First Impressions: Kristen Alderson as General Hospital’s “KiKi” (PHOTOS)

One Life to Live star-turned-General Hospital transplant Kristen Alderson made her debut on GH as a new character this week. Her friends call her "Kiki", but we suspect [SPOILER ALERT] she's the much sought after Lauren Frank. What were your First Impressions of Alderson's new character?

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    Ok Im intriqued by Roger, Kristen & Michael’s new roles. HOWEVER, Sorry I dont buy one second that Michael didnt even think for a minute that Starr answered the door, no matter hair color. I mean its only been two months. That “who are you didn’t fly” Sorry. I mean hell Sam even thought ME was Stephen Clay, I mean come on & that page in scenes with RH was named Todd..

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    I am so disappointed she is back. I liked her on OLTL but have been really turned off by her character at GH.

    I imagine this ( lauren frank) being a dynamic character and would like to anticipate the triangle and story but I just don’t see any depth within the actress to meet the challenge. I just want Michael freed from her…Michael has so much potential and GH history …sorry to say Kristen is not match as an actress no matter what character she plays.

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    They can’t use any of the OLTL names or even mention them. Otherwise Sam would have been like you look like John McBain. That’s why Ron C had that inside joke of the guy calling for Todd with RH standing there.

    I thought she was horrible. First teens do not talk like that. I saw that because I talked like that as a teen and that was 15 years ago!! Pls update that way the kids/teens speak.

    I just don’t understand how this girl could come between these two boys.

  4. Profile photo of ghalltheway

    I am not a big fan of the actress. I find her a bit annoying and I am pretty sure that I will not like this character either. They should have just left her on One Life to Live. I am glad that we got the other two back because I like them but not her.

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    I have nothing nice to say. I just don’t understand why ABC & GH powers that be have such a hard on for these 3 actors. Don’t say it’s cause they have contracts with ABC because many an actor has had a contract with ABC & got fired. The ratings were good without these 3. Their introductions were so cliche. Look everybody I dyed my hair, I’m different. My eyes can’t stop rolling.

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    No. Just hell to the no to stripper Kiki.

    The first impression that I got from the character is that she’s very annoying and seems to be full of herself. Will give her a little bit more time but she’s on the best way to be FF worthy.

    And as much as Kristen Alderson seems to be a nice person and all but she’s acting like she’s trying to fill Lindsay Morgan’s shoes.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]No. Just hell to the no to stripper Kiki.

    The first impression that I got from the character is that she’s very annoying and seems to be full of herself. Will give her a little bit more time but she’s on the best way to be FF worthy.

    And as much as Kristen Alderson seems to be a nice person and all but she’s acting like she’s trying to fill Lindsay Morgan’s shoes.[/quote]

    No offense, but I’m not sure LM’s shoes need to be filled, at least not right now… 0:)

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    I like the hair color too.

    Otherwise – horrible. No need for this character, and sorry to say, no need for the actress, either.

    KiKi??? Really? Could you not think of a little more cartoonish name? How ridiculous!

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    I am more curious than anything where JBJ and all the other GH lovers are on this board lately, cuz this shiz is downright FF-worthy and getting worse by the day. The ONLY thing that stopped this from being a 10 min episode on my phone was constant internet /signal delays on my Samsung III!

    First we had whiny NuLu. Then a total nail in the coffin of Luke & Laura. THEN a new Ford brother comes to town. Then the return of the 3 OLTL actors they think we can’t live w/out. I hope they fix this shiz quick! The only silver lining is that MAYBE all this backlash could be the end of KA on GH…one can only hope! :tired:

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    i don’t really get all the hate about KA. i liked her on OLTL and loved her on GH as Starr. she and Michael were good together (better than he was with Abby – sorry). i like the hair but i am going to take a wait and see attitude and see how things play out. everyone was saying the same thing when the Llanview 3 were brought on and RC and FV managed to integrate them into the canvas and i think that they can pull it off again. i think that they wanted to keep the three of them because they have a built in fanbase and people will tune in to watch them. i think that it also speaks to the loyalty that they have to their cast that they did not just let them go when they clearly could have just cut them loose …

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    I may get to like KA in her new role. I liked Starr on OLTL when she played the bratty child, but when she got older they made the character so whimpy and annoying. I am thinking she is really Lauren and I like seeing her more as the feisty, bratty character again.

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    @ rlshel1015 — It’s even been rumored that JMB hated Starr being made co-owner of the Haunted Star. Hell, maybe that’s why she bolted!

    As for them being fully “integrated” into the cast before, that’s debatable. Having Starr be part time club singer, part time club owner, no college education, AND an avid chemistry fan, it was all a bit too much. Inserting her into long-awaited Laura/Lulu scenes was EXTREMELY insulting, to this long time Laura fan. The character of Starr is too saccharine sweet, too eager to please, and all played by an actress that is lackluster. I put up with her on OLTL, and in the right company, i could enjoy her. But honestly, she’s a VERY limited actress. And having Michael and Starr go down memory lane — during a sweeps month no less — was just nauseating. It ate up AN ENTIRE EPISODE during Feb sweeps. I don’t need poisoned relish to vomit LOL They didn’t even have any obstacles to overcome. It’s just absurd.

