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Luke’s door opens to a woman.  He informs her that he’s looking for Lauren Frank, and promises he’ll make it worth her while to tell him.  The woman claims she doesn’t know Lauren Frank, but Luke explains Franco’s mother gave him all the details. She told him Lauren’s mother’s name was Ava Jerome, which is the name on the woman’s mail.  Ava admits she is Lauren’s mother.

Ava explains how she met Franco, and admits he wasn’t crazy at first.  She soon lost her objectivity, and ended up pregnant. However, when Franco started to obsess about the baby, she cut all ties.  She reveals Lauren’s last name is actually Jerome. Luke corrects her and says it’s actually Quartermaine, which shocks Ava.  Luke tells her about Tracy and AJ’s war, and Lauren being the tiebreaker.  He leaves Ava with a proxy form for Lauren to sign. 

Spinelli’s door opens to a young woman.  He asks if she’s Lauren Frank, and admits he was hired to find her.  Lauren asks who hired him, and Spin explains about the Quartermaines being her family.  He points out that as an heir, she would inherit 6% of the stock.   Spin explains the fight between AJ and Tracy, and how AJ needs her vote.   Spin has a proxy document for Lauren to sign, but she admits she’s not Lauren Frank. Apparently, Luke paid her to play along. 

AJ and Liz arrive at their hotel in New York.  They share a toast, and AJ is glad Liz gave him a second chance.  Liz is happy she told him about Nik’s kiss. She believes if they’re going to make a go of this, then they need to have full disclosure.  AJ flashes back to his night with Carly, and says he has something to tell her. However, he chickens out, and simply says they are important to him.

Tracy and Nikolas arrive at the hotel, and Tracy wonders again why he changed the hotel.  Nik admits Liz is there with AJ, and Tracy is upset AJ may spot them before they have a chance to ambush him on the show.  Nik is sure nothing is ruined.

Sonny stops by Carly’s to give her and Michael an update on Morgan.  Apparently, Morgan is hiding out with some girl he met online.  Michael points out it could be a predator, and decides to help find Morgan instead of joining AJ in New York.

Sam feels as though someone is watching her.  Alexis arrives, and Sam explains the feeling to her.  Sam brings up Franco, and how he destroyed her last months with Jason.  Alexis tells her to let go of the anger, because otherwise, she’s giving Franco power.  After the two leave, someone is seen watching them go. 

Liz heads off to her own room, only to walk in on Nikolas.  He tells her that he’s in town on business.  Liz wonders what the odds are that he would show up in the same town and hotel as her.  Liz figures Nik bribed the front desk to put them in the same room.  He denies it, but offers to share the bed with her.  Liz doesn't think it’s fair of him to tease her, and declares she’ll find her own room. 

AJ runs into Tracy and accuses her of following him to New York. He swears she won’t sabotage his television plans with her Pickle Tracy.   Tracy promises there is no Pickle Tracy, and claims she’s in town to meet people to start something new. 

Sonny wants Michael to get Spin to help with Morgan, but Michael informs him Spin is out of town on business.   Carly feels Spin should drop what he’s doing to help, but Michael has a better idea. He decides to reach out to Spin’s network, and have them track down Morgan.

Carly complains about having Sonny sign over his rights to Morgan, but their son still being in danger.  Sonny points out that with parents like them, Morgan was bound to get in trouble at some point.  Carly’s upset this could happen.

After Luke leaves, Ava calls out to someone to come out. The person who comes down the stairs is none other than Morgan Corinthos!

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    Lucy D.

    Well done episode I thought. Didn’t expect Morgan to be at Ava Jerome’s.
    Not sure why Betsy Frank told Luke the truth and lied to Spinelli. Money? I am sure AJ would have offered some as well.

    Did anyone else think the girl pretending to be Lauren was Ellie’s sister. That was my first thought. Is Lauren the girl Morgan’s involved with? Does that mean it is KA?

    I think Nicholas is so sexy this time around. And he seems much more “sparkly” (energized) than he did when he was on before. Amazed Elizabeth can resist him. I don’t think I could.

    Too much Jason talk to mean nothing. If he does return (another vote in the battle for ELQ) I hope he forgot Jason the hit man persona.

