PC #66: Scandal Confidential

On today’s Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels have been struck with a severe case of Scandal fever. From Olivia and Fitz’s sizzlin’ relationship to the spurned First Lady, the PC gang discuses it all in this special Scandal Confidential episode.

Scandal isn’t the only hot show the DC crew dishes about on ABC. Miranda Bailey faced an investigation into the deaths of her patients on Grey's Anatomy. Jamey and Luke disagree on Cristina’s storyline.
The podcast then becomes Awkward as the gang discuss a surprising death on the MTV series. Brawls erupt in The Real Housewives of New Jersey trailer, but does that have anything on Mariah Carey andNicki Minaj’s feud on American Idol?

All this and much more on today’s Pop Confidential podcast!


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9 Responses

  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Game of Thrones – One of the biggest shows, if not the biggest show, on TV and currently a phenomenon of sorts right now, regardless of who acknowledges it or not. Luke, Jillian, and Melodie – 3 out of 5 who have gone on record as saying they like the show. No coverage.

    The Good Wife – A show that I know you all love and love talking about – Big game changing season finale – No coverage.

    I know I’ll get shade for saying this, and I can certainly handle it, but I’m done! I’ll just stick with Daytime Confidential. :-(

  2. Profile photo of Steph Foster
    Steph Foster

    Glad to see you guys are still doing PC podcasts but what happened to the Pop Confidential website? Are you just doing everything on one site now? I used to enjoy reading some of your older articles on PC, but they all seem to have disappeared?

  3. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @Steph Foster, We will continue to blog primetime content on the Pop Confidental tab here on DC, but yes, we discontinued the separate Pop Confidential website.

  4. Profile photo of luverica

    sanka9, if you’re referring to my post, to be fair The Good Wife usually gets covered on Pop Confidential, and pretty regularly, which is why I’m baffled that considering the game changing season finale, it wasn’t covered this episode.

    As for GoT, I’m leaving that one alone.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    There is no huge conspiracy against Game of Thrones. Listen, this isn’t like Daytime, where there are only 4 (now thankfully 6) drama series to cover. It’s primetime, where there are countless shows. Just like you want to hear about GoT, we get people begging us to discuss reality TV (Which I watch precious little of). Then there are the time constraints. When we are in rotation, we try to get to all the hot shows every couple of episodes. There is no way we can cover all the shows on primetime or be all things to all people. Especially when DC has to be our first priority and most of us work more than one job.

  6. Profile photo of luverica

    Jamey, I didn’t just refer to Game of Thrones. I also questioned the exclusion of The Good Wife as well since it is a show that I know you all enjoy and considering the season finale, would’ve probably made for a better discussion than Chicago Fire, that’s only watched by you, or Revenge, which you all seem to be disappointed with right now. I just thought the time spent talking about those two shows combined could’ve been used to discuss The Good Wife or GoT.

    I love listening, and have for quite awhile, to all five of you all’s particular take and often very humorous discussion on TV, both daytime and night; especially for shows that not only I like but I know that many others like as well. Even if it’s just three people contributing discussion to a particular show, that’s 2 more that contributed discussion to Chicago Fire.

    Hey, as you constantly remind everyone, it’s your show. I get that. I, as someone who considers themselves a regular listener, am just offering an opinion. When all is said and done, I have other TV related podcasts to listen to that will find someone to discuss Game of Thrones whether they, the host, like it or not, because it is the hottest show on TV right now. I was just looking forward to hearing the Pop/Daytime Confidential crew’s take, which in spite of my bitching, I do enjoy more than any others.

  7. Profile photo of Steph Foster
    Steph Foster

    Thanks for your reply Jamey!

    Is there any way you guys can include the older Pop Confidential posts in the search history under the PC tab a Daytime Confidential? When you click on the PC tab now, you only get PC content as far back as February 2013, but you guys had some terrific articles (particularly on Glee and The Borgias) from the past 2 or 3 years that were worth reading.

  8. Profile photo of

    Great Show glad it back, but I know Jamey, Luke and Reagan watch The Good Wife, because it been on fire! I hope the next show you talk about it.

    Also Jamey R&B Divas Atlanta is back and a Los Angeles one will come on later in the summer. I hope you talk about that in the reality show. I want to get Jillian take on Hip Hop Atlanta??

    I want to hear if Luke watching Doctor Who and Orphan Black on BBC-

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