ABC to Mimic Cable With Primetime Soap Roll Outs

Expect for ABC to change things up a bit next season, when it comes to scheduling its primetime soaps. According to Deadline, ABC has decided to air “a selected group” of shows in two continuous runs, in the fall and spring.

Some of the networks’ biggest and most buzzed about shows are included in the special group. Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and possibly Revenge are mentioned in the article. In-between their fall and spring runs, the show’s time slots will be filled by “bridge series.”

Photo Credit: ABC


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Interesting. FOX is also doing this with Glee, it will air after XFactor for 12 episodes then go on hiatus for like 3 months, return then air uninterrupted into summer. They blame the falling ratings on to many hiatuses....we all know the writing doesn't help matters.

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I think this could be a good thing. I know with Glee I hated all the breaks because it really interrupted the story telling and flow. I do believe one of the reasons that first season was so good is because they wrote the whole first half from beginning to end in 13 episodes. Think it will help the writing in giving them 12 episodes to tell a story arc. Felt the same with OUAT this season. I watched the whole first season over a weekend online and loved the show. But it was so hard for me to really get into this season. I do think some of it is because just when it was getting interesting there would be a three week break. I think this might turn out better than some think.

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I think it would be a fantastic idea. Give us continuous story for weeks at a time... than a mid season cliff hanger to keep us pumped for the return and then bam, the resolution and then a new cliffhanger for the summer!

I would even be interested in a 13 part show for an entire season if it's told in 13 weeks and not sporadically shown here and there.

Plus tell a great story and people will watch.

DO it to daytime as a test run, as well.

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I'm a Canadian viewer of drama and science fiction shows, and I've gotten used to split seasons (eg. Warehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica, Lost Girl), in addition to many UK drama series which generally have seasons that run from 4-8 episodes in a season - very occasionally up to 13 eps a season. The seasons are shorter but the writing is very compact but not feeling rushed. There may be an over running arc, but sometimes not.

If some of the US shows like "Grey's Anatomy" do go ahead with split seasons, I hope their writing is strong and consistent.

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I just don't think I could get into a show that runs 4-8 episodes, it's too short for my taste. Love Downton Abby and hate it runs only a month I wish they would at least run it 13 weeks I could handle.

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I absolutely do not like this idea. Mainly because if there is a long hiatus, I do not remember where things left off. And I do enjoy my routines, like every Thursday is Scandal night, Wednesday's is Nashville night. I have lost interest in Glee due to all the disruptions due to American Idol. I have talked to many people feeling the same way as I do. Continuation is the key to success, otherwise people lose track of when the shows are back on again.