SHOCKER: Hunter Tylo OUT at The Bold and the Beautiful?

Is a doctor checking out at The Bold and the BeautifulHunter Tylo (Taylor) posted a message on her website this morning stating she was off contract with the CBS sudser. Tylo also commented on TV daughter Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's (Steffy) status with B&B.

I am getting bombarded with questions to quell rumors, and here, in my Forum I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts. I have been very successful outside of B&B and I have no doubt she will too – and moreso, because she is free and single to travel all over
the world.

For me, contract talks ended 4 weeks ago. I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and persuing my skin care line. My friends and B&B fans will be sorely missed. But dont worry! I'll keep you posted of my every new adventure!

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    All the “Brooke” fans are eating this up. But the fact still remains, that Taylor has just as big a fan base (outside of this site) as Brooke does. So it could quite possibly be the same effect of Brooke/Hope leaving at once.

    ANd I know the Brooke fans will chime in and say that Taylor left once before and the show went on…but lets look at the facts.

    When Taylor left in 2002, B&B was a DIFFERENT show. You had Thorne as a prominent character. Ridge wasn’t a COMPLETE joke yet. They brought back Macy. The character of Nick joined…Jackie joined…Massimo came. We still had Sally. We still had Bridget, Deacon, Amber, etc…the show had A LOT going for it, even after Taylor left. The show was balanced…and Stephanie was still around.

    Now, 11 years later, Stephanie’s gone, Ridge is gone, Nick’s gone, Jackie’s gone, Amber’s gone, Deacon’s gone, Thorne’s basically gone…and now there’s no one to counter Brooke Logan. The only ones left on the show would be those who kiss her and her hopeless daughter’s asses. That gets boring. Now I’m no Logan-hater. I can tolerate them…but there has to be some kind of balance. They do RIDICULOUS things, and to have the rest of the characters make excuses for them and see it get swept under the rug is ridiculous. But that’s exactly what will happen now that Stephanie, Steffy, AND Taylor are gone. That’s one HUGE fanbase leaving…

    So from a technical standpoint, even if you don’t like Taylor or her portrayer, this is bad news.

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    UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HORRIBLE NEWS!!! The show needs Taylor! Hunter Tylo has been rocking it the past six months. Her departure is bad timing. I hate to hear this. She’s always been my favorite character on this show. Sad to see her go but I take comfort that she has left before and returned. Sad day for B&B fans.

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    As Stoney said, they need someone to put Brooke in check the way Stephanie did for so long and Taylor, especially since her ascension to the role of Eric’s concubine, was perfect for that because of her long history with Brooke. They’ll obviously have to bring someone else back on, but I can’t think of who. Jacqui? She and Brooke weren’t enemies and there’s no obvious way to pit them against each other. (No idea about LAD’s availability, for that matter.) Could they promote Caroline’s mother and her wife to regulars?

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    If the writers were interested in the Forresters, Felicia would be perfect to come back and bring that balance. Bring her back, and her son…instead of hiring random popular actors from other shows that aren’t connected. I mean, I’m all for new blood on this show, but now its getting crazy…all the vets are just about gone…Eric and Brooke are the only ones left…

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    This is the final nail in the coffin for B&B, Hunter/Taylor was one of only a handful of actors/characters I like these days. The show has been on a downward spiral for over 2 years now and with Ridge, Stephanie, Nick, Jackie and now Taylor gone it just isn’t worth watching anymore. What is Brad thinking? He should be fighting to hold on to Hunter! Brad Bell needs to be FIRED and a new competent EP needs to be put in place, this show will be cancelled in the not too distant future, and when it does it will be so bad that nobody will care.

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    Danny Ricci

    I’m beginning to think we need to start a petition to fire Brad Bell. He is completely making this show unwatchable. It doesn’t really matter to me or anyone else that he’s one of the longest tenured powers-that-be in daytime. When you start to make the viewers mad, it’s time for you to go. Jackie, Owen, Steffy, Taylor, Ridge, and Stephanie all leaving and the focus on the incessant triangle between Hope & Liam are just too much.

    That being said, DON’T STOP WATCHING. If we all were to stop watching en masse, there’d be no show to fix because CBS would cancel it. So watch, but we still need to do everything we can to get rid of Brad Bell.

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    *Ugly cry* I don’t care I’ve been Team Taylor through thick and thin, I don’t want B&B without her again. I don’t hate the Logan family but I need somebody on the show besides them.

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    Aside from whether I like the actress or not, I’ve wondered for years why BB needs this character. She has no life of her own. She has no story. She provides conflict for others. I won’t miss Taylor. Also, Brad Bell and his family own BB outright. He isn’t going to get fired as long as its ratings are high. He can do with the story whatever he wants. Losing characters, either purposely or not, will give shine to backburner characters and new characters. I’m excited for where the show is going.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @stoney07: Y&R went through a transition period in the early 80’s. B&B needs that transition too. At this point they have played out everything they can with some of the vets 20 times over. IT is time for B&B to get back into fashion, but also springboard into the next generation.

    On the other hand Hunter Tylo could not act worth a damn. So I won’t miss her.

