Eden Riegel on 2009 Exit From All My Children: “It Was Not The Story I Was Told They Were Going To Tell”

All My Children star Eden Riegel is finally setting the record straight regarding her short return to the series back in 2009. Fans may recall, former AMC head writer Chuck Pratt attempted to blame Riegel’s schedule for the storyline bombing in an interview with TV Guide Magazine‘s Michael Logan. Four years later, Riegel explains to SheWired.com why she really left:

You left AMC for a while. Did it have to do at all with the turn that Bianca’s storyline had taken?

It was not the story that I was told we were going to tell. Obviously, marriage equality is still a big issue — unfortunately. It was during the Prop 8 time and it was the first time I felt the tide was turning and we could actually get some marriage equality. It was a really exciting time and I was debating whether or not to come back to the show and then they pitched me this beautiful story about Bianca being in love and getting married, a real same sex couple on daytime. It kind of felt like the coming out story all over again, or the next generation of coming out story. I was immediately on board,  and the fact that this beautiful actress Tamara Braun was playing…

Riegel continued:

We got annulled by text message less than 48 hours after we’ve been married. It was all very messy, and I thought, weirdly, and argument against what we were fighting for. It was very upsetting.  At that point I just didn’t feel listened to. There are so many regimes in these soap operas because people get burned out. It’s grueling work. That particular writer who was involved — I think he just thought my input wasn’t really, you know, welcomed. I understand. If I were a writer I’m sure I wouldn’t really want an actor talking off my ear about what they feel their character should be doing. Actors, for the most part, maybe don’t understand the more broad perspective. But, it was tough for me to watch my character going through that when I thought we were telling another story.

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    The writing for Bianca “relationship wise” has always been terrible I mean look at her track record.

    Sarah: Had to go back to the clinic for anorexia
    Frankie: shot dead
    Lena: left town/blackmailed even though she really did love Bianca (is that what happened honestly can’t remember)
    Maggie: Cheated, romance happened off screen
    Reese: Chuck Pratt
    Marissa: shot dead

  2. Profile photo of days4ever

    I agree with ER. I really wish they would have done this story better justice. I loved Reese and TB did a fabulous job. Chuck Pratt is a moron for what he did to the Bianca/Reese s/l (and the rest of AMC for that matter).

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    Love Eden’s honesty, I am sure Tamara felt the same way. It had the potential to become a great romantic storyline. But all Pratt cared about was making his fantasies come true, especially putting Zach into the mix.

    Actually the whole Pratt regime was terrible.

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    Sarah: Left her for a man
    Frankie: Fooled around with JR
    Lena: Was tied to Michael Cambias, leading to her rape
    Maggie: Went for Henry, Jamie, etc.
    Reese: Had a thing with Zach, kissed him on the eve of their wedding
    Marissa: Went back to JR before deciding to be with her.

    Can they for ONCE have a girl who KNOWS she is GAY fall for Binks and STAY GAY?!

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    Sarah is gay. Sarah married a man she wasn’t attracted to or loved. She did it because of the pressure from her family. The point of that relationship was Bianca was strong enough to be honest about who she really was. Sarah wasn’t. That was probably the most realistic and tragic of all Bianca’s relationships.

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