First Impressions: Brian Craig Debuts as General Hospital’s Morgan Corinthos (PHOTOS)

Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny's (Maurice Benard) baby boy is back! has What are your First Impressions of Bryan Craig as Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital? See more photos after the jump!

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    I so can’t deal with this!!!! Ok they don’t want to age Liz kids but now I’m suppose to believe that Morgan is old enough to gamble oh and now older than Molly when just a year a two ago THEY WAS THE SAME AGE!!!!! If Spencer comes back and in high school I’m so through LMFAO!!!!! I know I’m not the only one that feels this way lol.

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    badass-Saw another web site that mentioned Spencer would be coming as a seven year old boy.

    As for the young man playing Morgan, physically he’s a good match for CD in the height department. Facially, he reminds me a bit of Michael Phelps. Acting wise, I’m going to wait till I see him interact with more cast members… 0:)

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    Is there a compelling reason why y’all put only one picture on a page (besides the first one)? Why not two? It is tiresome and aggravating to have to click so many times to get through your photo features.

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    @Moustache…I thought the same thing about Morgan looking like the Ford brothers from OLTL. Forget college he is old enough to gamble lmfao!!!!

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    He’s hot and cute but doesn’t really look like he’s Sonny’s son. He’s too tall. I guess you could say he got that from Carly, if you choose Laura Wright’s Carly. Also he has a very strong Italian look (the nose especially). I’ve never even known this:Is Sonny supposed to be Italian? I know Corinthos sounds Greek, and the Sonny/Michael names are played off of The Godfather characters(Italian), but I thought Sonny’s native tongue was Spanish….

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    I thought he was good and really cute. I didn’t like the picture that DC posted of him earlier but he looks cute.

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    Yep, Ford bro #3, just told a friend the same thing an hour ago! Not digging at ALL…James on OLTL was as exciting as watching paint dry, and whiny as sh!t!

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    Is Sonny supposed to be Italian? I know Corinthos sounds Greek, and the Sonny/Michael names are played off of The Godfather characters(Italian), but I thought Sonny’s native tongue was Spanish….

    Adela Corinthos was Cuban; Mike Corbin, aka Mike Corinthos is Greek and Irish.

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    @smellykellyjay…..the reason you have to click through the photos is the same reason most blogs do it. The more clicks you make on the site the more the site owners can say to potential advertisers “we have X clicks” allowing them to charge more for their ad banners.

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    Thanks, nysam. I figured as much but didn’t want to assume. I thought it could possibly have something to do with the site’s software.

    I want to support the site and feel that I do, visiting daily, but I’m pretty much done clicking through so much to see some pictures. Even with my relatively new computer and a fast internet connection, it takes more time than I’m willing to give. I didn’t take none of these folks to raise!

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    Typical Cartini casting-the boy looks like one of the Ford Brothers-yawn. He’s cute, but its just another example of Cartini casting cheaply paid kids to eat up air time while the vets are misused. ( Hello Molly, TJ and Rafe-who cares!? Not this veteran viewer! Send them to boarding school!!)
    I’m more interested in seeing Maura West than this novice kid stumbling his way through a script as he takes on-air acting classes and struts around half naked like an exploited runaway ( I’m sure its only a matter of time before his clothes magically disappear-smh) And true to Cartini form Ava has not once mentioned her sister Olivia yet. SMH. I hope this sweeps stunt is over soon because Carly and Sonny dont need any more air time and this isnt some great classic plot in the making.
    Instead of wasting time on this kid and Sonny Id much rather see Ava have Lucas in her clutches ( he is her Nephew after all). And I’d like to see Jackie Zeman ( Bobbie) and Finola Hughes ( Anna) in this plot.

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    @IOWAHawkeye- so great to finally find peeps who didnt drown in drool over the lame Fords on One Life. I couldnt stand them, no matter their looks. But it looks like theyre invading prime time since One Life went off TV.
    I just saw Lenny Platt ( He played the one who dated Dani) on Law and Order as a rapist frat boy ( imagine that).
    And David Gregory ( Bobby) is on another prime time show regularly ( he still cant act). I think the show is NBC’s Deception.
    So far I havent seen Nick Roebuck ( the one who dated Starr). He was the only one I could almost tolerate, lol.
    Greetings! And lets keep that Ford brother hate alive, lol. Let’s hope Prospect Park never invites Lenny or Nick to the reboot. David turned them down already!

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    [quote=NORN23]Sheesh, is there a FORD BROTHERS cloning machine?!?!?[/quote]

    LMAO. Ford brother #1 started off hot, and ended up being a complete sleaze ball that deserved “death” by chandelier!

    Ford brother #2 was goofy and dumb.

    Ford brother #3 was 40 playing an 18 year old!

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    Add me to the No Fords Allowed Club! The second thing I noticed about NuMorgan besides his lips was his resemblance to the actors who played the Ford brothers who I DESPISED!!! When I first heard they were sorasing morgan I thought that one of the Ford Bros would pop up in the role, but I think Cartini have had enough about OLTL actors on GH lol

    As for his acting….he’s better than the dude trying to play Jack on OLTL, but he could get better, when Chad Duel first came on I thought he was horrible, but he’s gotten a lot better.

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    He has nice eyes but other than that is meh in the face. He could use some chapstick for those lips, and he doesn’t look like a Corinthos whatsoever. Especially not with that honker. And if he was a woman we’d be judging his acting more harshly.

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    After TRYING to suffer thru Friday’s ep – that means FF-ing thru most of it — i realized that GH, in a matter of 1 day, has now become OLTL, and that ain’t a compliment unfortunately. The new dude’s all like, “hey, i’m using hand gestures while walking down this staircase — see, I CAN act!” I think he said dude or bro like 10x, which i guess IS realistic in some masochistic way, but awful nonetheless. I’d prefer Claire Labine’s teenagers-sounding-like-college-professors to this crap any day. And i echo someone else’s thought that in no way, shape or form does this bro resemble a Corinthos. And that pointy tip on his nose, i’m sorry but uber distracting. I can’t. I just can’t. I think OLTL’ers suffered thru this, but i don’t think GH fans will.

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    Oh please! Not those awful Ford brothers from OLTL. They began the down-fall of OLTL. Morgan does look a bit like them. Frank and Ron have their” thing” for those type of guys, so obvious seeing it again on GH. But, will keep my opinions on this issue to myself.

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    AngelWendy, no need to keep it to yourself LOL, i think most enlightened OLTL viewers got the 411 on this latest casting. It won’t work. I say let’s scrap the bratty self entitled thing and just go all out rebel like Lujack, Preacher, Bo Brady, Patch — like the good ol’ days of soaps. All these boring kids aren’t doing it for me at all |(

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    Looks wise, Craig does look slightly older than Chad Duelll but I’m more struck by the resemblance to Michael”s former portrayer, Drew Garrett!

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    I think this site should ban all offensive/ hateful comments and those who make them! You can state your opinion but there’s no excuse for hateful bashing .

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    Morgan is doing a phenomenal job holding his own amongst “the greatest of daytime”. As , for his look he is a perfect combination of Carly and Sonny. As stated by Sonny himself , they have great acting chemistry. The actor, Bryan Craig, has been a Model for years for those who choose to critique his looks; which btw is extremely shallow . I believe we are in for a real treat with the NuMorgan.

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    Really?! I challenge you to allow those same parties to dissect your character/ appearance and then “perhaps!” Your opinion may differ. All I’m saying is opinions and constructive criticism is acceptable for any of the characters but some folks are just downright rude and attacking . These actors are real human beings and most people don’t have the talent or personality to do what they are doing , so that in itself is admirable!

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