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    I agree…and I know about that transition with Y&R….but the difference is Bill Bell was writing that show. LOL

    Brad Bell is not capable, in my opinion, of writing a well balanced show. I personally think that there was still PLENTY of storyline potential for Taylor, Ridge, Brooke, Jackie, Nick, Owen, Deacon, Bridget, Amber, Felicia, hell even Kristen. The problem to me was, Brad Bell only really is interested in writing one type of show now…and that’s a show about two beautiful women running after some lame guy. We have it with Hope/Liam/Steffy, we have it with Caroline/Rick/Maya, and we technically have it with Brooke/Bill/Katie. That’s all he knows how to write. So all the new characters in the world won’t make up for the fact that this man is burned out in my opinion.

    Now I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the show as of late…but at the end of the day, I think he is allowing his personal fantasies to play out a little TOO much on screen, and that makes for a very unbalanced show.

    And don’t you talk about my Taylor Hayes ;)

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    [quote=stoney07]If the writers were interested in the Forresters, Felicia would be perfect to come back and bring that balance. Bring her back, and her son…instead of hiring random popular actors from other shows that aren’t connected. I mean, I’m all for new blood on this show, but now its getting crazy…all the vets are just about gone…Eric and Brooke are the only ones left…[/quote]

    Great idea! …. I’m all for it because the show really needs better actors and more balance (where are all the real Forresters?? i.e. those with Stephanie + Eric DNA)
    Less plasticity and hair models please.

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @stoney07: Well he would have to go back to writing a more serious soap. As I have said and will continue to say (and be proven right) is that whether is GH or B&B soaps cannot sustain themselves on camp!

    I have been watching Coronation Street and EastEnders religiously now and they don’t cast models. They cast actors, based on their talents not their looks. The British soaps have a mixed cast of real looking people from young to old. And for the most part their stories are grounded more in reality.

    See I have been on this kick about going back to the basics of daytime. As soaps had gotten into the excesses of the 80’s and 90’s.

    If we go back to telling a basic soap opera about the interconnected lives of the characters then we have something.

    With B&B I’m going to repeat something I said a week or two ago:

    B&B can tell more than one story in the same episode because Port Charles, Loving/The City and Generations were the same length of time in their day and they manage to tell 3 different storylines in one episode and throughout the week. So we were not forced to watch just one. See here:

    So maybe it is time for Brad to leave or install someone who can write a show about fashion and spin the drama out of it. Get it back to its roots. Tap into its roots.

    All you have to do is read the fashion mags and visit the websites like WWD for all the industry news. There one can mine for story.

    This is one of problems I have with Brad Bell and Ron Carlivati. They forget the rule of looking in the newspapers (news sites today) for the stories fans will want to see. Neither knows the rules of “How Not To Wreck A Soap” nor did the pass the class of Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell’s school of soap writing. And so it is a hit or miss with them.

    Hit or miss.

    So they need to go back to the fundamentals of daytime.

    And just because Ron C. or Brad Bell break the rules and sometimes it works does not mean that is okay. Because just because someone steals and does not get caught does not mean that it will never happen.

    So if we want these soaps to be the best they can be. I’m realizing we’re going to have really put it out there.

    Get rid of the sweets and the soda…And let’s get healthy together to live a long life.

    But ya’ll don’t wanna hear me now!

    Agnes take the script!

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    Stoney just said this another thread, that what if HT leaves, nothing to watch for anymore. And there it is!

    This really doesn’t come as any surprise, I’m much more wondering why she has sticked around this long. It is beyond clear how much Brad Bell loves his Brookie, and it shows on the show. She gets to be everything: the forever young, sexy vixen AND the all-moral compass at the same time, with every one of her sins whitewashed. Whereas the character of Taylor has slowly been destroyed bit by bit, ever since she came back in 2005. The actions this once so intelligent and sensous woman, took after she returned was totally out of character. Sleeping with Brooke’s son? Pleeze!

    And now the Victor & Sharon -esque pairing with Eric, which is not only inapproriate and gross, but yet again something Taylor would never ever do. Just another attempt to make her look to be on the same level as Brooke. Not going to work, ever.

    So Good for Hunter! She deserves better than this so-called mess of a show.

  14. Profile photo of stoney07

    Exactly Yoryla!! (we’ve been agreeing a lot more recently..hmm)

    But I totally agree!! The writing for Taylor has been systematic ever since her return. She slept with Brooke’s father, she slept with Brooke’s son, she slept with Ridge while he was doped up, she gave birth to a baby that was from Brooke’s egg…she had a hand in killing Darla….Brad Bell has tried everything in the world to make it seem as though Brooke and Taylor were both the same. And it may have worked if it wasn’t sooo freakin obvious.

    But then he turns around and has Brooke bang her daughter’s boyfriend against the wall, and now become pregnant by her sister’s husband, and somehow she’ll become the victim in all this.

    I guess that’s why I’m not an actor. I don’t think I could be Hunter Tylo and actually act those scenes where EVERYONE is chastising ME for stating the obvious about Brooke and Bill. Sure, its a paycheck, but its infuriating to watch, much less act. Personally, I’m glad she’s gone.

    And to me, Hunter Tylo is hit or miss in the acting department. If it’s meaty material, she does it and she does it WELL. If it’s something RIDICULOUS, then she phones it in and phones it in WELL. LOL. She phoned it in for the better part of the last 4 years until she was given a few scenes where she could actually make sense of the part. I’m glad she’s leaving. I wish she could go to Y&R and hook up with Jack. But that probably won’t happen (Plus I like PHACK)…but the best part of all this is I can give up on this show once and for all…

  15. Profile photo of Yoryla

    The fact is utterly that Brad Bell can NOT write a soap. Period. He is no William J. Bell. Nobody is, but he doesn’t even come close.

