Young and Restless Writer Reveals Jeanne Cooper’s Final Episode Already Aired

The Young and the Restless fans have already witnessed the final exchange between mortal enemies/eternal soulmates Kay Chancellor (the late Jeanne Cooper) and Jill Foster (Jess Walton). According to Y&R scribe Brent Boyd, Cooper's last scene as Kay was the character ascending the Chancellor stairwell during the May 3 episode. Tweeted Boyd:

The episode in question found Kay returning home to the mansion she shares with Jill, after being released from the hospital. Kay had endured surgery to remove a tumor from her brain.

Per usual, she and Jill were at odds. This time the root of their discontentment was Kay having passed over Jill, in giving control of Chancellor Industries to Cane (,Daniel Goddard). There has been no word on how Y&R plans to address the passing of Cooper in story.  

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    They better not recast…If YR, Sony & CBS can give Steve “turtle” Burton all these special favors for travel and contract they need to offer the great Jess Walton the special opportunity and contract. We longtime fans need Jess to fill this huge empty void that will be missing in our hearts with Jeanne’s passing and having & knowing Jess is on contract front & center sure eases the pain we feel. It’s time to all concerned and step up to plate and honor Jeanne and fans of Y&R with the present of Jill Foster raising hell in Genoa City. My heart is flooding right now…… :( :( :(

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    To be honest, this last scene with Jill was really heartbreaking. And it felt somewhat like a final scene for these two. It certainly was a nice way to end Jill/Katherine and seeing Jess Walton with tears in her eyes… It was a very special scene.

    I don’t believe they would ever consider recasting the role. Especially after Jeanne Cooper has died now. I think they’ll write her an off-screen death and hopefully pay a tribute to the legends Jeanne Cooper and Katherine Chancellor were.

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    What a perfect ending. It was exactly as it should have been. Honestly it almost makes me wonder if they knew that Jeanne would not be returning and scripted it this way. I cried watching it knowing Jeanne was so sick and that might be it and now I’m crying even more just thinking about it :(

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    “The role of Katherine Chancellor will now be played by Steve Burton”

    They will recast with Steve Burton in an unprecedented dual male/female role!

    Just kidding of course. Seriously though, I don’t want any recast. Don’t wanna see Michael Learned’s puffed cheeks next month as Kay.

    That last scene she had was very fitting. Kay ascends!

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    @angrierblackerman …I’ve been having crying spells off & on since reading it on twitter, watching clips….thank you I roared out loud with laughter when I read this…going by not Katherine but Katie Chancellor …Steve will be so pretty in pink nails and diamonds ;)

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    That last scene was gripping! I said to myself Damn!!! Jess/Jeanne just touch you.

    Like harlee490 said make Jill throw her power around, but would like to see Jill/Gloria have a Katherine-Jill rival and move Gloria into the Chancellor estate and let the fireworks start-

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    I think I might have missed that last scene. Jeanne Cooper’s final scene is almost like John Ingle’s final scene on GH. I mean you had a feeling that it could be the final scene but you weren’t sure.

    Tremendous woman. It proves that you dont need kids and newbies to fill out a show. Give an hour, a storyline to Katherine Chancellor and watch her be fantastic.

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    It seemed too ironic when that scene aired.

    I knew that I had to keep it.

    I’d always wanted Katherine to continue until I stopped watching, but I am so glad that that is the way I’ll remember her last scene. First with her husband, then with her Jill, and then saying goodnight as she climbed the stairs of that wonderful mansion we spent so many hours with her in.

    So fitting.

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    [quote=harlee490]@angrierblackerman …I’ve been having crying spells off & on since reading it on twitter, watching clips….thank you I roared out loud with laughter when I read this…going by not Katherine but Katie Chancellor …Steve will be so pretty in pink nails and diamonds ;)[/quote]

    Me too! I was really bummed all day about her passing, then I watched the Jill and Kay fight scene and it made me smile. Then I saw someone say she should be recast, and my sick sense of humor made me think Jill would put SB in the role.

    Hope nobody was offended. I meant no harm.

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    As fitting/ironic as this scene was, maybe we could get something similar to Edward Quartermaine’s death on General Hospital. A deathbed scene where everyone could come by and say goodbye. I think the viewers could mourn with the characters and have a healing experience at the same time. That was the way I felt with Edward’s death. But that’s just me.

    Now that I know this is Jeanne’s/Katherine’s last scene, I cry just thinking about it.

