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Carly and Michael continue to worry about Morgan.  Michael has reached out to Metro Court employee Woodrow, who is part of Spinelli’s online connections.  Woodrow has hacked into Morgan’s account, and found online chat records between him and a girl using the handle JeromeAroundTheWorld.  Woodrow has printed out Morgan’s last conversation, which Carly reads.  She wants Woodrow to find the girl, but he’s reached a security wall.  

Morgan worries about Ava’s visitor from the night before, but she assures him it had nothing to do with him. She informs Morgan it was about her daughter.  Morgan tells her he’s gotten a bunch of messages from his parents, but was worried to listen to them for fear someone would be able to track him down.  Ava wants him to call his parents and let them help.  Morgan feels it’s his responsibility to get himself out of the mess he created, since he’s not a kid anymore.  Ava tells Morgan he has a family that cares, which is rare.  
Tracy wants to strategize with Nik about the best way to sabotage AJ, now that the element of surprise is gone.  Nikolas isn’t too concerned. 
AJ tells Liz he ran into Tracy, and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence she’s in New York.  When Liz mentions Nik is also in New York, AJ tells her Nik is now Tracy’s partner. He's certain they will sabotage his television performance.  Liz offers to talk to Nikolas. 
Luke and Spinelli run into each other at the hotel.  Spin’s upset Luke tricked him, and assumes he found the real Lauren.  Luke doesn’t tip his hand. 
Olivia visits Sonny to see if there was any progress made on the Morgan front.  Sonny asks for her help. He wants her to talk to Johnny at Pentonville for more information. Olivia has already been to Pentonville, and feels Johnny told her everything he knew. Olivia admits Johnny thinks there is something between her and Sonny.  Both Olivia and Sonny agree they are just friends.  
Spinelli tells AJ that Luke got to Lauren first, and Tracy likely knows.  AJ complains all his hard work is about to go down the drain, and nothing changes no matter how hard he tries.  AJ suffers another panic attack, and Spin stupidly thinks CPR is the answer.  AJ tells him to call Liz. 
Liz confronts Nikolas, who admits they are planning to sabotage AJ on The Chew.  Liz is angry Nik has set everything up just to stick it to AJ.  Nik feels she deserves better than AJ.  Liz accuses him of lying to her, and hurting the man she cares about. She asks if he thought his actions would make her run to him.  Nik admits after he was shot and nearly died, his only two regrets would have been leaving his son and losing time with Liz.  
Nik doesn’t understand why they were alone after Lucky left. Nik's alive and wants Liz. He again points out AJ hasn’t changed, and will cause damage. Nikolas loves Liz, but she's had enough. Liz feels if Nik truly loves her, he’ll back off and stop bullying AJ.

Liz gets back to AJ’s suite in time to stop Spinelli from further injuring AJ. She talks AJ down from his panic attack. AJ tells her Tracy found Lauren first, and planned to sabotage him. Liz assures him all will go well at the taping, and she tried to talk Nik out of the ambush.  AJ is thankful for her help. 
Luke tells Tracy he found Ava, but not Lauren. He left the proxy with Ava for Lauren to sign.  Tracy thinks Ava will press them for money, and Luke is certain that won’t happen. Tracy is just grateful AJ doesn’t have the information. 
Tracy goes to Nik, and asks if he's ready to leave. He tells her neither one of them is going to The Chew.  

Carly shows Sonny the transcript of Morgan’s calls. She points out whoever the girl is, knew how to play their son.  
Ava tells Morgan she’s going away on business, but he can stay at her place.  She advises him again to call his parents.  Morgan calls Michael. 

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    Ok, so Ava is Morgan’s online “girl” friend. And the way she spoke about her daughter, makes me think he never met Lauren and that’s not how he knows Ava. Which means Lauren and Ellie could still be one and the same. Which excites me again!

    Uhm Spinelli, if the man is breathing and his heart is beating, he doesn’t need CPR. Stupid.

    I have not been a fan of Niz since it’s become clear that Nik only wants what he can’t have but man did he get me with the two regrets line. I mean, he’s standing there, all half naked and fine saying one of his regrets if he died would be not being with her. How does a woman resist that?

    And I loved Tracy being all distracted by his hotness. My only complaint, he was shot not that long ago and should have still had some sort of bandaid, scar, something, that clearly was not on his fine abdomen.

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    All I thought through the scenes Ava and Morgan shared was how she rocked his world. LOL But I don’t think that the dirty talking Morgan had on the net was with Ava. I like the little mystery though and I’m excited to see how this all plays out.