    And concerning stoney’s referral to how good the show was the first time Hunter left in 2002, it’s totally true. Not only is it true, but I also feel that not only did the show become worse in time, Hunter being fired was the thing that STARTED the slow decline of B&B into the abyss. Because after that the whole dynamic and premise of the show changes. Up until then, Taylor was always the “good woman” and the right woman for Ridge. And Brooke was the slutty interloper who would always lose in the end. At least where Ridge’s love was concerned. But after Taylor died, Brooke had free reign. And not only that, but then they brought in Ridge’s brother Nick to fall in love with Brooke TOO. So, suddenly Brooke was some sort of pursued heroine, and Bridget was the one who was sacrificed. I actually loved Ridge and Bridget together, and Bridget and Nick were okay, too.

    And when Taylor eventually came back in 2005, it was too late. The show had already been ruined, and she had the underdog part from that day on.

    Frankly, I don’t want Nick and Jackie back. They arrived just in time when B&B was going to the wolves. They remind me of the non-golden years of B&B, and I don’t want those kinds of reminders. Secondly, you all know that if Nick comes back, it will be because of Brooke, yet again.

  16. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon


    I know she’s not the best actress in daytime. Neither are Susan Lucci and Deidre Hall. But I love them and I love her.

    They need to work something out.

    I’ve said this before. The men of daytime are pretty much interchangeable. One hot guy is pretty much the same as any other hot guy. One good actor can pretty much replace another good actor.

    It’s the WOMEN that make a show. Taylor is integral to B&B.

  17. Profile photo of soapfan5021

    The character of Taylor has been ruined since she was killed off in 2002 and brought back alive in 2005. With Ridge gone, she doesn’t really have a storyline

  18. Profile photo of stoney07

    She doesn’t have a storyline because Brad Bell refuses to write a storyline for her outside of obsessing about Brooke. THAT’S what she’s been reduced to.

    B&B’s problem is…none of these people have lives. If there is a triangle going on, that is the ONLY thing going on with the show. Back in the day, with the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, there were other things going on in THEIR lives too. They still worked. Taylor still had patients to see…she was hypnotized to be 16 years old again, remember that? teehee…as quirky as some of the stories were…every single episode wasn’t about Ridge waffling between Brooke and Taylor, and the rest of the town talking about it. There were other interesting characters pulling their own weight with the show. We had Sheila, James, Lauren, Maggie, Sally, Macy, Thorne, later on Rick, Becky, CJ, Amber, Deacon, etc…

    If the “Taylor doesn’t have a storyline” is an excuse, then the rest of the cast can be fired as well. Because neither does Marcus, Dayzee, Thorne, Carter, Eric, Pam, Donna, etc…

    The purpose of the writer is to CREATE a storyline. How can a competent writer NOT think of a story for a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist who had a hand in the death of woman, whose husband she ended up falling for? OR a psychiatrist with a drinking problem? What happened to Zach Hamilton? there are endless possibilities with Taylor, Steffy, even Ridge. But Brad Bell is obsessed with Brooke Logan and her sisters. And he doesn’t want to wake up from his wet dream.

    But I’ve got a feeling fan backlash will be his “cold shower”

  19. Profile photo of booze26

    YES YES YES!!!!

    Thank god!!!

    The woman cant even act decent. We will never see her again, or maybe on a tell sell program. Good riddance.

  20. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    Poor Brad Bell. I’m sure he offered Hunter Tylo a chance to stay, but she erroneously believes it’s 1993 when she was young and gorgeous and Aaron Spelling had 7 shows from which to work on.

  21. Profile photo of noway

    Outside of Stephanie’s death, and Brill the last year and a half has been all triangle all the time.

    It doesn’t matter who is on, they incessantly talk about Liam/Hope/Steffy

  22. Profile photo of booze26

    I think the next headline ion this site is: SHOCKER: BRAD BELL IS BEING SUED BY HUNTER TYLO

    The woman is obvious crazy if she actually thinks that any other show offers her work for her head spinning, arm waving, belly rubbing performance.

  23. Profile photo of stoney07

    Hunter Tylo has every right to seek opportunity. I mean nowhere does it say she QUIT the show. She said negotiations ended…that could mean A LOT of things…

    And besides, Tylo’s arm swinging and head spinning has gained her a large fan base. Not defending her, just tellin’ it like it is.

    I’m personally not a fan of say…Steve Burton (nothing against the guy) but his acting to me isn’t my cup of tea. But he has a BUTTLOAD of fans… and just because I don’t find him convincing doesn’t mean other people can’t.

  24. Profile photo of sanka9

    Yes! They need someone to put Brooke in check but Taylor ain’t that person. I’m glad that I will be spared from watching that motionless face

  25. Profile photo of tashikins

    Now I am done. It will be even more the Brooke Logan show and its spin-off, the Hopless Logan tragicomedy. I love Taylor but Brad Bell cannot write a soap to save his deluded Brooke obsessed life. Brooke–the sex kitten that men of all generations love; Brooke–the sister that raised her siblings(then f–ked their mates but who will be forgiven because “her heart was in the right place”); Brooke Logan–Stephanie Forester’s best friend in whose arms Stephanie wanted needed and thus had to die (most foolish of all); Brooke Logan– best corporate woman in LA; Brooke Logan–the woman whose egg Taylor thought was hers (step aside TAY TAY even your child is mine!). Hunter should leave, her character is constantly demeaned and her history rewritten so that Brooke could win. I AM DONE WITH THIS STUPID SOAP!

