand the tension between AJ and Nikolas. AJ is a cheating bastard, and Nikolas is stalker. They’re both entitled jerks.

    Sabrina’s rant was enjoyable, and I hope Michael bumps into her and takes notice.[/quote]

    I said the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago that I think it would be fantastic for Sabrina to date Michael. She’s sweet, innocent and dull as anything. SHE’S PERFECT for Michael!!

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    Logan… I love that first comment! Had me chuckle!!

    Why aren’t the writers listening to the fans! We don’t care for the character with Patrick. Keep the character on the show, but Sabrina is not the right character to replace Robin in any relationship other than baby sitter or dog walker.

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    I find this whole Sabrina/Patrick/Britt story just boring. They NEED to give Jason T a better storyline before he’s the next to exit the show.
    Still trying to get used to ER as Lulu. I miss JMB, she was Lulu to me, but it was her decision to leave and I’m sure she will go on to better things and she left while she is still young and roles will be available. I guess I just have to get use to ER, and I did like the scenes with her and Nicolas.

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    Arghhhh everytime I see AJ/Liz I think yes this will be good because of the way he looks at her…then BAM Liz opens the door and there is Prince Nik and I become putty. all I can think about is THREESOME

    I don’t hate the character of Sabrina until she opens her mouth – I get that you WUV Patrick but it is creepy because you two haven’t even had one real moment as a couple and I am not just talking about sex. If I have to be subjected to Patrick being with Sabrina than can I at least see her acting like an adult. Sabrina the deed is done and Britt is having Patrick’s baby so why not be support for the man, let him know that you will not let this come between your budding romance – Not act like Britt stole something from you. Sabrina you have the man a child is not going to make Patrick fall for Britt in fact play your cards right and that child will be calling you Mommy

    Simply FLOVED the Nik/Lulu scenes – I like how confused she was and how she undestood that she may not be trying as hard as she should to remember. I still can’t stand Magic Milo’s role because he is just going to get hurt but I do love the interaction between Dante and Milo.

    Everything about yesterday was a win

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    I agree with everyone Michael and Sabrina would be great together. That’s the way it should be. I for one am team Britt right now. I like Sabrina but her and Patrick are doomed…we already know Robin is alive so a happy ending for Sabrina and Patrick will never be! Why get invested when they are doomed to begin with. I want Sabrina to be with Michael and Maybe have one of Michael’s former college buddies be with Felix. It would be a hoot to have Michael, Sabrina, Felix, Lauren, Morgan, Ellie, Maxi, Spin and Other guy be on canvas.

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    Count me on team grow the (&(*& up Sabrina. I totally get what Patrick is saying – as far as he knows sabrina is carrying his child. (though i do hope he at some point says the words paternity test) He knows britt PROBABLY is lying about a lot of things but if he wants to protect the child he HAS to take every claim seriously until she gives birth. Why doesnt sabrina seem to get that. So what if she is lying and doesnt have kate middleton disease – the next time she claims to be dehydrated and in need of help he has to believe her just on the off chance shes telling the truth. If you dont want to be held hostage by a pregnancy use protection patrick lol but since he didnt……

    Sabrina and Felix’s reaction underscores that they are still basically young and inexperienced. I like the characters just not in this storyline.

    Its funny how chemistry is so subjective. I havent liked liz in a pairing since lucky’s faux death but I see real chemistry with nik that I can now enjoy absent all the other crap that was written for them last time. On the other hand I see nothing at all with aj/liz. It seems to me like aj is still all wrapped up in trying to become the golden child in the eyes of his family so hes going for liz as she suits that idea to him. He looks at her like a prized painting but theres no heat or desire there. He may not WANT to WANT Carly but in the post coital glow and in the convo at the hotel he seemed like he was itching for her to admit he rocked her world and that he would be totally ready to jump her bones a second time if she gave any indication that she wouldnt hurl at the mere suggestion. What I see with him is a guy who hears our hook up was gross and says yeah gross, I think that too – i think that even more than YOU (very high school but very aj) when he really means lets get to it again lol. Too I find it odd that aj and liz havent even really breathed the J word. Dont you think your potential new lover might like to know that you had a child with his brother. Certain on a soap where everyone sleeps with everyone her past with his bro doesnt disqualify him but he knows and she knows hes always tried to compete and take from his brother. I would want some conformation that i wasnt an extension of that and I would want to give him full disclosure before I traveled with him. just sayin.