    I LOVED Tracy’s comment about Nik being naked like he’s on a Daytime serial. Great line. Another great line was Spinelli’s friend referring to himself as an FOS. A little note to the FOJ? LMAO

    Oh please no to Olivia and Sonny. Her honeying him already bugs me. They should bring Vanessa Marcil back full time. For me Olivia has lost her purpose on the show a long time ago. Last time I enjoyed her she was still with Johnny…

    It’s really great to see Rebecca Herbst having such great chemistry with her two co-stars. Still pretty much undecided who I want Liz to end up with. Jason’s brother or Lucky’s brother. LOL

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    Perkie– I think Ava might be the mother of Morgan’s online GF, think it could be Lauren (does anyone know how old Lauren is supposed to be?)

    I don’t get how Liz could run from Nik and his abs to Aj flapping and gasping for air on the ground like a fish out of water, girl what are you thinking????

    Today was sooooo obvious that we’re about to get a Sonny/Olivia pairing, which begs the question, where does this leave Kate/Connie?

  4. Profile photo of rlshel1015

    give me a show with TC baring his chest anyday! i don’t see how Liz can say no to that – i would have taken him right then and there. but i digress! i loved when Luke saw Spinelli in the lobby and his one liners about “clearly Fashion week is over” and the “perplexing exhibit at MOMA.” no one drops one liners like our AG. i get no chemistry between Liz and AJ whereas i think that it’s off the charts with Nik and Liz – just my opinion. clearly the star of the show today were the sexy lips of both Ava and Morgan – very hot! i am loving the show right now!

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    WISHFUL STORYTELLING: The idea of Ava cougaring young Morgan (has he been SORA’d to 18+?) to get to his family somehow (she is a Jerome, perhaps with mob ties) would be AMAZING story. Shades of Doria/Joey/Viki and totally reverberate with Carly who just blew her stack over her belief that that exact thing happened btw Michael/Brenda…this time FOR REAL.

    Lauren Jerome-Frank collateral character who’s being a Q gives Ava an unforseen “in” in Port Charles.

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    I think long term Ellie will end up being Lauren, HOWEVER I think we’re going to have to go through a baby switch story first. I’m guessing Ava’s daughter (Ellie) was switched with the daughter she raised

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    Viva Futbol

    The audience isn’t going to take AJ’s panic attacks seriously if GH continues play them for comedy.

    Lord have mercy! Maura West looks amazing, but will anyone else notice that she looks similar to Morgan’s mom. That’s would be a big deal if she is indeed a cougar. I can’t wait for the first shouting match between Ava and Carly.

  8. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I am pretty sure Ava and Morgan are not lovers. If they were, they would have been more affectionate towards each other and she totally acted like his mom, giving him all that good advice. No, Ava is not his lover, but who is she?
    Love the mystery.

    Geez, can this show mention “The Chew” any more than it already does? Talk about overkill cross promotion!

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    What’s with the duplicate naming on this show?

    JOHNNY & John

    Laura & Lauren

    I hope Ava has a nickname for her spawn of Franco.

    Love Maura west. Can’t wait for her toe to toe with Carly. Cause this former Carly can hold her own with anyone.

  10. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    You can tell Ava and Morgan are not lovers. The way she talked to him was like a mother talking to her son. She showed motherly concern. You can tell Morgan is her daughter’s boyfriend. I didn’t see or feel any cougar thing going on.

    “God I want you” “I want you to feel how much I love you” I loved Niz in 2009 and I love them now. I went back to rewatch some old Niz clips and I love the fact that Ron is acting using some of Nik’s old dialogue for some of Nik’s convos with Liz. The stuff he’s been saying to Liz since that Wyndemere kiss is stuff he said to her back in 2009. Love that.

    FF Sonny and that chick who should not even be in PC. Loved how when Luke was telling Tracy how Ava was saying Franco was this horrible person, Tracy was like Ava must have loved Luke then. Loved Luke making fun of Spinelli’s clothes.

  11. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    [quote=Viva Futbol]The audience isn’t going to take AJ’s panic attacks seriously if GH continues play them for comedy.


    I’m waiting for Monica to give AJ one of those bracelets to let ppl know he has panic attacks. Or he carries around a brown paper bag so ppl can bust in out in case of emergency.

