CBS Sunday Morning Honors The Young and the Restless’ Jeanne Cooper (VIDEO)

The Tiffany Network continues to honor late, The Young and the Restless grande dame Jeanne Cooper via their programming. A CBS Sunday Morning segment this weekend credited the soap's run at the top of the ratings, in part, to Cooper and her iconic character Katherine Chancellor. Watch CBS Sunday Morning’s tribute to Cooper after the jump!

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    Jeanne’s character and her portrayal of Bill Bell’s Kay, along with Jill (Brenda D. at the time) DID propel the show to number one.

    One of the best daytime stories ever. And it need to continue with its next chapter…

    Jeanne I think would love to pass her torch to Jess to continue the story…

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    hey mon

    I think that Brenda and Jeanne were very important to Y&R at this time, but Y&R didn’t stay at #1, as a fixture, until Sheila Carter hit the scene. Sheila Carter was a real game-changer for Y&R, and of course, put B&B at #2 or #3 for a decade.

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    Hey mon…True.

    But the Kay and Jill saga continued front and center from the 70’s throughout the 80’s. Bill always had a Kay and Jill story front and center.

    I think when Phillip returned (loved the always teary young Thom Bierdz) the story hit its highest point. And I think it was also at this time…87/88 that Y and R hit and stayed at number one.

    But yes…Sheila is one of Bill’s best psychos.

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    Restless Fan

    I love all the media attention Jeanne is getting. She is a big star and her portrayal of Katherine Chancellor is legendary. Bill Bell wrote rich characters and it’s why his show climbed the ladder steadily pushing all the other shows out of its way as they lost focus. The Jill/Kay feud is not only one of the best stories ever told on Y&R its one of the best stories ever told on all of daytime.

    Now is the time we will see what Josh Griffith is made of. Kay’s death isn’t the end of the story, its the beginning of another sizzling new chapter. Let’s see how well he really knows this show and these characters.

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    Personally I think that if Jill would just let him write, we may be seeing a different show.

    Think of what MIGHT be happening right now if SB was STILL on GH, and he’d never have come to Y and R? He wouldn’t HAVE to write for this guy. I bet there is some stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

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    Idk what going on Josh Griffith is doing with his scribes…Yes the stories are better but these dumb young characters..Dylan/Avery/Kyle/Summer drives me nuts…

    However on the podcast I loved what Jamey said about Jill/Phyllis/Jack that would be good…With our girl Jeanne gone…I would love to see Jill on a power trip…Jill has always yearn for power and now she should…I think this would be a great time to bring back MacKenzie I would love for the original actress to come back…..Pls find a better chick, because Cybill Shepherd daughter was miss….Jill/MacKenzie could do battle, and I’m sure JFP has a former GHer in mind for the role if she got a hold of the character….

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    Does this mean we could make a trade? If Josh could just write and have EP that understood more about YR would help the situation and a couple of writers from Bill & Kay’s era to help with history. If Bill or Kay was writing today w\SB on the show, they would made him have connections to canvas somehow instead of pinning him with a relative newer character as Avery.

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    [quote=pferrando]Personally I think that if Jill would just let him write, we may be seeing a different show.

    Think of what MIGHT be happening right now if SB was STILL on GH, and he’d never have come to Y and R? He wouldn’t HAVE to write for this guy. I bet there is some stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.[/quote]

    As a longtime viewer, my wife and I both wish the would have left Steve Burton on whatever show he was on. In our humble opinion, he isn’t a very good actor and yet he seems to be on daily. Someone must have a very high opinion of him. I see Y and R ratings have fallen off for latest Nielsen and am hoping that they keep falling, as they show this sad excuse for an actor.

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    hey mon

    I think we all agree that if JFP would leave Josh alone, he wouldn’t have to deal with Steve Burton, or any of the nu-bies from Hollywood Heights. Although I think that Rob Adamson is doing a fine job.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon: Jeanne and Brenda were the hotness in the 80’s and really pushed the show to #1!

    I would also argue that the Winter’s /Barber family made the difference in the 90’s. Y&R rose in the ratings as they added more African Americans to the canvas. So I would say that they equally if not more contributed to keeping Y&R at #1 in the 90’s. Remember Shemar Moore was the only actor from the show to take over 800,000 viewers with him within a month when leaving. Y&R also promoted the hell out of the Winters in the two African American themed monthly magazines Ebony, Essence and the weekly Jet with weekly and monthly full page ads. And given that this show’s majority audience is African American women and was then… The Dru, Neil, Olivia, Nathan and Malcolm group played a major role in securing Y&R at number #1 as those gains were mostly of African American viewers.

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    Totally agree Pferrando-If it was Josh just writing it would be a different show, we wouldn’t have to witness the wondrous acting ability of Stevie B.

    The craptastic music that isn’t Y&R.

    Now Heymon I must respectfully disagree with you on Sheila, this show became number one in the 1987/1988 season and she did not appear until May of 1990.
    They wore me out with her the second time around, and then on B&B once she shot Taylor, I was more than finished with her ass, then they had to turn around and give her non acting children. :Sp IMO if I remember right from that time period it was the Ashley/Victor affair that was running then, Katherine, Jill fighting over and with Nina about Phillip. Cricket, Danny. We were seeing lots of Paul & Andy, and that mobster. Jack and Nikki, affair and marriage.
    It was in no way that Sheila Carter pushed this show to number one, she came to the party a couple years in.

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    See everyone just named many reasons why YR became #1…back in ’88. Sheila was Bill’s most delicious psychos. All those stories everyone mentioned and throw them all together and you got one hell’va of soap ;)

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    That envelope is gonna finally be what a lot of us are waiting for…

    I’m not gonna ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. But this story could be the “blank” as our man, Hey mon, states.

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    Yes david, I agree about the Winters in the 90’s. Bill had them on all the time and I know a lot of people get tired of hearing it but that DRU stole our hearts back then and kept us watching her and her family for so long. Awesome characters!

    Sheila…the Ashley/Victor/Nikki triangle…Kay and Jill…they all were there for us for decades.

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    Heymon you know what’s in that envelope….He’s not Summer’s daddy…………

    Don’t tell me you haven’t been asking for this for a long time now.

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    I thought this was supposed to be commentary re CBS Sunday Morning’s tribute to Jeanne Cooper. For the most part, all I am reading is more bashing and negative criticism.

    Retract fingernails, tigers and tigresses – give it a rest or save it for other DC sections, please.

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    I don’t think this thread has been negative at all.

    We are celebrating Jeanne.

    Most on here are so fond of her and are chomping at the bit for the show to honor her and then move forward by honoring what her character has brought to this historic canvas.

    I/we may be reminiscing a bit, but out of our love of the show and Jeanne. I don’t see it as anything but that .

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    I agree 100% with you bartman202 regarding the negativity, but I hope people will stop & know what a great show Y&R was, is, & will continue to be, thanks to great actress’ like Jeanne Cooper & others on the cast. We miss you Duchess, but as they say, the show must go on, as you, more than anyone, would want it to. Rest in Peace..

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    R I P Jeanne You were Our Queen at Y*R. There will NEVER BE another You. You were the Soul and Moral compass in your later years. May your Family both at the show and Home find peace. What an honor to have been your friend. Sleep peacefully My Lady.

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