  26. Profile photo of green rider
    green rider

    Good riddance to the character! The way that it has been written, especially the last year, is terrible. Taylor is a shrink who needs a shrink in the worst way!! And no one on the show appears to notice it.

    She thought it was quite all right for her daughter to run after Liam when he was with Hope. Taylor actually encouraged her! Her son has been turned into a ‘Mommy’s boy’.

    She had no business butting her nose into the Forrester’s business but she did – assume that is because she is such a lousy shrink that she has no clients so she has all the free time to be a butt-insky! Suddenly she was a fashion & business expert.

    And hooking her & Eric up so soon is pure stupid.

    Take her character & lose it forever PLEASE!! Then I won’t have to fast forward through every scene she is in.

    And I’m also not sorry that they are taking a rest with the Steffy character.

    It would be great if they would actually use Thorn & bring back some of the other Forresters.

  27. Profile photo of Yoryla

    The audacity of some people talking about Hunter Tylo is appalling. Shame on you. Especially you, booze26. What kind of a soap fan are you? You have zero respect for veterans or legacies. If you want to watch contemporary teens, you should really stick to Jersey Shore.

    SHE is not only a legendary character on the show, she is one of the very few veteran characters left on this God forsaken show. And perhaps she isn’t an Emmy Award winning actress, but be realistic, WHO on B&B is? Aside from Susan Flannery, that has never been B&B’s M.O.

    How on earth can anyone think this could be BETTER for this show? There’s nobody left! And if the past is any indication, Bell will NOT have Thorne, Felicia, Bridget, etc. back, but hire a sleuth of newbie hairmodels to “fill” the enormous void these people leaving will cause.

  28. Profile photo of Mets82

    I’m shocked she’s gone!! She’s a major player on the show. I wish her well and I will say this. People are talking about who could stand up to Brooke Logan? I have a couple of ideas: Bridget, Caroline, Eric and even Hope.

    I could see Caroline being jealous of Rick and Maya and take it out on The Forresters.

    Bridget would be good. Remember when she found out Brooke slept with Deacon? Thats a good storyline. Maybe Bridget could be mad at Brooke for sleeping with Bill, when Brooke did the samething to her, sleeping with Deacon.

    Eric could be fed up with Brooke about Taylor or something else and have a vendetta against her.

    Hope literally writes itself. See Bridget. Hope falls for somebody and Brooke sleeps with him.

    Also how about the epic showdown between Katie and Brooke when Katie finds out Brooke is pregnant with Bill’s child? That should be good.

  29. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ Yoryla: Hunter Tylo may be popular, but she is not a legend. Not on B&B. You are stretching the truth there. Susan Flannery and Darlene Conley are legendary. Katherine Kelly Lang is a legend in the making. Jeanne Cooper and Susan Lucci are also legends in this industrry. You gotta earn that place. Hunter Tylo has not earned a seat at the Legends Ball.

  30. Profile photo of stoney07

    Legendary or not…Taylor is a VET. And as much as we talk about vets on this site…it’s amazing to me how some people come in rejoicing that ANOTHER vet has left.

    Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery, Hunter Tylo, Jacqui Woods, Jack Wagner, Lesley Ann Downe, Brandon Beemer, Adrienne Frantz…all in a years time?? And no one sees a problem here?

    Hunter Tylo aside, Brad Bell is fixated on writing for three or four characters. so he really should fire the others. And what gets me is, out of those three of four characters, only ONE of them has been on the shower for longer than 5 years. Hope is new…Liam is new….Bill is new…and Brooke’s story has been told several times before.

    The show needs a new writer. It will never happen, but that’s what B&B needs because for some reason, Brad Bell has it in his head that Brooke is the heroine of the show and she’s NOT. If you are going to mature a character and redeem her, then STOP making her go back to the same crap every sweeps period! That’s what annoys me most about this show. We allll know how Brooke is as a character. And for some fans, its cute to be on her side and defend her, but on the show, it’s completely UNBELIEVABLE that everyone in that town runs to her defense. She’s done the most reprehensible things in the past 25 years, yet Taylor and Stephanie were the only 2 to take her to task for it. And then Bell’s obsession got so bad that he had to even make Stephanie turn around and kiss Brooke’s ass.

    NOW, the only two characters we have left that can see things from the point of view of the other half of B&B fans, have left. I’m not speculating as to why…I don’t even care at this point. But am I the only one that sees something wrong with that? The show is completely unbalanced already, but this will make it unbearable. If you’re not a Brooke fan, then this isn’t the show for you. And don’t give me that “Brooke was always the focus of the show” because I’ve been watching this show my entire life and I can never recall a time where the entire show revolved around ONE character, whether that be Brooke, Taylor, Stephanie, or Ridge. But to me, this show isn’t interesting because we have Brooke the slut trying to be the heroine, though she keeps slutting around. And we have immature Hope whining, while the entire cast has to prop her and talk about how great she is at everything she does -_-

    I’m over it.

  31. Profile photo of Yoryla

    david: Sorry, no I’m not.

    I was talking about the character of Taylor, on B&B standards. Taylor IS a legendary B&B character. I was not talking about the actress.

  32. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I always liked Taylor but I saw early on she was just going to be in that insipid triangle that long reached its expiration date and she would be the designated loser because Logans always win…wonder what poor Brooke will do now?