    It’s May sweeps–is Robin and/or Robert making an appearance?

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    Niz has been perfection. Today’s episodes just made me melt. When Nik took off Liz’s purse and got all close to her, I thought her panties was going to melt off all by themselves. Liz could barely resist him and yet she did. I have no freakin idea how.

    Listening to that story Ava told got me wondering. She looks at least a decade older than Franco so he must have been one sexy teenager! Loved seeing Morgan walk down the stairs. Can’t wait to see him with Lauren. He looks tall like Michael. Poor Sonny neck will be hurting having to look up to his sons.Glad Michael was able to help his parents who didn’t know what catfished or FOS is, LOL.


    Um Spinelli, when you knock on a strangers door, why would u just assume that person is who you are looking for. Spinelli just knocks on the door and assumes this girl was Lauren without even asking for ID or doing some investigating to see if this girl is who she says. I wouldn’t hire him.

    Danny was getting sick and tired of staying in that church. When Sam was lighting those candles, he was back there screaming, lol. Then when Alexis picked him up, he thought they were about to go. When he realized they wasn’t he started laughing then talking. Then he started knocking on the pews like he was trying to get their attention so he can leave until Alexis basically slammed the little boy down next to her. Danny had to give her the side eye. I have no idea what Sam/Alexis was talking about. My attention was only on Danny. He was chewing that scenery. Loved him!!

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    Danny is just amazing.

    I am surprised that Luke made no reference to the Port Charles’ Jeromes. It seems like Ava will be the head of the gambling ring.

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    Loved Spinelli getting “punked”. Interested in Ava. And Luke wouldn’t know about the Jeromes since he was out of town for years when they were on.

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    The young lady pretending to be Lauren was a very good actress. She had this professional vibe which I would be invested in watching her. She did remind me of Ellie. But i was hoping it would of turned out that she was Lauren Frank but guess we all know by now that KA will be Lauren. Morgan is gorgeous.

    Maura West looked dazzling. She looked like a true Hollywood actress. Her performance was on point. I would of loved it if we had kept Megan Ward on board. I am sure Maura West and Sonny will become an item but a triangle between Maura West Maurice Bernard and Megan Ward would of been freaking fantastic. Can you picture it? Olivia is to Brooklyn trash I can not see her will Sonny at this point in his life. When Megan was on the show with Maurice she brought this sophisticated aura to him. With Kelly Sullivan he looks desperate and bored. With Brenda they are fun, with Ava Jerome he will look more mature. With Olivia it looks desperate. I think the best that Sonny has ever looked was when he was with Kate Howard portrayed by Megan Ward back in 2007. Oh and he did have chemistry with Sarah Joy Browne’s Claudia but that was just a big mess of a relationship.

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    Tracey has to win this fight to find Lauren first and get ELQ only because if she doesnt than not only will the veteran character lose face/power but so will Luke in that he is the ultimate schemer while all that Spinelli is is a simple detective with a HUGE vocabulary!

    Plus I like Tracey and find AJ and his little son, Michael, to be a bit to arrogant.

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    [quote=katehhoward]I believe Anthony Geary was in the role of Bill during the time the Jerome family was in Port Charles.[/quote]

    Being a long time resident, with close ties to the mob, I am sure Luke would have at least heard of the Jerome family.

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    The girl talking to Spin looked like a better fed Ellie, I don’t know if that was intentional to throw us off, but with KA going brunette I think it’s safe to say she’s Lauren.

    I liked the twist with Luke punking Spinelli and then the Morgan reveal.

    Niz is smoking HOT! Their chemistry eclipses Quiz’s.

    This episode was great, but I could’ve done without the gazillion mentions of the chew. Can’t wait to see more of MW character, wonder if who they’ll pair her with. I was thinking Sonny, but I have this feeling they’re going for an Olivia/Sonny pairing so we’ll see.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Oh my lord, Maura West was EVERYTHING! Loved how Ava Jerome (that name alone is hot!) was calculating both Luke and her responses, and how utterly captivated Luke appeared. Even Ava’s Flying Nun hair was on point!

    Morgan = great little entrance!

    Agree with the twist about Luke punking Spinelli! Hilarious!

