HUH? Miranda Doesn’t Know Who Her Father is on All My Children?

As AJ (Eric Nelsen) was leaving JR’s (Ryan Bittle) room, he bumped into David (Vincent Irizarry). The disgraced doctor tried to reconnect with his grandson, but AJ didn’t cut him any slack.  David told AJ if he ever needs anything, all he has to do is call.

Cara (Lindsay Hartley) told David a story about miscarrying their baby. Everytime he questioned part of her story, she covered.

Miranda (Denyse Tontz) told Celia (Jordan Lane Price) she didn't know who her father was. He was just a random sperm donor. Huh?

How in blazing hell does Miranda Montgomery not know who her father is? The TOLN soaps keep driving home the point that we are in a digital age. Are we really to believe Miranda never Googled her mother, her Aunt Kendall (Alicia Minshew), her Uncle Zach (Thorsten Kaye), or her mega famous grandmother Erica Kane (Susan Lucci)?

Bianca's rape,  Michael Cambias' (William deVry) murder trial, the baby switch, all of these things would have made international headlines; headlines that would be forever searchable on the World Wide Web.

I assume the new AMC wants to have Miranda learn about her less-than-savory origins as part of an upcoming storyline, but it is a major stretch that she's managed to live 16 years blissfully ignorant about it.


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    Why is it so hard to believe Bianca wouldn’t want her daughter to know she was the product of a violent rape? I doubt it’s something Bianca wants to relive, and they have all lied to protect Miranda from the truth.

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    Wasn’t the MIRANDA CENTER started basically with CAMBIAS money being put to good use because Bianca was atttacked, abused and raped by Michael Cambias, Miranda’s dad?!

    Why on earth would Bianca keep that from Miranda and would Miranda be so tough on her mother when she has Erica and Kendall as granny n aunt to put the brat in her place?!

    None of that made sense AND NEITHER does the mystery with Celia’s guardian. Mention his name because the mystery is creepy.

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    It could be a plot device but at the same time after Kendall going through all sorts of grief at being the child of Erica’s rape, it would make sense that Bianca wouldn’t want that for her own child she even said as much when she was trying to figure whether or not she should keep the baby.

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    Only thing that confuses me is that EVERYONE calls him “your guardian”…who says that? LOL. I have to do this because “My guardian” would be upset if I didn’t. What the hell is his name? Who says MY GUARDIAN??

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    In the Victorian romance novel world of the new teen set (celia reminds me of victoria on dark shadows as much as any character in soaps in the last 40 years)–teens only google “happening” bands or definitions of the new teen “lingo”–although Miranda is self centered enough to surely google herself several times per day.

    In a weird way I kind of like the retro teen scene although it not really seeming like it has anything to do with teens in this century (who say “shit” and “asshole” as much as the “teens” in West side Story said “cool” fifty years ago.

    Or, maybe what happened “five years ago” actually triggered a Brigadoon event and Pine valley was cast back in time only to surface every five years for silcon valley moguls or issues like sex trafficing (which while kind of an interesting twist, does fall back into romance novel notions of white slavery as well).

    At least we have been spared Dixie giving JR sponge baths by how fast the pace of the new series is

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    Maybe she has just believed her mother. What reason would she have to suspect her? Not everyone goes around the internet googling up themselves or their family. To me, that’s kind of weird.

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    I am not a fan of how Miranda is being written. Miranda is a Kane, she shouldn’t be crying and saying she doesn’t want to go back to school. You know if Erica was there she would have told Miranda to suck it up and go back to the school.

    Miranda is one of the richest teens in Pine Valley. She should not be crushing on some boy like a silly school girl. The guys should be chasing her.

    Miranda from the jump should have been Erica 2.0, not this little earnest shy thing we’ve seen for the last two weeks. I hope when the truth about her father is released she becomes vindictive and bitchy. That’s the Miranda I want to see.

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    The Celia character needs to go. She’s the weakest part of the show. I don’t understand why Peter is drawn to Celia. The way she was chewing him out over a simple misunderstand (on her part) was ridiculous. If I was Peter, and she kept going on like she did, I would have walked away. I almost vomited in my mouth when Peter started to kiss her ass so she would go on a date with him. Peter is a tech mogul why is he bending over back wards for some stupid immature girl? The same case as I stated with Miranda, Celia should be chasing Peter, not the other way around. If Celia was a schemer and she was trying to get Peter, I would enjoy the character more.

    Celia’s guardian is what’s going to make this character a success or fail. If the reveal is bad, Celia is done.

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    The girls are being written a tad too fragile for the 21st century. The best kid on the show is AJ. He truly has gone through a lot in the few years he has lived, and still mostly has a good outlook on life. I don’t even understand why he got suspended from school for hitting someone at a coffee shop. What next? He gets ISS for back talking grandpa?
    I still don’t like that Miranda attacked her mother when that boy did those things to her. It isn’t Bianca’s fault that that boy did that. A bad teenager doesn’t need a real reason to bully someone. Bianca should have stood her ground and got that girl to recant her statement. Yes she did it on her own the next day but it is out there that Miranda thinks Bianca isn’t a good parent because she is a lesbian.
    As for Celia’s guardian, I am sure he will pop up sometime. He is sort of like the Phoenix on Days of our Lives back in the day. Stefano was called the Phoenix for months to guard his identity from both the audience and the town. I am sure that is what is happening here. This guardian will be someone we are all familiar with. Or he will be on the canvas long before he is identified to us.

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