    Oh I know get pregnant by her sister’s husband and have yet another excuse written for her of why they banged, maybe she stumbled and accidentally fell on his pecker

    Yep IA dumb Eric who has been written a fool (as always along with the rest of the crew) will defend and make excuses her to his dying breath

    and of course Katey will again have a medical issue and reunite w/Bill over her illness…

  33. Profile photo of pferrando

    First of all, NO to being cast on Y and R. The show is still overloaded with characters (both vets and newbies) that we rarely see.

    I just started rewatching B and B in March, and I enjoy the Taylor/Brooke feud.

    It’s working for this latest story.

    It’s too bad though, from what I’m reading that Brad doesn’t seem to be able to sustain writing for his characters. Sounds like a recent Bell writer on Y and R.

  34. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Brandon21224: I’d quit my day job at the drop of the hat to have full reigns at B&B or Y&R. Heck even Days! Better yet give me my own.

    But I would tell you what. I would cut any actor who could not act out of the show. I would warn fans that we are building a solid cast of actors! And for my own I’d make sure they sent me no models and I don’t want a bunch a light skinned people either, because we ain’t all light.

    My rule is if can’t do Shakespeare you don’t need to be on a soap.

    But I will tell you what. For those who say daytime is a training ground. Well I’m sure you don’t want a trainer cooking your food at a restaurant or trying save your life at the hospital. You want a season pro.

    If the genre is to be taken seriously then it has be treated seriously. And right now it is generally not.

  35. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    The trend in recent years has been to shed veterans that the soap fans know and love, despite their acting shortcomings, and replace them with one or two big-busted bimbos that look like they should be on the Dallas cheerleading squad and steroided himbos that belong in Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs.

    How does that help the genre?

  36. Profile photo of pjc722

    I guess the LOGANS do win all the time!

    Sad, really, because it would have been fun to see Taylor go to the vixen side of things and marry Eric, get a foothold in Forrester and do battle with Brooke.

    I wonder what this means for anyone over 30 on the show?

  37. Profile photo of booze26

    My god…you people all scream for a new writer, but lets face it, without the vets, the ratings seem to go up. Ronn Moss exiting the show was a refreshment for the show and the soap industry in total. Even SF who left her iconic role doesnt seem to be miss if you look at the numbers. Brad Bell writes the most watched soap in the world, and you all seem to know how to do it better, well I guess you should all think again before speak out this way.

    Now we have a Hunter Tylo leaving, a woman with no acting talents whatsoever. She didnt delivered a decent story after the Darla gate. She doesnt seem to have any chemistry with her lead men. Thorne was boring, Eric was boring, Whip was boring (maybe he was the best) Rick was a mess, Nick was boring, Ridge was boring. The only one I really liked her with was Stephen Logan, and Brad didnt developed it because PD only wanted a short term role.

    Nothing works for this character, and that has nothing to do with the writing, but everything to do with the fact that the woman has lost hetr spunk a long long time ago. This will not influence the ratings, it will not influence the story telling and there is no iconic character gone. Eric and Brooke are still there, I think that would be too much to let them go, but this cgharacter is replaceable in a heart beat.

  38. Profile photo of booze26

    You seem to know it all, dont you. But really, you want tio have Thorne and Fleicia back, fro whaT? The Borrester children are out, a long time ago, and not without reason.

    Lesli Kay is overrated. She was great on ATWT, but she was decent at best, at B&B. The only time she was inetresting was on her death bed, and Brad made the stupid mistake to rewrite it and let her stay alive for some strange reason. Only to bring in Mario Lopez, that dude didnt take too long to get shipped off again, because it didnt worked. And no relationship ever did work for LK.

    WH as Thorne, is no lead material. He maybe was when he came on, and Brad used him in full gear, pairing him up with Macy and Brooke. It was great. He even had chemistry with the teen Kimberly, but the storyline got dropped because of a problem with the actress and she got fired.(too bad)
    When they paired him up with Drala, it was nice, but after that it was just over. They destroyed his charcater by pairing him up with Taylor, it was a snoozefest and it was one of the most boring pairings ever in B&B history.
    I will say, in defence, I like him as an actor. He is good, and he had great chemistry with KKL and JG as Donna. But I think the ship has sailed.

  39. Profile photo of Yoryla


    Why thank you for the compliment. I do know it all, don’t I :)

    Thorne and Felicia were prime examples of what could and should be done. There are a number of people they could and should bring back, Thorne and Felicia are examples of them. They could bring in Kristen, Tony, Zende, Ali, Dino, RJ, Amber, Bridget, RJ, Jack, the Marones.

    Instead, all the people arriving now are new characters. Maya, Carter, Jesse, Wyatt. People don’t know them and have no real investment. That’s one problem with example in the Maya/Rick/Caroline story – both girls are way too new.

    It’s the same problem many soaps might face. But at least on Y&R or GH, the vets are still THERE. On B&B, there aren’t soon any vets left. So, it will ONLY be these new people. And no, Brooke and Eric are not enough. Brooke is not a matriarch, and she’s too old to be the town slut.

    Btw – you lost all credibility the day you diminished and insulted Jeanne Cooper and her fans, on the very day it was announced she had passed.

  40. Profile photo of booze26


    I never insulted JC. I have no rooting value for her character, and I think YR doesnt need her in storyline wise, but I never disrespected the woman herself. I could care less about the fans, they often dont know the difference between an actor and a character, and when you attack a character they think the same like you do right now, that youre happy the portrayer is dead, but Iam not. I am just not going to miss her character on this show. Thats a completely different thing. You seem to be one of these fans that dont know the difference between real life and fiction.