    Baby Balkan realized he was an ack-tor yesterday and what the term “scene stealer” really means! LOL

    Spinelli, when you knock on a strangers door, why would u just assume that person is who you are looking for. Spinelli just knocks on the door and assumes this girl was Lauren without even asking for ID…

    Nobody shows up at a stranger’s door and asks them for ID. Ever. Unless they want to get the door slammed in their face or punched in the throat.

    Being a long time resident, with close ties to the mob, I am sure Luke would have at least heard of the Jerome family.

    True, but the way this stuff is often played when it is brought to a character’s attention, they will often say something vague like “I heard something about that” or “I kind of remember something along those lines…” In Luke’s case, with him having been out of town off and on and for so long, with so many crime families (and other residents) having passed through Port Chuckles during his absence, it’s not entirely unreasonable that he might not have necessarily put two and two together given that Julian, Olivia, Evan, Veronica and Dimitra Jerome are all dead. BUT….but….there is ONE little detail that kinda blows that theory just a little:

    Lucas Jones, Luke’s nephew, is the son of Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury. Tony Jones and Bobbie — Luke’s sister! — adopted Lucas. Of course, Luke might not know who Lucas’ biological parents are and other viewers might have more knowledge than I about that particular point as to whether Luke knows their identity.

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    I love the idea of Liz and Nik, but to be a bit shallow here, can we please dress Liz like a sexy woman when she is out of those dreadful hospital scrubs? That yellow dress looks like something I wore to Sunday School back in the day.

    Although I am glad Liz is being perused, and not chasing someone unavailable, for me the choice is clear, girl….go with what you know. The flashback sex got me all hot and bothered. Sorry, but AJ just comes off as a grating not somebody I would want to lather my…,soap. ;D

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    The girl pretending to be Lauren Frank looks so much like Ellie (even down to the lines on the forehead). Perhaps she will be be revealed as Ellie’s sister, the resemblance is amazing and gives Ellie some kind of family.
    I can see already that Maura W is a great actress. Just her describing her relationship to Franco kept me intrigued, and how great her first scenes were with Geary.She looks fantastic and I can already she her and Carly going at it, 2 very strong actresses, because of her involvement somehow with Morgan.
    Baby Danny is just so adorable! His laughing during the scenes were so cute. It’s obvious that the figure watching Sam will be Easton’s new character, but who??All the talk lately about Jason and Franco, but Ron C is so good at throwing off the viewers, when you think you figured things out he throws in the red herring. Then who is Roger H’s new character, though it looks like KA will be Lauren.
    Jane Elliot is always a joy to watch. With Jeanne Cooper’s death,( there are not many actors left on the soaps, that I remember growing up with. We have lost a lot of the vets the past few years), But Jane Elliot, she is still one of those feisty strong actresses, and continues to give her best, also Erika Slezak. They are just class, and the best. Jeanne, rest in peace, I’ll miss you on Y &R- a great lady.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]

    Oh my lord, Maura West was EVERYTHING! Loved how Ava Jerome (that name alone is hot!) was calculating both Luke and her responses, and how utterly captivated Luke appeared. Even Ava’s Flying Nun hair was on point!

    I never watched ATWT so I didn’t know much about Maura West. But the only way I can describe watching her yesterday, was that I was totally captivated. I don’t know what it is about her.

    Nobody shows up at a stranger’s door and asks them for ID. Ever. Unless they want to get the door slammed in their face or punched in the throat.

    Exactly, and it wouldn’t be to far-fetched to assume that a woman answering the door to an address that is suppose to belong to Lauren Frank, would be Lauren Frank especially if she appears to be in the age range. So once the girl said she was, I wouldn’t expect a PI to say now show me ID.

    Being a long time resident, with close ties to the mob, I am sure Luke would have at least heard of the Jerome family.

    My thinking is just because you encounter someone with the same last name, you wouldn’t just assume that they are related to a family you know and ask them that. Even if she does turn out to be related to the Port Charles Jeromes, the last name is common enough for Ava not to be related to them.


  13. Profile photo of Perkie

    My biggest problem with Niz is that I get the feeling Nik is pursuing Liz to get her away from AJ and not because he wants her for herself. And that pisses me off.