  13. Profile photo of lizluvr

    I like the new hair color.

    I agree that this is the way I imagined grown up Starr would turn out. I’m going to give KA a couple of more episodes and see how the sl plays out before I judge her. But the character didn’t bother me at all so for first impressions I’ll give her a C+.

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    She was barely likable as Starr … wish they would have let her go. I just don’t see how she is that important to the show. I would so much rather see Ellie … we haven’t seen her in a week now.

  15. Profile photo of samIShot

    Katherine Jerome?
    Thats better than kiki.
    Also, does this mean she isnt lauren frank?
    Finally sonny mentioned yhe jerome crime family too…

  16. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote]i don’t really get all the hate about KA.[/quote]

    Because she can’t act. I don’t know why they are so hell bent on putting this sh*tty actress on the screen. She’s beyond awful. She’s a step above Yvonne Zima.

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    Angie Lucy

    I know a couple of girls named KiKi, and neither of them are strippers. It is, however, a childhood nickname that only family members still call them. I can’t imagine either of them introducing themselves to people as “KiKi.”

  18. Profile photo of Orionsong

    It was painful to watch. Without her “Starr” history, she KA seems like a lightweight. Too bad they couldn’t have come up with a serious role for her.

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    Surprised no one has mentioned trying to integrate THREE TOTALLY NEW CHARACTERS to the canvas EVEN IF they are established actors!

    Not only do we have to watch the create dynamic energy for them with the likes of Carly, michael, and Sam, we gave to watch as we learn abt who there are! All the while other actor/characters linger in the background.

    For this JOHNNY was let go?

    Silas (a named ripped from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES from a vampire) hasn’t spoken to his brother in 10 yrs? Sure, we’ll buy that but the fact that PCPD caught a serial killer and a slew of cold cases should have been solved should have been national media attention ESPECIALLY since 2 jars of competing relish made it onto THE VIEW! Even if not national, Silas should have read abt his brother on the front page of the NY POST!! They live for that type if story. Lame reason not to know abt brother. (It’s him, the vampire).

    DIFFERENT Todd came to town. Tainted some relish. People throw up for an hour. His tie in to the Q’s better be good for seeing Mario batalil scream into camera with puck on his face!

    Starr is a STRIPPER name, as well, all! Just think how Starr would have answered the door if the character was named that: IT’S STARR WITH TWO “are”‘s! Get it right, ok”

    Kiki is just as bad especially since she added “my fiends call me”.

    And I agree, Kristin alderson is not a great/good actress. She’s middle of the road ok. I just lose interest with her. CARTOONY, should have just cut her lose from her contract.

  20. Profile photo of Yoryla

    pjc, Johnny (Brandon Barash) left on his own.

    However, I totally agree with everything you are saying. These characters are three new characters. And the amount of investment the TPTB expects from the audience is lunacy. Especially considering all the other new characters that are possibly on their way to PC.

  21. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I have always liked Roger H and Micheal E. so I am just happy to have them back on GH. I think both actors will pull off their new characters. I am willing to give KA a chance. She seems more feisty and bratty in her new role, which she was always good at playing, more then a herione, which Starr became as she got older. All three of them are so lucky, that Frank V. has such faith in them that he did whatever he could to keep them on GH. You don’t see a lot of that loyalty in the show business world!

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    I am at a loss to the need for the new John or the new Starr. These two characters are not at all interesting to me. Now Todd on the other hand is just perfect. No matter who he plays I will be following his character.

    The older Morgan has had a personality change. His actions scream brat and punk. Poor Carly has got a real heart break coming with this new Morgan. Michael and Sonny will be kept busy just dealing with his new attitude and lack of concern for anyone except himself.

  23. Profile photo of Cornfed

    My GH friend made a great comment yesterday re: KA — she’s merely able to come across as a day player, one who helps to establish the vibe for a scene. THAT is how she comes across, as merely competent. Not someone who — as stated here many times — has the dramatic chops to be in a romantic triangle! I will say that the more Morgan Ford yammers on, the more he does sound Italian. Let’s start a drinking game every time he mutters “bro” — UGH!

    I haven’t finished yesterday’s ep, more internet delays on commute last nite. I can’t say i’m all that curious to even finish it!

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    @Appleridge …I SOOO agree…lol…when Michael answered the door I reacted at seeing KiKi….was waiting for him to be surprised!!…to freak out…to do or say something in response to seeing who he should have thought was his (ex) Girlfriend!…and nothing. you said, not even a sense of recognition and an explanation of some kind. I thought I’d missed something for a moment.

    ..then I became a bit insulted as a General Hospital fan that the director would do that to us.

    I’m interested to see if the blondish guy who just paid LuLu for her boat is coming back as Todd Manning or someone totally new!….really, there are other very good actors out there if so!…the same with KiKi….what’s up with that?

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    They CAN’T have a reaction to these characters, because that would be acknowledging the existence of the OLTL characters. And that is something GH is not allowed to do. It was NOT a director’s choice, lol.

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