First Impressions: Michael Easton as General Hospital’s Silas Clay (PHOTOS)

It's One Life to Live's John McBain! Nope. It's Port Charles' sinister vampire Caleb Morley! No need for garlic. It's Stephen Clay! Not even close. Tanner Scofield from Days of Our Lives? The Well-Endowed Nude Model from Ally McBeal? As if.

What were your First Impressions of Michael Easton’s latest General Hospital character, Silas Clay?

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    I really liked him. He was way different than John McBain. Now maybe they won’t keep saying his full name all the time…

    I like it that he was a doctor. We need more doctors at GH.

    I am curious to see how it will all play out.

    Maybe he and Sam can hook up.

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    Ewwww! Never, ever have I understood the appeal of this guy. And if we get more of the vampire stuff because of him, I am going to be very unhappy.

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    I’ve never been a true “fan” of ME but I’ve never had a dislike of him either. I actually loved the McBain/Caleb vampire story and thought it was great use of history. Not sure where he’ll fit in here. It’s just too bad PP had to be so difficult.

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    I was actually hoping for Tanner Scofield! That would have been hilarious. Can’t use OLTL characters? Maybe Days of Our Lives will sign off on one.

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    I guess what I find disturbing is that they felt the need to pawn all three off on us on the same day but actually I was glad to see them back and the writing on the show has just been ingenious since the new guy took over so I think it will go good.

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    rabbit on the moon

    [quote=Sweet_Thing]It’s just too bad PP had to be so difficult.[/quote]

    I don’t think that’s fair. Let’s not forget ABC created this whole mess by cancelling the soaps in the first place.

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    I am glad to see ME back, but Silas? Couldn’t they come up with a better name? As far as the new look, I think it will smooth out over the coming weeks, I just think they need the camouflage to establish the new identity. God knows it would be a travesty to cover up all that sexy with goofy glasses and a ponytail.

    In any event I look forward to the story.

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    LOL! This is just ridiculous. Utterly so.

    I cannot still even fathom how the situation could develop into this point, that these actors actually had to come back as other characters. I still don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything this stupid. If this same thing thing had happened on any other soap, it would be unspeakable. Imagine if three Y&R or B&B actors just suddenly had to leave and come back as other characters! It would never ever fly. Nor should this.

    I just can’t get invested. And FYI: It’s not helping that you are pairing these new characters with their previous character’s counterparts! At least try to distinguish them by having them in totally different orbits. Furthermore, I honestly don’t think Sam would ever fall for a semi-nerd doctor like this. Not in a million years.

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    I think it’s funny that there were basically 4 people (now) in the soap world that look like ME. First we have Caleb then Steven Clay then John McBain, and now Steven Clay’s twin brother (not even mentioning Tanner from Days).

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    Umm, my friend is telling me that SILAS is the name of the dead vampire on Vampire Diaries??? I can’t think of any other reason they’d use such an annoying name….I’m a bit afraid again for this show. Please bring Jackie Zeman back along with Denise Alexander cuz i ain’t gonna sit thru all this crap w/no vets…

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    I already like ME in his new role. Micheal Easton is at his best when he plays dark characters. My favorites were always Father Micheal/ Caleb on PC. When he came on OLTL I liked John McBain but he did become too much ” the cop that saved the world” as someone said. I liked the McBain character better on GH, more saracastic, funnier. You can tell already there is more to the Silas character and I think ME and KM have chemistry between them so I’m glad their characters will somehow be involved. Again, ME is lucky, he gets to play yet another character, which is rare on soaps. How many actors have played the same role for years?!

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    ME looks well rested — his face looks the best i think i’ve seen in years…or maybe lost some weight, got some sleep, or the hair being pulled back or all 3. I think the show need more doctors, and i think he may work the best of the 3 returns, but NOT if this is a vampire story as i referenced earlier…

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    Here’s Silas- pitch:

    He is a very shy doctor, traumatized by having a crazy brother (so ME can compete with sonny for mumbling)

    He thinks Sam is really hot, but is too shy to declare his feelings.

    He becomes a baby sitter for Sam.

    Felix notices how shy he is and after making a move to see if he is gay but doesn’t know it yet, decides to settle for BFF, and help him with his love life.

    He does a makeover: Silas gets contacts and lets his hair down.

    Sam realizes how sexy he is without glasses.

    Wouldn’ that be original?

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    westvirginia – Bwahhhaaaaa! The Male Sabrina is born! :D

    You DO know RC is writing all that down…. ;)

    But seriously, it IS refreshing to see ME play a different role. He does have the chops to pull it off.

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    I’m probably in the minority, but so far I like ME’s new character & just glad he’s back on screen. And I wouldn’t mind seeing him chem-tested with some of the other GH actresses this go round either.

    Not a fan of what I’ve seen of Kiki so far. Kind of mouthy for my taste.