  12. Profile photo of tealita

    I enjoy seeing Tyler Christopher’s nekked chest just as much as everyone else, but he needs to put a shirt on, already. How many times can he open and close the door in that state of dress without thinking to himself “You know, I should really get dressed.” I agree with everyone else, though. If I were Liz, I would be in quite the physical state by now! :love:

    I thought Tony Geary looked awful in those amber-colored sun glasses. As a matter of fact, I don’t like them on anybody. They make one’s eyes look muddy and tired.

    I love my Spinelli, but he was a blathering, bumbling boob today. At the same time however, Luke’s superior attitude torqued my jaws a little bit, and I though “Does Luke have to get the best of Spinelli, too?”

    I am not familiar with Maura West’s previous work, but she’s an outstanding actress and I’m completely fascinated by her; her looks, her mannerisms, the way she expresses herself; everything. I hope F&V are keeping her around a while. I won’t try to take credit for all the story ideas that other fans have cooked up, but I agree that there’s a wealth of story ripe for the picking.

    The only chemistry I see between Sonny and Olivia is the grouchy old married couple–open the door with a dirty wife beater on–sit on your porch playing Dominoes– stick your head out the window and yell at the neighbors kind. If that’s the direction that they intend on taking, them ship ‘em both back to Bensonhurst. :davie:

    I tried to think of something interesting to say about Nu-Morgan, but nothing came to me except that younger girls will probably swoon over his looks.

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    I have to hand it to Ron C., he is great with writing storylines that you think you know what will happen and suddenly things turn out different. Everyone has been saying KA will be Lauren and Roger H will be Franco??? I have a feeling that may not be but who knows? This morning on Soapnet they showed GH episodes from 2009 and it was Helena warning Luke about Valentin Cassadine. They never did go thru with that storyline but there is another Cassadine out there somewhere???
    Jane Elliot just totally cracks me up. Her looks at Nicolas’s bare chest and abs, so funny. Tyler is really in great shape so why not show it off?! In 2009 he was bloated and heavy from all those steroids. He looks so much better now and healthier and he seems so much more “into” the role. How could Liz resist?
    With Morgan somehow involved with Ava, you know there will be more to come involving Carly and Sonny and I can just see Maura and Laura W. together, will be great!

  14. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Just another comment, watching the show again on Soapnet, I can’t help but laugh a little. Poor Maurice Bernard will again, have to look up to his co-star, Morgan. He looks tall. I remember a quote from MB saying how he liked so much that DZ was the same size as him, he didn’t have to look up, so I can just see MB laughing now in rehearsals with his new son Morgan. Curious to see how this whole story goes.

  15. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I am hoping that everyone is right and that KA will be impersonating Lauren at the request of Ava and that Ellie is actually the real Lauren Frank but doesn’t know it. Ava probably changed her name and everything. I have been so obsessed with wanting Ellie to be Lauren I dreamed that is came to fruition. Too much jerk chicken for dinner.

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    Is new Morgan Greek? He is beautiful. One thing that RC and FV know how to do is have beautiful boys on their soaps. I can not wait for this summer to see the boys take it off.

    Can they please give Elizabeth some better clothes to wear. She is only in her 30’s the girl looks so tacky. I loved her hair and make up but the clothes are just not her. She still looks the same as she came on GH. I want Elizabeth to have some sense of style. Something to pop her out.

    I heard the Podcast yesterday and boy did the gang go in on Sabrina. I am presently team Britt but I still love the character of Sabrina. I just think they need to find someone better for Sabrina. I have a feeling Sabrina is not that sweet and she will actually transform into the wicked one because of Britt. Plus Robin is still ALIVE. This Patrick and Sabrina Shit is doomed to begin with!

  17. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; Secrets]I think they’re playing with us and that Morgan’s girl is Ava’s daughter. They never said anything to each other that directly proved they were lovers did they?[/quote]

    At no time did I think they were lovers, but the way Ava was talking about Lauren made me think MOrgan didn’t know her. IE: “If my daughter was in trouble….” “I’d be worried about my daughter”. At no time did she say Lauren’s name when she was talking to Morgan, which is what made me think he didn’t know her, which is why she kept saying “my daughter” when talking about her. It was just an odd way to speak.

    I still think AVa is the friend he was texting with. She may also be the gambling leader, preying on teenagers for thier money, and Morgan doesn’t know it.

    Or Lauren is the friend and she got her mother to hide him out for her. Either way, I’m intrigued, but I’m really hoping KA isn’t Lauren.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=GHteenybopper]Today was sooooo obvious that we’re about to get a Sonny/Olivia pairing, which begs the question, where does this leave Kate/Connie?[/quote]

    She might be destined for Roger Howarth’s new character. They worked well together in the past.

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