First Impressions: Roger Howarth as General Hospital’s Mysterious Relish Saboteur (PHOTOS)

Hide your condiments, citizens of Port Charles, New York! There's a new, blonde guy headed for town, who looks an awful lot like Todd Manning, only he is not a fan of pickle relish! What were your First Impressions of Roger Howarth’s new General Hospital character?

Check out more photos after the jump and tell us who you think Howarth's character is in the comments!

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    I am so curious who he is supposed to be. I am really enjoying him as an actor. I hope that we learn who he is soon.

    Him and Clay are the best that came back.

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    I hardly recognized him without the scar! Love the new way of dress and hair. My guess is he’s either the “real” Franco or some other Quartermaine. Maybe he is “Loren” Quatermaine?

  3. Profile photo of samIShot

    If he is Franco, the question is
    1. Did he have facial reconstruction after Jason killed him?
    2. Was James Franco not the real Franco?
    3. Was all of the bad that Franco did James and not Roger?

  4. Profile photo of Mandolin

    congrats to RH on his new role + new look – I hope he’s really happy… and he’ll get to play opposite Maura West so that’ll be all the more must see tv i hope… Todd who?

  5. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Personally I thought he looked ridiculous. I didn’t like the color of his hair, and the cut. If he is going to wear his hair that short, he needs to have his ears done. His longer hair hid his protruding ears. I personally hate skinny pants on men also…. AND this comes from a RH fan. I personally think RH is magical on the TV screen…I really don’t care for his new look however.

  6. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I kinda wish he’d turn out to be the disinherited Q, Jimmy Lee Holt (I think ?) which is why he’s targeting the relish. Maybe he’s now a powerful tycoon trying to take over ELQ. I can dream!

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    His hair reminds me of high school when I used to put this product called Sun-In in my hair. My beautician would just scream at me for it!

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I doubt that he’s Franco. Why would GH resurrect that character with a recast? And if Roger Howarth is nuFraco, how will they be able to keep him on contract. Franco would only work as a short-term role.

    Besides are all three roles supposed to be NEW roles created for the OLTL actors!?

    Anyway so far his appearance seems odd. I need some kind of an agenda before I can judge his character in any way.

  9. Profile photo of GH ED
    GH ED

    no surprise here he is FRANCO… note the shoes…. it will be interesting to see how you can pull this one off…. with all the crimes committed

    unless < and I doubt> he is Alexander Quartermaine, son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandra Quartermaine…. who both died in 1981 in the Ice Princess story line. And Besides he would not have any inheritance as he would be a nephew… and not an immediate heir….

    so let’s see how they pull this one off

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I can’t even wrap my head around all the Franco mentions everywhere. Why is anyone, let alone, this show uttering that name again? It might be the one name to top off even Courtney Matthews, in terms of names never ever to be mentioned again!

    What’s next? The resurrection of Lily Rivera??? LOL.

  11. Profile photo of days4ever

    I think he is the “real” Robert Frank and he hired “Franco” to pretend to be him to do all the bad things. I will have to agree that I don’t care for his hair like this and I am hoping they will let it grow back out again and fix the color. Michael Easton didn’t have to cut his hair.

  12. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=Yoryla]I can’t even wrap my head around all the Franco mentions everywhere. Why is anyone, let alone, this show uttering that name again? It might be the one name to top off even Courtney Matthews, in terms of names never ever to be mentioned again![/quote]

    I totally agree. Franco wasn’t a fan favorite or anything. Far from it! But now everyone seems to want him back with saying that Howarth is Franco. What’s the deal? I don’t even see the least bit evidence that he really is Franco.

  13. Profile photo of mfarris70

    I sincerely doubt that Mystery Man is Franco. I think any mentions or suggestions are just a big psych-out. I like the idea that he could be related to Jimmy Lee! There was a brief mention after Edward died that Jimmy Lee was “written off years ago.” Maybe Mystery Man is connected to Celia Quartermaine?

  14. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Whatever new character he plays, I somehow think Roger H will pull it off. I miss “Todd” but how great for Roger as an actor to get the chance to play another role on a soap. It doesn’t happen often.

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    That’s a very astute observation mfarris70 because Celia had something to do with taking the money from Pickle Lila and investing it into a medical supply company or something like that. I don’t think the money is in the relish, it’s in something that the relish money was invested into.

  16. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I am completely on-board with bringing back Jimmy Lee Holt. But Jimmy Lee would be about 60 years old … he was not that much younger than Alan and Monica. He was Edward’s son after all … not Alan’s.

    I’m hoping he is the son of Tony Cassadine and Alex Quartermaine.

  17. Profile photo of Jarred3648

    I think he is Franco. That way he is Kiki’s father. Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson still get to play father and daughter. Also, it means he and Ava Jerome (Maura West) have a history together which automatically connects them.

    The only thing with all of this is that that means Michael and Kiki are related as they are both Quatermaines…

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Love Roger!
    Those brooding eyes just suck me right in.He has presence.I don’t care who he is,but I have a feeling he’s linked to Ava Jerome.
    Actually,it doesn’t matter who he is,as I’m just delighted to see him again on GH. :-)

  19. Profile photo of engradypind

    I most sincerely hope he is not Franco in any way, shape or form. The character should never have been created in the first place. He was a huge mistake on every level. Disgusting, repugnant, piece of filth.

    I am hoping Howarth plays a Quartermaine-Cassadine hybrid who has it in for Tracy.

  20. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I hate everything Franco too. Just because James Franco was such a “Big movie star”. JFP made such a big deal about him coming on GH. The character was so horrible, (I can still see that clapping monkey),raping Sam, yuck, he was so gross!!! I hope Roger H isn’t Franco. I hope he’s somehow a Q or a Cassadine and I think he is involved with Ava. Roger and Maura W will be great together!

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    Coco Pearl

    Y’all are killing me. RH has been cast as Jimmy Lee Holt. He’s Edward’s son and staking his claim. I assumed you are were at least that smart.

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    Ding Ding Ding!!! We have a winner. Best course would be Jimmy Lee. (But he must’ve found a time machine and not aged.)
    I could not care less about Franco. Major Icky-Factor pervades my TV any time he is even mentioned let alone actually on the screen.

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