What Does Victor’s Mysterious Tattoo Mean on One Life to Live?

Dorian (Robin Strasser) and Jack (Andrew Trischitta) spent some time together in Llanview, during which she was confronted by her former constituents. One of them was proud of Dorian, while the other thought Dorian sitting on the intelligence report was a disgrace. Todd (Roger Howarth) ran into them and offered to help Jack buy the computer/console he wanted. Jack wasn’t interested in Todd’s help.

Tea (Florencia Lozano) wasn't happy to learn Dani (Kelley Missal) was moving into apartment with two guys. At said apartment, Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) prepared for Hurricane Dani’s arrival.

Todd seemed to be getting under everyone’s skin. His next stop was Tea’s, where he offered to buy Dani new furniture. Unlike Jack, she took Todd up on his bribe.

As Todd and Dani were about to leave, Victor (Trevor St. John) arrived.  He immediately wanted to know what was going on. Later, he assured Tea they wouldn't let Dani be too sucked in by his brother. The funniest part of the episode was Todd at Dani’s new apartment trying his best to cool. Roger Howarth is such a master at blending comedy and drama.

Dorian began to lay the groundwork for setting up Viki (Erika Slezak) to lose a fortune. She called her and the Buchanan's mutual financial advisor and dropped a hint of the Pelligrino Fund’s investment potential.

Tea again asked Victor about his tattoo. He brushed it off, saying he got it while he was gone and didn't want to talk about it.

Dorian dropped by to visit Viki and pretended their relationship was a priority. When she asked if they were still friends, Viki said what her nemesis needed to hear, before quickly ushering her out of her office.

Bo (Robert S. Woods) surprised Nora (Hillary B. Smith) with a “Bora Bora” lunch in his office.  He then talked her into doing Blog Talk Radio show.

While Todd was at Dani’s apartment, Victor snuck back into his hotel room and replaced Todd’s booze.

Clint (Jerry verDorn) received a call from the financial advisor about the Pelligrino Fund. Clint was hesitant at first, but then asked how long he had to make a decision.  Todd showed up and Clint asked him if what he he’d heard about the Pellegrino Fund.

 Both men told Viki it could be a good investment. Todd warned it was risky to put all of her eggs in one financial basket. Viki acted like the investment was her only option to keep The Banner afloat.

Victor went into the coffee shop, where he spotted a man with a tattoo like his own. He high-tailed it out of there. What do you think of Victor’s mysterious tattoo?

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    i wonder if Victor has been brain-washed and is in sleeper-mode like those terrorists and just waiting for the signal/order to activate whatever his captors planned.

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    “The funniest part of the episode was Todd at Dani’s new apartment trying his best to cool. Roger Howarth is such a master at blending comedy and drama.”

    I hope he will return but I understand that he has a job with ABC.

  3. Profile photo of NORN23

    Don’t forget Dani’s Masturbation Etiquitte Tips!

    Dani: “That moisturizer… It’s not… It’s not for self-love…”

    That was a highlight of the week for me!

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    What’s with Dorian’s revenge being so SIMPLE and so EASY to execute?! I mean, she calls her broker, drops a few tidbits of “info” and then she is guaranteed he will call Vicki or Clint?! Makes absolutely no common sense and is the exact type of reason why people stopped watching before.

    AND if Vicki and Clint are wiped out by their investment then it’s their own faults! Seriously, are they writing Vicki as being that naive that she would not see that PRINT is a slowly dying animal and that she should be figuring out how to go digital instead?! Has she not read her own paper to see that other papers are dying so why wouldn’t hers? And honestly, she wants to save the paper from a man you held her prisoner and did other things as well?!

    If she and Clint give ALL OF THEIR money to the fund and it collapses then both are morons to do that as well as the writers for coming up with the simpliest and dumbest story.

    I’m trying to love the show but I am not excited by it. Sure, it’s a 100 times better than AMC but nothing makes me want to come back the next day.

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