    Was it just a coincidence that fake Lauren looked so much like Ellie? I thought that was a clue that Ellie would turn out to be Lauren, which I want, but Morgan coming down the stairs at Ava’s would dispute that theory.

    Spinelli needs to shut it with the righteous indignation “Tracy brought mob money into the company”. Dude, you work for the mob and have accepted and allowed several deaths, including the attempt on Dante, so STFU. Ugh, my hate for all things Spin was out in full force yesterday.

    I’m not familiar with Maura West, so for me, she was just a’ight.

    Love Danny, but I get the feeling were going to be changing babies soon, to one who’s more quiet and less scene stealy!!!

    [quote; jbj]Nobody shows up at a stranger’s door and asks them for ID. Ever. Unless they want to get the door slammed in their face or punched in the throat.[/quote]

    No, but I get Logan’s point. Spin barely said her name and then launched into his schpiel. She could have been the roommate or the next door neighbour. She never actually said she was Lauren. As for punking, I think it would have been even funnier if she had signed the paper and Spin would have gone home, thinking AJ had won, only to find out she wasn’t even the girl he was looking for.

    [quote; robertscorpio] So once the girl said she was, I wouldn’t expect a PI to say now show me ID.[/quote]

    I dont’ think she ever said she was. When she opened the door, he said, “Lauren Frank, I presume” and she asked why he was looking for Lauren. I don’t remember her at any time admitting she was Lauren.

  14. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Perkie, I get Logan’s point, too! LOL I was just laughing at the whole “showing up at somebody’s door” and asking that person for ID. LOL

    When she opened the door, he said, “Lauren Frank, I presume” and she asked why he was looking for Lauren. I don’t remember her at any time admitting she was Lauren.

    Nurp, she didn’t.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    I really have my fingers crossed that KA will be Lauren Frank and not Serena, great episode; Maura West was great I can’t wait to see her cat fight with Carly (You know it’s gonna happen) I hope she’s a love interest for anybody but Sonny. Keep Sony, Kate/Connie and Olivia in their lane. Luke looked like he was thinking Laura who?

    I liked the look of Morgan haven’t heard him talk yet (Hope its not another Jack Manning casting fiasco) I’m guess the person watching Sam is Michael’s new character, could they really make him the new Jason? Just a thought.

  16. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Loved Maura West’s debut. She just sparkles. and AG looked very engaged also. I’ve said it before, as much as I’ve grown to appreciate KSul, if they would’ve cast MaWe as Kate/Connie I would’ve been a very happy camper. As it is, even with the GH roster being so swollen, I love that she’s on canvas for however long they have her. I’m also interested with the way they brought Morgan back in to the mix. Let’s hope he can act… 0:)

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    I still can not believe that FV and RC will be making KA Lauren. About 85% of fans want Ellie to turn out to be a Q Heiress. Another 90% Want KA to be Serena Baldwin. I would of preferred to have a Serena Baldwin for KA. People forget that Lulu does not like Scott and if we had Serena on board we would have Lulu vs. Serena.

    1) Lulu killed Logan
    2) Lulu despises Scott
    3) Lulu needs a good smack down
    4) JMB did not like the fact that they were trying to make Starr her partner on the haunted Star. How funny would it be if KA returns as Serena Baldwin with her Share of The Haunted Star sold to her by Starr Manning.
    5) Lulu is married to the son of the mobster who pimped her sister Karen Wexler out.
    6) There is just too much rivalry between the two women. Serena vs. Lulu would be gold.

    There is so much that can be done with a Serena Baldwin. I still believe that Ellie should have been Lauren Frank it would of made more sense. And Not for nothing Ava Jerome does resemble Ellie.

  18. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I relayed that earlier. If they had Megan Ward portraying Connie aka Kate Howard this would of been a nice look for GH. Megan Ward is open to return but they never approached her. Kelly Sullivan is too young. She does not fit into the Maura West frame. Megan Ward/Laura Wright/Maura West/Lisa Locierello they all work because they are in the same age range.