    FWIW, Waiting to see what’s planned for RHo’s new character. I hope he still has a good sense of humor. Todd was hilarious JMHO

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    I still don’t understand why nobody ever questioned why John McBain looked exactly like Caleb, Stephen and now Silas. Makes no sense. Were they triplets?

    One of the easiest ways to make a guy look diferent is with facial hair. For the 2 months that ME didn’t shoot they should have had him grow a beard and cut his hair a couple inches shorter. After a few months shave the beard and let his hair grow out. The scrunchie in the hair and the glasses just don’t cut it.

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    TV Gord

    I feel sorry for the soap fans who don’t follow the soap blathering online and are completely puzzled by these three showing up after a couple of months playing completely new characters.

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    TV Gord, my 70-year old mother watches with me every day. She is completely confused! No matter how many times I try to explain the situation, she just doesn’t get it. Now, I realize 70-year old women are not priority or concern of TPTB … but still.

    And it gets really confusing when Sam notices (as do the rest of us) that “Silas” looks just like Steven Clay. But nobody notices that “Kiki” looks just like Starr … and “mystery man” looks just like Todd.

    Thank God for the DVR … we stop and start constantly!!!

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    Sometimes you just have to suspend your belief in a rational world on the daytime soaps.

    While I am not impressed with Alderson’s acting ability, I am glad to have 4 new characters on the show to shake things up. Things have gotten a bit stale of late since the show had to bide its time and build stories ever so slowly. I for one find the depressing slow buildups to be lead in for disappointing stories. It must be difficult to write exciting, meaningful stories activated by dialog for so many characters, but geeeeeeeeez I can go days and days without watching and still get caught up quickly since nothing much happens outside of sweeps.

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    TVGord– that would be my mom lol she got injured at work and started watching GH right around the time Cartini took over and then once she was back to work she watched on/off, her reaction to this weeks episode have been hysterical, I tried to explain the whole Prospect Park/ABC fiasco and she thought it was stupid and said “they’re ruining the story”

    I can’t imagine how many other viewers feel this way, I’m almost scared to see the ratings, as much as I consider myself a faithful viewer this week has been atrocious and I’m no longer looking forward to the next episode like I was a few weeks ago.

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    I agree with the comment, that sometimes you have to suspend your belief in a rational world to soaps. It IS a soap and over the years they have done crazy , unbelievable things. I think today, people question more, but soaps always were suppose to be an escape from reality, so when I start thinking, this is crazy, I tell myself, it is just a soap.
    I think I am going to like Micheal E as Silas(don’t like the name though). He is acting very cold and heart-less. but I believe, there is so much more to the character, he is hiding “something”. The glasses and pulled back hair, give it time, I’m almost sure he will transfer back to the longish hair. Micheal E has always played the dark characters so well, (and I think he prefers playing characters like that from what I read). With his steel-blue eyes and mannerisms, I think he’ll be great in his new role. He and Roger H. always keep me entranced when they are on the screen.

  22. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I’m with GHTeenybopper on this one. A REALLY BAD week for GH when all is said and done, and with 3-4 new characters, a new Lulu who i’m not too fond of, no Luke and Laura in the distant future, an increasingly irritating Tony Geary, and i’m really straining to stay interested. I am curious about this so-called person from Lucy’s past, and to see Lesley Webber. They need to kick start this Ava Jerome, get her in Anna and Duke’s orbit, make Duke a bit more edgy and not so milquetoast, get Laura and Scotty moving. If i could see Bobbie return with Lucas, i’d could possibly put up with these annoying 4 new characters plus the kid set, if it were intertwined with the vets!

    And tho no one cares, we need to see Alexis’s reaction to Sean’s mobbish ways.

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    I’ve been a loyal fan of all the ABC soaps for at least 40 years since I first got hooked on them via watching with my Mom. Along with that,
    an avid Michael Easton fan since he first appeared on Port Charles,so I caught up with his previous soap appearances, films, and have read whatever he’s had published along w his other creative endeavors.He’s a multi-talented man.
    It’s obvious from Michael past work, that he likes to play dual roles whether it’s actual good/evil twins, or one person with a dual personality- so perhaps the character of Silas as the twin of Stephen Clay was his idea. Even though I love Michael, my first impression of the character is lukewarm. Perhaps it’s partially that I don’t care for the way the vampire story line of the soap Port Charles was handled by the GH team, making it appear that none of it happened and that Stephen Clay was not a new incarnation of Caleb Morley /father Michael dual personality, but merely a musician who snapped and started killing people who is now revealed to have a twin.
    All the characters who appeared in PC and came back for the GH 50th,(with the exception of Lucy Coe) didn’t remember what they went through or experienced on that soap absolutely negated the bulk of the PC.s history. I think that was a travesty. I hope the plot thickens and the reveal is that Lucy wasnt crazy and that Caleb/Stephen was/is a vampire. As for John Mcbain, perhaps just a normal ,look alike ,long lost
    cousin sans fangs and blood lust.

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