    Well, I didnt like it when the marones where send off. There was a lot of story for Owen, Bridget and Jackie, but when you look to the direction Brad Bell is taking this soap, you could come to the conclusion that the Marones where kind of isolated from the rest and therefore useless. Besides we had 20 years of competition between Spectra-Jackie and FC. Every story you could tell about the excitement of tow fashionhouses has been done already.

    New blood is what this show need. With all due respect, but the Borrester children are not going to bring story. Felicia, Kristen, Thorne are all boring, nopt only the characters but also the actors.

    Going back in time isnt always good. The spectra clan, that time has sailed. Yes, I would love to see how Clarke is doing right now, but you know, there is a new generation that needs to be adressed here, and that generation doesnt see Clarke or Thorne as the hunks that they used to be.

    I do think there is enough with Eric and Brooke, whether Brooke is a ho or a so called matriach, I could care less, we need the character of Brooke to show us the continuity that you seem to crave for yourself. Eric is an old fool ofcourse, but he is a likeable character, and while he was a lot more patriach in the first three years (1987/1990), he still fits the part very well.

  41. Profile photo of Yoryla


    For what it’s worth, I was never really a big fan of the Nick and Jackie as precise characters. I liked the Marone family as a unit, but it all tied to Ridge and Massimo being around. After Massimo was gone and the unit dissolved they made Jackie into a laughing stock with her trying to be portrayed as “the new Sally”. I did not like that direction, and thus was not unhappy nor surprised when they left. However, if they were to come back and used as serious characters in serious storylines, then yew, I could be all for it. And I do think that the time of the Spectra clan is over.

    I do not think they need to “go back in time”, per se. But what they DO need to do is to take a real good look at the history of the show, to see which storylines worked and why. There is a reason why William J. Bell’s stories worked, and Bradley’s don’t.

  42. Profile photo of booze26


    The show isnt about Brooke right now. Yes she has a storyline iof her own, but thats the first in two years. I dont thinka anybody says that the show was always about Brooke, but lets face it, Bill Bell and Brad Bell always wrote story for Brooke and Stephanie. During the entire run it was always Stephanie and Brooke who stood out.

    The problem with 2011/2012 was not the character of Brooke, it was the overkill of Liam/Steffy/Hope.

    In the early years there was more diversity, especially 1989-1996, but that time all the current soaps where better. Times has changed, teh storytelling is faster then ever, dialogue is shorter, and the real cliffhangers are gone. But we have to live with it, nothing is going to chance because televison has changed.

    I started to watch the first 30 episodes of B+B online, I have just finished episode 30. You can notice subtle storytelling, but you also notice, that if you would broadcast these episodes now, nobody would ever started to tune because its not fast enough.

    We need to look forward. HT leaving is not a problem for this show. I think Brad is relieved that it ended this way. He was worried when Ridge left, but he noticed that it didnt change anything. It changed focus a bit, but people screamed online on message boards, but they are still viewing this `crap`.

  43. Profile photo of booze26


    Not all William Bells stories worked out. William Bell had the gift to drop a storyline onscreen when it didnt worked out he expected. (His son does it too btw) It happened a lot.For example the Zack Hamilton introduction. It was a mess, viewers didnt care and it was dropped in a heart beat.
    The Deveny Dixon storyline is another example that didnt finished too well. What happened to her after she got exposed?

    Bill Bell wrote the show till 1993 I thought…so it wasnt really that long.

    What do you remember from these times that where so exciting?

  44. Profile photo of stoney07

    B&B revolves around Brooke and her daughter. What other stories have typically been told, besides Stephanie getting sick and dying?

    Brooke hunched Oliver against a wall and hurt Hope.
    Hope For the Future
    Taylor tries to steal Ridge from BROOKE
    Hope can’t commit to Oliver without images of him with her mother
    Hope falls for Liam
    Stephanie dies in BROOKE’S arms
    Deacon’s ridiculous return
    Brooke is pushed into Bill’s arms during Katie’s PPD
    Brooke’s affair with Bill
    Brooke’s pregnancy
    Hope’s constant whining about Liam and Steffy

    Take this out of the show, and we wouldn’t even have a week of anything else. this has been B&B for the last 3 years in a nutshell.

    As for Taylor being boring…I say it all the time. How the heck can a character be interesting when nothing is shown onscreen? How many love scenes did we see with Taylor and Thorne? Actually….how many scenes AT ALL did we see of Taylor and Thorne? THREE at the most….and they were together for months with tons of storyline potential.

    How many scenes of Taylor and Whip did we see before they started to destroy them? Three? Four?

    Taylor and Ridge damn near CARRIED the show in the ’90s so I don’t see how they were boring…at least until her return in 2005 when Brad Bell’s direction for the show had changed.

    And as for “new viewers”, we’ll see how long that lasts. If it does, then good for them…I don’t wish cancellation on the show. And I’m not gonna keep beating a dead horse. It’s just not my cup of tea now and I’m done with it.

  45. Profile photo of booze26


    You seem to forget all about the first relationship Thorne and Taylor had after Drala gate. Thats the boring relationship I am talking about. It was so sleep inducing…it destroyed the whole Darla-gate storyline (a storyline that was actually a Hunter Tylo storyline for over a few months, and which she did quite good I may add, until she got feelings for Thorne)

    A lot of the show was around Brooke and Hope, you are right but lets not forget Steffy, Liam and Bill and Katie, who had a lot of storytelling also during the last year.

