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Tracy asks Nik why they aren’t going to The Chew.  Nik tells her destroying AJ would hurt Liz, and he promised her he’d back off.  Tracy decides she’ll do this on her own, but Nik has two bodyguards stop her from leaving.  Tracy begs for a chance to save her family legacy. However, Nik informs her that his future is with Liz, and not the relish.  

AJ and Liz are backstage at The Chew.  He’s thrilled he is close to saving ELQ.  Liz is glad she’s sharing AJ's big day with him. She admits she almost wrote him off as a faithless jerk, but was wrong.  
Carly runs into Anna, and asks for her help in finding Morgan.  Unfortunately, Anna has no jurisdiction in Nashville, and advises Carly to hire a PI.  
Morgan pretends all is well with Michael on the phone, but Michael quickly informs him they know everything. He promises to help get Morgan out of this mess.  Michael wants Morgan to come home, but Morgan doesn’t want his father fixing his problems.  Michael swears he has Morgan’s back. Michael asks where Morgan is, so he can join him.  
Sam spots Rafe’s black eye, and doesn’t believe his excuse that he walked into a door.  She asks if TJ is responsible, and Rafe swears he has things under control. He promises to clear the air with TJ. 
TJ deletes "Molly's" text to Rafe, as Molly arrives looking for her lost phone.  She checks for a text, and TJ wonders if she’s expecting something from Rafe.  Molly swears she and Rafe are just friends.  TJ has something important to tell Molly, when Rafe arrives. Molly is shocked by his black eye.
Rafe lies, and says the group home kids jumped him again.  Molly insists they tell someone.  TJ admits he’s the one who hit Rafe because he texted Molly.  He also confesses to deleting the text. Molly is upset TJ set a trap for Rafe.  Rafe claims TJ sucker punched him, and ran.  In response, Molly angrily tells TJ she isn’t going to the prom with him.  
A stagehand checks in on AJ, and asks about Tracy. He also mentions the episode is actually about a taste off of both relishes.  AJ wonders what happened to Tracy, but Liz thinks Nikolas stopped her from coming.
Anna and Duke sit at Kelly’s, and enjoy some Pickle Lila. They also celebrate their new relationship.  Duke jokes if the relish doesn’t save the company, he’ll have to turn to a life of crime. Anna helps him tweet about The Chew. 
Carly goes to Sam, and asks for help to find Morgan.  She gives Sam all the details, and complains about Anna not helping her. Sam points out Anna has no jurisdiction outside of Port Charles, but offers her help.  Carly is upset Morgan still ended up part of Sonny's life after she worked so hard to shield him from it.
Carly feels Michael would be able to handle things better than Morgan, because Morgan is reckless.  Sam sends Morgan a text and claims to be JeromeAroundTheWorld. Carly doesn’t think Morgan will fall for it.  Morgan responds, and texts he’s talking to his brother. Carly immediately heads home to find Michael gone.
Liz is surprised when Nik arrives at the studio.  He tells her that he stopped Tracy from coming, because Liz asked him to stand down. Nik feels AJ will crash and burn without any help from him.  Liz believes AJ has changed, and stresses she’s here with him.  Nikolas is not pressuring her, and will back off. However, he won’t back down.  He feels they have something real, and doesn’t want to give up.  AJ finds them together. 
Tracy tries to leave, but the guards won’t let her.  Tracy tries to appeal to their business sense, and claims the Cassadine’s are in near ruin. She thinks the goons would be better of with her, as a company on the rise.  She offers them a head of security position, but they don’t bite.
Tracy feels defeated, and speaks to Edward.  She tells him she understands he wanted her to save the company, and make him proud. However, she has failed, and AJ is stealing the victory.  Tracy begs her late father’s forgiveness for wasting this last chance. 
Tracy hears a thud at the door, and finds the two bodyguards knocked out. She quickly runs away.

Morgan thinks Michael has arrived, and opens the door to discover two goons ready to pound him.


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With such a great cast of veteran actors in Laura Wright, Maurice Bernard and now Maura West to bring in the young newbie into the fold, couldn't they come up with a more current and topical storyline that could show a new range for all three veterans instead of what we all know will happen.

For me, it would have been great to have had Morgan as Lauren's girlfriend and that she just died or something and Morgan comes back depressed and Carly struggles to make him feel better and get happy. It could involve Sonny with his own mental issue to show a more caring side.

Then with Ava (Maura West) her devastation could turn into survival and the discovery that she owns 6% of, well, isn't ELQ broke because they are hoping to have a relish save the biz? Anyway, have her come on as a bitch. (I love Maura as a bitch). But one we sympathize with.

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logan_echolls wrote:
Liz..when there is free food and you have kids at home, you don't grab 2 cookies, you grab the whole tray and put it in your purse!

I loved that bit! Rang so true to me Smile

(I also love that I don't have to add numbers in order to post a message anymore. *Tilting head a la Barbie* Math is hard!)

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Kristina had fans. And even some fans of that story though I hated it but every character has fans.

