Debbi Morgan and Eric Nelsen Hang Out on More All My Children (VIDEO)

This week, More All My Children catches up with AMC favorite Debbi Morgan, who talks about returning to Pine Valley as Angie two years after the soap ended on ABC. Eric Nelsen also reveals what went into stripping down for AJ's naked guitar solo. More All My Children then goes behind-the-scenes at the sudser's premiere party. Watch the second episode of More All My Children after the jump!

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    I,personally,liked this week’s MORE AMC,more than the first week’s show. PP needs
    to,completely,do away with the whole “informative/lifestyle” segment,that it had the 1st
    week. IMO,it doesn’t make sense to incorporate into a new AMC,the type of
    show(The Revolution/The Chew)that replaced the old AMC. Duh! Why would
    they want to remind people(via the lifestyle segment)of the VERY THING that replaced
    our beloved shows,in the first place? SMH! That said,this week’s MORE
    AMC,with Debbi Morgan and Eric Nelson(?),was much IMPROVED. (*thumbs up*)

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