    The Oliver-Hope-Brooke saga was in 2010!!! Well, you are going way back. It was the same year that Stephanie got cancer, that Bridget delivered LOgan, that we had a lot of Jackie M. And it was the introducing year of Liam. You seem to forget a lot when it comes to other storylines. A very big storyline was the Bill/Katie/Steffy and Liam/Amber storyline that aired during 2011.

    The show in 2012 was completely about Liam/Steffy/Hope. Brooke had just like the rest a supportive role.

  46. Profile photo of stoney07

    I understand what you’re saying…but what I’m saying is…the entire show is written now that Brooke and Hope are the “golden girls” and they are going to win in every single thing. That’s what annoys me.

    The Bill/Katie/Steffy thing was great to me. But then it was shut down sooo quickly really, and the next week, we had Steffy falling for Liam, who wanted Hope. It all goes back around to the two of them in some kind of way.

    I don’t mind the character of Brooke. To me, there would BE no B&B without Brooke. I enjoy watching her, and I definitely love to hate her. I just don’t like the way the show is written at this point. She’s not somebody I root for…she’s not somebody I feel sorry for. And the fact that the writing basically props her and makes those who are rational and logical (Taylor and Stephanie in the beginning) seem unstable…its a joke to me. Taylor KNOWS how Brooke operates because Taylor has been burned by Brooke one too many times. Yet when Taylor voices her suspicions, everyone pretends that she’s some psycho dimwit…when in reality, she’s speaking from experience.

    That’s my main problem. The vixen/slut/tramp of the show has been forced down our throats as someone we’re supposed to view as a heroine, although she’s doing the same thing now she’s been doing all along. Yet now, we’re supposed to see her as something different? And then Hope…I honestly don’t love to hate Hope, I just hate her. And every single character on the show has to talk about how “great” she is…yet she hasn’t proven to be really “great” at anything other than crying and whining. But these two women are the women that this show is built around. The trampy heroine and her whiny daughter.

    And I agree, B&B at this point should be focusing more on Brooke. She is basically carrying it on her own now…so I don’t mind that. But write her as being some more than the tragic tramp who can’t control the springs in her legs and keep them from opening. I say, either write her as a 50 some year old vixen, or change her characteristics. Pee or get off the pot. But Brad Bell wants to create drama around Brooke, but at the same time, she comes out smelling like roses every time…and it’s annoying to me.

    Since around 2005, B&B in MY opinion lost its focus. It went from being a show about fashion and the relationships between the characters, to being a show about Brooke and her family, and the evil demons that taunt her (although they are mostly RIGHT in what they say)…and while that’s appeasing to some, its just not to me. I’m not trying to trash the show, because for years, B&B was my absolute favorite soap…I’d say from the time I started watching, around 6 years old, up until around 2005 B&B was my fav. Even when they killed Taylor off…I didn’t mind. Because things were balanced. Brooke did what she did…and there were no excuses for it. Stephanie took her to task…when Stephanie did something horrible and got caught, Brooke (and the rest of the cast) took her to task…and that created balance.

    But the way things go now, Brooke does what she does, Taylor takes her to task, and then we have the rest of the episode of the entire cast calling Taylor out for stating what we the viewers already know is TRUE. Like when is enough ENOUGH??? lol.

  47. Profile photo of Yoryla


    Yes, the stories you mentioned were dropped, and I’m sure it was with good reason. Of course nothing can ever be 100 % perfect, not even all of William J. Bell’s stories. But those were just two minor examples in a long list of great, thrilling stories. Also, it tells something of Bill Bell’s character to be able to admit he was wrong about a storyline and made a mistake. And then end it promptly, and move on. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you handle them afterwards.

    But I don’t get that feeling out of Bradley Bell. I get the feeling he insist telling the stories only he wants to tell, regardless of anything else. Like a little boy in a school yard, who will only do whatever he wants. That kind of formula just cannot work beyond a limited time, especially a formula that really has no basis in reality. And Brad does drop a LOT of storylines, but usually the wrong ones. Possibly ones that were just starting, and the audience barely had a chance to even think about how they felt about it. Boom, gone.

    Example: In the midst of the all-consuming triangle last year, there was a wonderful glimmer of hope by bringing Amber, who was now a mother and FINALLY had a chance to grow as a character, back into Rick’s life and to Forrester. I really, honestly thought that path would continue as a big storyline where she ultimately is firmly back on top in the Forrester family, but it was just dropped, in favor of vapid, horrible nuCaroline. Not good. I remember a lot of fans were really excited to see where the new, more mature version of Ramber would go, but they never got the chance to.

    What stories did I like under Bill Bell, up until 1993, you ask? And btw, that 1993 year is irrelevant. It is well known that Bill Bell had creative say and was consulting those stories well into the 2000’s. Sheila’s introduction, Lauren’s introduction, Brooke/Ridge/Caroline, Thorne shooting Ridge and then having memory loss, Stephanie taking the rap, Stephanie revealing Angela, the imposter (I actually liked the Deveney Dixon storyline aswell), introducing Taylor, her ex husband Blake, Karen Spencer’s introduction, Macy coming to town with Sally trying to pair her off to Ridge, but she wound up falling for Thorne, of course Brooke and Stephanie’s epic battles, Brooke’s miscarriages, Stephanie & Ridge trying to con Brooke out of her FC shares, and Brooke taking over the company, Eric falling for Brooke and Ridge fighting his feelings for step-mommy, the birth of Rick, Eric losing his eyesight after rescuing Rick, Ridge losing his sight after the lab explosion, Stephanie on the streets,….