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What I have never understood is why we need to find some chick named Lauren Frank when Maya Ward is never mentioned. I don't understand why they need to invent a character at the expense of a legacy character.

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True, Morgan was always the sensible one, but let's not forget that he likely has a lot of resentment at his parents for sending him away. In that time, he could have become really reckless and nonchalant, not to mention bitter. If Ron and Frank don't make him a cake boy, I am guessing he will be paired with Lauren Frank...but it would be more scandalous if he gets with Ava Jerome!

In a weird way, Morgan reminds me of Jason (Steve Burton)physically. Look at his face in the main header pic.

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Maya has been mentioned, and she had sided with Tracy.

Team Tracy (50%)
Ned 12%
Dillon 12%
Maya 6%
Brook Lynn 6%
Alice 5%
Lucy Coe Less than 1% (recieved from divorce settlment from Alan)
Half of Danny & Jason Morgan shares 9%

Team AJ (50%)
AJ 12%
Skye 12%
Micheal 6%
Lila Rae 6% vote by proxy through her mother, Skye
Monica 5%
Half of Danny & Jason's shares 9%

All of Edward's grandchildren received 12% of ELQ stock; the great grandchildren received 6% of stock. Sam didn't wanted to be involved in ELQ fight, so she divided Jason and Danny's 18% of ELQ stock between AJ and Tracy. Edward's Will left Tracy the last jar of Pickle-A-Lila and no ELQ stock. Jimmy Lee Holt, one of Edward's illegimate sons, was disinherited.

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@PJC -- wow, for not watching much of GH last week you hit the nail on the head! Big smile My GH friend, her first soap comment today was, didn't we JUST GO THRU THIS w/another bratty, entitled Corinthos spawn that everyone hated from the get-go? (Kristina 2.Innocent Add to that the Ford factor and they gotta recast -- and REWRITE -- this kid pronto. I say de-age him...i'm sorta depressed b/c once Starr -- i mean Lauren -- enters the scene, there will just be WAY too many youngins to FF thru.

OTOH, i am still working my way thru the GH marathon, i'm currently up to July-ish 1980, and there isn't ONE tween in these stories. Maybe that's way i haven't FF'd thru one scene yet!

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Team TRACY all the way. AJ didnt ask for an opportunity to prove himself at elq he wanted to come back from the dead and run the company and he cried to mommy to make it happen. I like AJ dont get me wrong (especially SKs AJ) but if he had been humble and asked for a chance and she shut him out, then I might see things differently. I also disagree with locking someone in a room against their will even if I like niz way more than quiz. Um yea, that technically is kidnapping and if I were tracy i would sue for whatever the profits might have been.

As for RoHO. If he comes on as a q or a cassidine great. If he comes on as the real robert frank okay not my first choice but ok. If he is playing franco with a different face Im going to freak. Yes this show is full of antiheros and yes jason and sonny kill people but they never drugged an unwilling woman and raped her and the never set out to kill innocent people for sport. If hes franco with a new face, i honestly cant imagine the amount of retcon they would have to do to even begin to make me like him even with roho playing the role. Plus franco was cray cray - as in psycho - not cray cray as crafty and evil. the franco we saw could never say be involved in trying to steal elq for years, he would just wait for aj or tracy in a dark ally and kill them week one. If this is the role, i have to wonder if they only have roger for a limited engagement instead of a multi year contract.

Yes in some ways morgan and Kristinas story was the same but as sweet as LM seemed to be the one thing that differentiates the story is that she couldnt act and I think he seems to have potential.

I love tj and yes he is getting tossed under the bus to make the triangle but there is never a justification for punching some guy for something he did days ago and molly already said she addressed. sorry but if my guy hit him after I said i took care of it, I wouldnt have gone to prom either. Not only was what he did unnecessarily violent it was disrespectful to her in that he didnt trust her to have set the appropriate boundary. Now if rafe said something snarky and then grabbed molly in front of him, i could maybe see some fists but days later - no go.

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I learned that it's quicker and less time consuming to read the synopsis some weeks and if I am excited midway through reading a day I pop onto ONDEMAND on my cable and watch that episode.

Last week I was not impressed enough to do so.

As for Aldersen coming back... GAWD, I wish they would give her a rest for good! Sorry, the girl was an adorable actress as a kid but once she gave birth on OLTL, she became a mom and lost all the delicious deviousness of her mother Blair (who is now nice too) and her diabolical father(Drunk Todd and Victor.

And with that her acting talent. She is a nice woman, but she doesn't have the chops to drive a story. For me, she is the Katherine Heigl of daytime. A star who gets loads of story but gives us loads of stinky POO.

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I gotta learn how to do that ONDEMAND thing on my cable, i honestly have no clue and know it's a real lifesaver for some ppl! The Katherine Heigl of daytime, ROFT! Yeah, there are a million head scratchers out there in terms of those who get great roles yet are undeserving...

@EET -- RoHo being Robert Frank WOULD make him a Q, someone please correct me if i'm wrong?