    Indulge me for a second and imagine: Megan Ward dressed in her white and black Chanel like dress going through layouts with Maxi and then you have Ava Jerome walk in dressed to the T, looking fab wanting to go over business transactions with Connie. She would like to take the helm of Todd’s left over rag mag the PC Sun. With Ellie wanting nothing to do with her mother and inheritance, Ava wants to use the new money to own a piece of Port Charles. Maura West and Megan Ward glow as two strong stylish women doing business. And if we ever have Diane return we can have three darlings on canvas.

  19. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Thanks for getting my point. It would have been crazy for a PI to go to someone door and ask for ID but like y’all said, she never even confirmed she was Lauren. Spinelli spent like 45 minutes talking about ELQ, etc but he never got confirmation of who she was. A PI would at least try to find a picture of Lauren. PIs have access to DMV records. How come he never looked up her picture?

  20. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Glad to see everyone has the brains to be as captivated by MW as i was — i was GLUED GLUED GLUED to my screen! I had to FF thru all the faux Lauren Frank scenes…the actress was okay and i knew she couldn’t be a new permanent character…Loved Niz. Still reeling from Wed’s episode with Genie Francis’s legendary, heartbreaking performance. Tony Geary is getting on my last nerve, he just sorta stood there and watched Genie BRING.IT. Very puzzled by his lack of involvement, it’s disgusting and insulting to watch.

    *scratches head*

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    I think anyone who’s read my posts as of late knows I’m not exactly your average soap-watcher. For one, I don’t ship (I personally can’t stand the concept, but I don’t judge in the least, as I fully understand that shipping is a fully integrated concept of any fandom); for two, I like to be as objective as possible when it comes to mise en scene.

    Both of these things went the way of the dodo for a brief moment when Anthony Geary and Maura West had their scenes. Ms. West was amazing. She was revelatory in the role of Ava Jerome. She’s soap opera crack in a different way that Laura Wright is for me, and that’s a great thing.

    Secondly, the chemistry between her and Geary was scintillating. I could see myself easily getting sucked into a relationship between these two characters. The reveal that Ava was the ringleader for the gambling racket (as could be intimated by Morgan being in her suite) was pretty great as well.

    As an audience member, I also really appreciated the one-upmanship that Geary’s Luke had on Spinelli. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the Spinelli character too, but it was nice to see the normally on-the-ball Jackal being flustered by Luke getting the better of him in the search for the heir. The editing between the Ava-Luke and Spinelli-Faux Lauren scenes was pretty spectacular too (note: I have always felt that part of Carlivati’s style of writing lends itself really well to superb editing).

    Lastly, I thought that the scenes between Jane Elliot’s Tracy and Sean Kanan’s AJ were pretty fantastic. I especially loved the near vaudevillian meet-up between them as Tracy walked by AJ’s room at the same exact time as he opened the door. I could easily see George and Gracie do the same thing in one of their acts from the early 1900s.

    Elliot provides such fire to the character of Tracy that it is hard not to grin at her portrayal and (again with the theme of one-upmanship)the needling of Kanan’s AJ (again, lovely editing here between the Tracy-AJ scenes and heir/faux-heir scenes).

    Ultimately, it was a pretty fantastic episode, even if I did lose my usual objectivity in the scenes between Maura West and Anthony Geary (it was, after all, riveting television).

  22. Profile photo of liason4real

    AG has commented before about not wanting another round of LnL. He looked bored while GF was trying her best to make the scene work. Here’s hoping AG decides to retire because I can’t stand Luke Spencer.

    Niz. Blech. Nik has turned into a stalker and is only after Liz to get rid of AJ.

    I wasn’t sure if MW had asthma or was losing her voice. 0:)

  23. Profile photo of Cornfed

    A friend of mine rightly commented that with AG no longer having Julie Berman to click with on-screen, he really DOES need to retire, b/c i have no use for a drunk & cynical crank character. And Luke trying to disparage the character of AJ is laughable, i doubt anyone can take that seriously. I’m sorta repulsed by AG to tell you the truth. If HE can be honest with fans, i guess we can be honest with him too! And lastly, in those *farewell* scenes with Genie, he had that “just woken up” [on the wrong side of the bed] look – yuck! If i need to walk down memory lane i’ll pull up the 80s or 90s clips :(

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