Scandal Recap: “Any Questions?”

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) spent most of this week’s Scandal dodging reporters’ questions about the president’s affair.  Meanwhile, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) was reluctant to make any statement at first, just wanting to stay in bed with Olivia (Kerry Washington).  How awkward was it having Cyrus stutter at the simple question, “Where is the President?” 
Cyrus finally got Fitz back into the Oval, only to be informed POTUS had decided to give a speech that night, telling the American people he would not seek re-election. Cyrus looked like he was going to puke. 

Desperate, he told Fitz to make up with Mellie (Bellamy Young), and he’d help Fitz carry on his affair with Liv.  Fitz stayed firm. He doesn't want an affair; he wanted to openly be with the woman he loves. 

Cyrus and James (Dan Bucatinsky) had a huge blowup. James said Cyrus was being irrational. Interviewing Mellie for his first TV gig was a huge opportunity.  Cyrus informed his naive husband his new job was the result of Mellie’s manipulations. She wanted to stick it to Fitz and Cy simultaneously. He essentially called James old, ugly, and stupid, then left him in tears. Maybe Fitz won’t be the only one going through a messy divorce next season? 
Mellie hired her own political fixer, played by John Barrowman.  He’s a great admirer of the First Lady, and won her over with his cunning and ability to steal speeches from the White House. 

 The fixer assured Mellie she could win the media war— if she released the name of the president’s mistress. Mellie refused to play her last card, until after Fitz’s speech.  He delivered the rough draft, and she was shocked Fitz would consider resigning, but knew he wouldn’t go through with it. 
Cyrus and Olivia found out Fitz had never planned to run for re-election. He wanted to punish himself for not being good enough to win the first time. Olivia convinced him he could win on his own. 

When the time finally came for Fitz to give his speech, he went off book.  “My marriage is none of your business,” he told the press, before announcing he would run again.  Mellie was relieved, and her fixer impressed.  

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    One question, did Fitz really earn Olivia? Turns out he wasn’t going to run again away. So last week, him sitting on the couch, choosing Olivia meant nothing because he didn’t really choose Olivia. He already wasn’t going to run. Big let down

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    My biggest problem with this story … THOUGH I LOVE LOVE THIS SOAPY GOODNESS THRILLER SOAP… is that Olivia is one selfish bitch!

    Sorry, she is. She knows he is married… whether or not to a good person… and she still is stealing him away from NOT only the debatable good or bad wife, but from his children! And, if we are to believe that she would break federal law to rig an election… then the people of the United States by taking a GREAT president away from ‘us’.

    Sure, I am all for the drama of this story because it is juicy and fun. But at the end of the day with all that her employees sacrificed since they know she rigged the election of a President to the United States, you would think she would do more for them than just for her.

    That scene with Harrison saying ‘what’s your end game’, Olivia should have said “i am not your client” but then at the next said and reaching out to touch his arm “I am sorry”.

    At the end of the day, if the story of rigging did come out, I am certain that Olivia would be pardoned by Fitz calling in every favor and then see Cyrus go down for it and her people arrested as accessories.

    AGAIN, I love the show but there is a blind loyalty to Olivia when she really only thinks of herself when she is personally involved. She helps others… like Huck… but at the end of the day if she had to drive that bus, she would be running you right over…and then backing up to cover her steps.



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    I so agree with you about that Harrison scene. She was so freakin selfish in that scene. Yeah later she gave him some ppl to call in favors but she just seemed so cruel.

    The thing is, if it ever came out that the election was rigged, Fitz couldn’t pardon her because the next week he would be “Nixon’ed” out. And the new President, Sally would not pardon them.

    I understand how Olivia helped each of them. With Abby, Olivia actually beat Abby’s husband and got her out of there. Then Abby moved in with her until she was ready to be on her own. With Harrison, she kept him out of prison but I need to know how long his sentence was going to be because he’s way too loyal. If he was only going to serve 2 yrs, then his loyalty seems out of place. We all know the Huck story. I just need Olivia to be more sensitive to her employees. Yeah season one they kept telling us that Olivia has to be a hard rock so no one sees her weak but now she’s too much.

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