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    That was a beautiful last scene. It makes sense now, the tears in Jill’s eyes. They knew it was their last scenes together. And I love how Catherine wanted to walk up the stairs without help, still fighting. They won’t recast the role I’m sure. They will have Katherine dieing and just show the funeral. Rest in peace Jeanne, we’ll miss you!!!!

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    I wonder what their plans are for commemorating Katherine. They should, at the very least, bring back the actors who played Brock, Phillip III, Chance, one of the Macs, and Amber for a funeral.

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    Is it just my imagination or when she turns to say goodnight to Jill, it looks more like she broke the fourth wall and is talking directly into the
    camera as she says goodnight.

    It was an honor to have Corbin allow us to follow her final journey as difficult as it has been. We love you Jeanne, until we see you again….

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    Boyd also said that this actually was not supposed to be Jeanne Cooper’s last scene. They had four weeks worth of material for Katherine and Jill left, (probably pertaining to Chancellor Industries). Too bad this writing regime waited until Jeanne Cooper was at deaths door before they decided to write for her and Jess Walton. All those weeks of cramming Steve Burton and *Avery* down our throats and now Jeanne Cooper is gone forever.

    Clearly Jeanne Cooper was ill and getting more frail. They should have used her while they had the chance. Talk about messed up priorities.

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    :(( We fans are very sad about Jeanne’s passing but,no need to be rude and just mean about Steve Burton(Dylan. Kindness is what Jeanne would want so please put your pettiness aside,we love you Jeanne

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    I have been getting caught up and just watched that episode just after Corbin announced that she was gone. I just cried – it was and is still so hard to believe she is gone. She has of course seemed older, but she looked so strong… and I think it is kind of nice that (oh fudge, it’s just sad any way). But it will be a nice scene to remember. If her last scene had been Kay and Jill fighting, that would have been sad, at least for me.

    I have read some seriously disturbing ideas on another msg board where I used to post, and am just shocked how those people do not understand that this is a real human who is gone. Yes, Mrs C and the Duchess and Katherine is gone, but to cheer for CORBIN to come do the f-word (sorry, i hate that word, I hate death even that d-word) … the memorial for Kay. I wanted to shake them! She is Corbins’s mother! No matter what age one’s Mother is, it is a tragedy to lose them! I haven’t read the comments here but I really hope everyone isn’t already busy with “hopes” for Mrs Chancellor’s service as her real life family plans that. And while I do not think she knew that was her last scene ever, I won’t disagree with anyone who says she knew. Who knows, I guess God could have let her know that in her heart. If it helps with people’s grief, then that’s a good thing.

    Still so sad for her family & keeping them in my prayers.

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    I so agree. If anyone has read Corbin’s posts, he has encouraged us to behave like Jeanne did – and kindness is a HUGE part of that. It shouldn’t have to take a life being lost for people to finally stop being unkind on the internet or as they go about their day here on earth.

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    A wonderful actress and a loving person has just died and all some of you can do is take this opportunity to dump on Steve Burton. What on earth has Steve Burton to do with Jeanne’s death? Your hope that nobody was offended, missed it’s mark. I’m offended at your lack of respect for such a lovely person.

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    [quote=shirls429]:(( We fans are very sad about Jeanne’s passing but,no need to be rude and just mean about Steve Burton(Dylan. Kindness is what Jeanne would want so please put your pettiness aside,we love you Jeanne[/quote]

    I feel that SHIRLS was just being honest. Jeanne had a lot of talent and watching Steve Burton try to act, is like watching paint dry.

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    I did have her last episode on my dvr but was mistakenly deleted – is there any way I can buy a DVD copy from you or anyone since CBS does not sell or let you download episodes ? This was a grand exit on her part and would really love to have this episode.

    Ive been watching Y&R since the 70s. The very first day I watched was Katherine in the hospital after she crashed the car and Phillip died.

    So sad her passing. She will truly be missed and the show will not quite be the same without her…

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    I am willing to bet that if Jess Walton had been getting quality storylines she would not have asked to be released (or whatever it was that is causing her to have less air time).

    The character is an original and needs (WE NEED her) to be at the center of the show again. With Katherine gone there is now a void that no Cupcake queen and her stiff-acting boyfriend can fill.

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    This thread happens to be about the writing, so I find it in no way remiss for posters who participate in it to speculate about how THE WRITING will honor Katherine’s passing.

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