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    I get why people don’t like Sabrina but come on…
    She cares about Patrick and she sees him being PLAYED.
    I dont like when writers make smart characters into complete morons like Patrick. He went through the Lisa Niles mess and while he readily admits Britt COULD be lying, he doesnt check it out? How about a DNA test buddy? Because my guess is she is carrying Dante and Lulu’s baby.

  12. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I don’t see Patrick being PLAYED – I agree with EET that this could have been avoided if Patrick had used some protection – I mean Sabrina KNOWS for a FACT that Patrick and Britt had sex so if she decides to inject this child into Patrick’s life then too bad Sabrina BUCK UP.

    Though I too am surprised that the letters DNA have not been uttered but now that we know Britt still has a friend or two in the hospital it will still end up saying it’s Patrick

    EET answer me this – Why would you want your girl with AJ, after everything that has happened between them – For me that would be a step backwards for both of them.

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Nik and Liz? They need to bring it!

    Even after they were crucified in their last storyline; I’m surprised I’m wishing hoping they have. I don’t care about the Spinelli baby, triangle storyline I don’t find it interesting esp with another storyline w/Patrick so similar.

    Everytime I look at Patrick he’s more stupider than the time before in this silly storyline its bad enough that at an event honoring his wife who had HIV and they were using protection for the longest time.

    he’s outted to have had unprotected sex and fathered a child and now he’s stuck in Sabrinaland I’m so sick of her I just FF now…I don’t even bother to complain. Patick has said Britt is probably lying about everything…and is manipulating him but he’s taking it at facevalue.

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    Patrick and Sabrina are the most chaste “couple” I’ve seen in a while. Other than a few stray kisses, I have not seen any physical contact between them. Sure there’s a whole lot of talk about them “being together now”, but it’s all talk and no action. It’s unlike almost every soap romance I’ve ever seen.

  15. Profile photo of badass

    Ok one I hate the fact they’re going to make Patrick fall for all of Britt crap. Two Sabrina need to throw up the peace sign at Patrick and just say DEUCES!!!! :) Now go get with Michael.

    Now y did I just read on another board that they are aging Spencer!!!! This is the one thing that has truly been bothering me with GH. How is everybody else children are growning up and Liz kids are still toddlers REALLY!!! I just can’t anymore!!!!

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    Raven im not sure I would call it me wanting my girl with aj necessarily (and first I wouldnt say carly is not my girl since tb left compared to say sam or anna neither of whom i would want anywhere near aj Lol) What I would say is this – i think sk/lw have more chem than an other pairing she has had with the exception of IR. Yeah she has some chemistry with roho but i think way more with sk. I have only seen real chemistry from sk with lw and perhaps with KeSul in the few scenes they had at jakes. second i think they have some really heavy history to play off of. Ive always felt that there was more to the aj/carly story which basically got cut off when sk left and bw didnt have the same dynamic in the role. In all the years these two characters have been on and off the canvas, there has never really been any real convo about their history. no remorse no regret just vitriol. It might be interesting to see them play out hating the only person you seem to be attracted too and in doing so maybe talk about how deep some of the pain is that they have caused one another. One thing I find lacking sometimes about modern soaps vs. back in the day is that they dont play the history the same way. Liz sam and carly all had late term pregnancies that they lost and that beat becomes a plot point randomly strolled out for things, not to mention that jake seems to have been forgotten except on anniversaries. Like I said it seems odd that liz hasnt discussed jake with aj. kristina i dont think ever has had a convo with sam about the child she lost that ended up saving her life. So theres part of me that has long fanwonked what carly might say to aj in a quiet somber moment about what the fight on the stairs cost her and what her intent was after talking to lila. Conversely – i have long fanwonked what aj mgiht say to carly in a quiet somber moment about the life long addiction issues he has had and her role in it – something along the lines of Ive blamed you for so long but I dont know that what you did was the difference between sobriety and addiction and I cant help but wonder what if that was the time I could have beaten it. IRL people dont grow if they dont exam their choices and i think there is a gold mine of material there for them to explore with those two. Do i want them to grow old together the way i wanted jasam together or anna and robert – probably not – but i think theres some great stuff to visit before they maybe meander away from one another. That nearly everyone in town would have an melt down if their affair went public is just an added bonus. I could see that nasty secret coming to light in the most messy and delicious of ways.

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