Sami’s Mission Goes Off The Rails on Days of Our Lives

Sami (Alison Sweeney) tried to intercept the evidence about Will (Chandler Massey) before it got to Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).  The man Sami confronted didn’t know what she was talking about, and insisted he worked for the Salem PC, not Stefano. Sami then chased the man through Salem, before finally speaking with him again. She got him to admit he had the evidence, but instead of giving it to her, he went to call Stefano. Sami stopped him, and offered to make it worth his while by giving him the 30K she stole from Nick (Blake Berris) for the evidence. When he still refused, Sami tried to grab the bag from him and ended up attacking him.

JJ (Casey Moss) returned to Salem, much to the surprise of his mother Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). JJ quickly started putting his mom through the paces.  However, Abby (Kate Mansi) interrupted him by coming into the room, and welcoming her brother home. After Jennifer left, Abby asked JJ why he was home early. He made up an excuse, but Abby didn’t believe him. She demanded to know the truth. He insisted nothing was going on.

John (Drake Hogestyn) snuck up on Kristen (Eileen Davidson). She demanded he leave before security came along.  They continued their tit-for-tat dance. Kristen wanted to be free of the past. Kristen asked John about his feelings for her, and he said they were “complicated.” Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens is right, Davidson deserves better than this storyline.

Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Will talked a bunch about their baby and it’s impending arrival. When Will left, he went to The Brady Pub and asked EJ (James Scott) for an update on the evidence.  Will admitted to being worried about the evidence, since it was his mom who was involved.

Sami arrived at The Brady Pub, and quickly distracted Will away from EJ. She wanted to tell EJ the truth about what had happened.

Vargas (Sean Douglas) ran into Nick (Blake Berris) at the coffee shop, and demanded to know what was happening with his money.  Nick tried to give himself more time; by saying everything was going well.

The episode ended with Brady (Eric Martsolf) about to catch John and Kristen together, and someone clapping a hand over Sami’s mouth as she hurried through town.

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    That is the Sami I know and I completely love. I’m so happy that she finally distanced herself from Rafe and is finding back to her old self. Awesome stuff. Ali Sweeney is MUST SEE TV on DAYS these days.

    Seems like JJ is no fan of Daniel. The saga continues as DAYS “supercouple” has yet to survive another obstacle. So stupid. Get Dannifer from our screens already. Please!

    I enjoy this back-and-forth between Kristen and John. Eileen Davidson is doing a brilliant job showing how conflicted Kristen is in the end of the day. But yeah I agree Eileen deserves better.

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    So stupid that JJ told Jennifer she usually didn’t dress like that! He hasn’t seen her in forever!
    Again. Aren’t John and Hope MARRIED?????

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    I’m probably going to want to eat my words later, but I’m willing to take the plunge for now and say that the Dannifer storyline with JJ as a potential complication might just be far more interesting than any of the contrived and deadly dull Nicole and Chloe as obstacles stories.

    I just hope and pray that they are not going to be featured each and every freaking day as they often were in those other two storylines.

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    I have been loving the John/Kristen scenes the last few weeks. I don’t think the story is top notch, but the actors have been making the most of it.

    I am in the minority that don’t mind Jennifer/Daniel. But for the love of god… can’t they just be happy for two seconds and have a storyline that doesn’t focus on someone trying to tear them apart?

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    Brown Eye Girl

    I have so much enjoyed the Sami Ej story line… I love how Sami is always getting into trouble… and Ej always finding out.. and telling her about it in his own way..and then the look on her face when he tells her..and she knows she is in trouble and Ej goes nuts!!..great writing. keeps it fresh and funny.

    Also loved how Sami was gonna take out the guy with the back pack with the info in it..way funny..I was laughing..did not see that coming. Hope the writers keep EJ and Sami together for a very very very long time…they are a amazing couple with endless great story lines…but please let’s not have the writers go back into the story line of Sami shooting someone again…..or is going to jail again..been there done that.

    And what’s up with JJ?….what a putts! he has been away for ever and all of the sudden he has a opinion on jenn and her life…

    Jezzzzz… Nick is getting on my last nerve…enough already…he needs to go down.

    And let the sweeps begin…..!!!

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    So much loving Sami these days! Finally she is being true to herself, instead of playing homemaker with Rafe (ugh). I’m glad that EJ is finding his scheming streak back again.

    I don’t understand the comment about Kristen’s storyline. This is a great storyline. This IS the reason why she came back, to get revenge on John. It could move up a little bit faster, though. However, I’m expecting to see a full-on, big time brouhaha of a wedding between Kristen & Brady! :crown:

    I am glad to see Nick finally getting to have some come-uppance. It has been pretty hard at times to suspend all disbelief in regards to Nick just roaming around town doing whatever he pleases. In the days of old, it would have taken only one person of the entire clan to take him down, let alone several.

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    [quote=mufasa]Aren’t John and Hope MARRIED?????[/quote]

    No. It was said in a conversation between Hope and Marlena a few months back, that they had annulled the marriage.

    But John & Marlena aren’t married either. Or if they are, it has never been said.

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