Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Temporarily Exits The Bold and the Beautiful

Say goodbye to The Bold and the Beautiful vixen Jacqueline MacInnes Wood — at least for the time being. A B&B spokesperson has confirmed the actress is taking a break from the role of Steffy Forrester Spencer.

"Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is taking a short break, as she has done in the past, from B&B," said the PR rep. "She remains as the character of “Steffy Forrester” and is continuing to tape, currently with episodes airing through July of 2013 and then beyond."


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    Thank god. Sghe has been reduced to a whiny characgter with no spunk left. I liked her as a scheming bitch, but this goody goody behaviour from recently is boring.

    And we are done with the triangle for a time.

  2. Profile photo of stoney07

    I like the actress. I think she’s grown into the role, and I honestly think she deserves that emmy nomination and possibly the win this year.

    As for her leaving,…I just don’t know. On one hand I’m kind of relieved that the triangle could possibly be gone for a while. But at the same time, I thought Steffy was the most interesting of the younger generation. Hope whines, cries, bitches, and moans entirely too much for me to like her. Liam is a loser. Dayzee’s never shown. Marcus…is just Marcus. Caroline is tolerable now with the bitch personality transplant…but now where will the drama come from? I guess Maya will have to carry the next generation on her back…and I’m willing to watch I suppose.

    But if MY TAYLOR leaves too….I’m done!! DAMNIT

  3. Profile photo of bishbay

    Are there rumors that HT is leaving, stoney? I would be surprised that she’d leave for any reason short of a personal crisis, because this is good steady work and BB adores her.

  4. Profile photo of stoney07

    No…there are no rumors. I was just saying…

    If she left, the entire show would be about the Logans…and I’m in the minority but I’m totally not a fan of any of them, though they seemingly come out on top every single time.

  5. Profile photo of pjc722

    Great… now it looks as though Liam will go back to Hope and PROFESS his undying love to her and then Steffy willl return and we will have it all over again.

    I like all the actors and hope that Jacqueline either does something utterly relaxing and refreshing or career boosting because she is a good actress with a great character BUT crappy story.


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    Everyone crying about the trio from hell and Michael Logan just posted & tweeted Hope is getting a new love interest in the form of Darin Brooks! Hot damn :bigsmile:

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    God…what a great news about Darin Brooks. I hope that Hope forgets all about Liam when he enters. The way he is being brought in seems interesting.
    There is no way in hell Brad Bell will bring back Ridge Forresters character with all this youth cast. If he is smart he only focusses on this young crowd and let Eric and Brooke settle as a couple.

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I’m always funnied out by the Logan vs. Forrester fan battles. I remember when B&B was a show about a BIG family, and Brooke, Taylor, etc. were all a part of it. It’s also funny because I like Taylor over Brooke AND Hope and Rick over Steffy & Thomas. I did a poll on this on another site and nobody had the similar preference that I did. Lol.

  9. Profile photo of EZBaby

    If JMW is leaving “temporarily” then why are her B&B co-stars tweeting how much they will miss her and how she’s leaving and wishing her best of luck? Which one is it? I personally don’t blame her if she does go.She’s a great actress and was carrying the show in the triangle for a while.

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    [quote=stoney07]I like the actress. I think she’s grown into the role, and I honestly think she deserves that emmy nomination and possibly the win this year. [/quote]

    I also believe JMW deserves the Emmy this year and hope she wins, I’m a fan of this actress since the Bill/Steffy days on the show.

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    Let’s hope that with Darin Brooks, Bill Bell has a few stories in store for him because we all know how Bill loves to bring characters on with HUGE fan fare and then all of a sudden he changes his mind and forgets all about them!

    Sure, Hope and Thomas are step siblings but I like their energy together and wish throughout the triangle we were getting more of that so we could see a different side to the FORRESTER/LOGAN war.

    But what about Oliver?! Sure, the character is jetting off to Genoa City for a BIG TIME HAUTE COUTURE fashion shoot for JCPenney’s but wasn’t he brought back in to be a romantic lead for Hope?! Great… Fanfare to fizzle.

    OOOOOOOOOOO… unless because Thomas … flithy rich… is living on the beach with Oliver… dirt poor artist/fashion photographer… that they will be, ummmm, exploring opportunities there?!!! lol

    I know… Bill Bell ain’t that smart to hire actors to do more than be a shoulder for Steffy or Hope to lean on.

    A boy could hope. (and yes, I know the actors are STR8 in real life but that isn’t going to stop anyone from doing their job if that’s the direction)

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    There is several boards floating with rumours about HT leaving the show.

    However, I looked at her Twitter page, and that looks pretty odd. It looks like she’s been hacked.

  13. Profile photo of harlee490

    Gosh, I would very surprised if she did and if it did get hacked as many others have done is a shame. It would be godsend if she did and JFP is offering something very special to come back to YR…just wishful thinking I know…but this could open the door up for $Bill\Brooke as a couple ;)

    Katie leaves and takes Will and in a few years Will comes home as teen..in typical soap fashion. :O

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    This is not on her twitter, this is on her forum page where you have to be a member to access it. HunterTylo.com and on her facebook.

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    :(( I’m so sorry for Jacqueline to be leaving B&B but,just hope it is temporary. Jacqueline is a wonderful actress and the show will not be the same without her.

  16. Profile photo of Mandolin

    JMW has so improved since her start …. she’s quite the actress now so she really should get out and spread her wings a bit. Her winning an emmy this year is a definite possibility . Congrats … Go Canada!

  17. Profile photo of booze26

    I think JMW really improved a lot. Brad gives these younger people a change to shine. He did that whit JF as Bridget, AF as Amber, KM as Hope, and JMW as Steffy. They all improved so much after they came on.

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