HBO Picks Up Gay Dramedy Starring Guiding Light’s Murray Bartlett!

HBO redefined how America looks at single women in New York with Sex and the City and Girls. Will it be able to do the same with Frisco gays? The cabler has announced the pick-up of an untiled, eight-episode dramedy about gay men in San Francisco.

 From filmmaker Michael Lannan (Interior. Leather Bar), the yet-to-be-titled serial will star Glee's Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez (Smash) and Guiding Light alum Murray Bartlett. Andrew Haigh (Gladiator), Brothers & SistersDavid Marshall Grant and Sarah Condon (Bored to Death) are serving as executive producers.


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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Sounds great in a way, but I hope they don’t stare too much on Sex and the City. I honestly don’t think a Sex and the city type of show would work as a gay version.

  2. Profile photo of dewlove

    Hi All….Um, wasn’t Sex and The City the gay version of Sex and the City?? :)

    And Jamey, I knew you’d use a picture from that GL scene for this article, but I thought for sure it would be this one instead….

  3. Profile photo of days4ever

    Not that is matters but I am pretty sure Murray Bartlett is gay. This some what confirms it. The show sounds great to me but we will wait to see.

  4. Profile photo of bishbay

    He’s a friend-of-a-friend. Extremely nice man. Very glad he’s getting some high-profile work. Fun that he’ll be playing gay, too–I don’t know that he’s ever done that before (though he’s been out for ages).

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