    I could go on, but I think you got the idea.

  48. Profile photo of booze26

    Yeah Yorla,

    But the fact is that Brad Bell was named HW in 1993. And the majority of the stories you name where broadcasted after 1993. And I like all these stories too. To mention everywhere that Brad Belld oesnt know how to write a decent story is plain stupidity. His father may have laid the groundwork with B&B, but it was starting to get really succesfull after 1992 (also in ratings).

    Brad Bell was HW in 1993, no matter what anyone says, and ofcourse William Bell was still there to help Brad, it was his baby, not only the show, but also the head writer of the show, but it doesnt guarantee that he was behind the stories you just mentioned.

    Actually, it started to get fast paced in 1993, the stories got some more speed. The build up was still carefully handled, but the real slow buildup that found place during 1987-1992 was gone. It got faster, more dangerous, bigger in the year BRad Bell was named as HW. So I do think the year 1993 does mean something.

    But I agree that the current state isnt too good, but actually, there where always some horrible years in the history of B&B. 1998-1999 was a mess. 2008 was a mess. 2011 and 2012 was even worst, some bad years from Brad Bell. I actuallty think 2013 is promising so far. He introduced some new characters, that seem to work. He has dropped the focus from the triangle, and its starting to look that he is actually planning on changing some things.

  49. Profile photo of stoney07

    I agree Booze that the show is better now than it’s been the past couple of years.

    However, to ME, I think the show declined tremendously once Bill Bell was no longer around to consult with Brad. That was around 2004…and there was a huge difference in B&B from 2005 on up.

    Of those stories that Yoryla mentioned, majority WERE under Bill Bell. Stephanie being homeless, Angela the imposter, Thorne shooting Ridge, Taylor’s introduction and ex husband, Macy comes to town, Ridge/Caroline/Thorne….all of that was Bill Bell.

    Then Brad came on as HW, and we got Karen Spencer the never before heard of twin of Caroline, and Sheila and lauren which Bill had practically written himself over at Y&R. That story was thrown into Brad Bell’s lap…but he did a good job with it.

    Personally, I don’t think B&B is a bad show. I just think it doesn’t utilize its cast at ALL. The stories have become repetitive, and it’s just…blah to me. B&B hardly gets recognized for it, but they’ve provided (to me) some of the best villains in daytime as well. Of course Sheila Carter, who I found to still be terrifying on B&B which is rare. I wouldn’t have expected the character to be as threatening on B&B as she was on Y&R. And I thought the whole story with her coming to LA was wonderful. I loved the Morgan DeWitt storyline, with Steffy “dying” on that boat, only to have been kidnapped by Morgan…then morgan holding Taylor in captive in that basement. Ridge driving his car through Morgan’s house…just all great storytelling. I loved Deveney Dixon…and I didn’t mind that she got away at the end (even though that was Bill Bell’s story)…I think he left it open for her to one day return.

    But to me, after Bill Bell died, Brad took the show and made it his own. And it’s not the show I liked or fell in love with. Its tolerable at some points, and some points it can really be BRILLIANT, so I know the guy’s not a bad writer. I just think…he needs to take a step back and from a quality standpoint really assess what makes for a more entertaining show. He knows about fanbases and things and so to alienate everyone except one particular fanbase is not that smart of a move. But then again, the ratings are up…so I guess you can’t tell him anything.

    I honestly hope Hunter Tylor and JMW leaving doesn’t affect the ratings. I’m not saying it will…but JMW has a fanbase, and so does HT…

  50. Profile photo of booze26


    I totally agree with what you are saying, if it is actually true, but it isnt. I dont see anyone calling Taylor out on her behaviour, accept Brooke and Bill and Donna. And they all have motives.

    As for Eric, he and Brooke have the most intense relationship on this soap. He always stood up for her, that is pretty strange, but he always was 100% behind her. And it infuriated Stephanie all the time, but lets not forget, it would be strange if he all of a sudden turned against Brooke, because he simply loves her, she is the mother of two of his children. I always liked the connection between Eric and Bridget and in a lesser way Rick. It seems far more loveable then the love he shares for his other children.

    We all have this team Thomas/Steffy/Taylor and Brooke/Hope/Rick. The childrebn will always stand behind their mother in the end. Like it should be ofcourse!

    I think the problem is, that the family of the Logans is a lot bigger then the Hayes. Because its not really about the Forresters. The real Forrester kid (Thorne) never has and never had a strong opinion. He then sides with Brooke and then with Taylor. ERic was always in the middle. Married to Stephanie and yet when Brooke needed help, he stood up for her. The guy never chooses sides. Now he is in love with Tyalor, but when Brooke needs him, he is there…its the way it is for over 15 years.

    The Hayes family is too small. You only have Taylor, Thomas and Steffy. You may enter Liam in it, but we all know he never has an opinion.
    The Logan family has Brooke, Rick, Hope, Donna, Katie, Bill. So its just the way it is.

    It would be stupid of Bell to let Eric or Thorne choose a side for once. They never did. Yeah maybe for a short period, but they are weak men. So was Ridge.

  51. Profile photo of booze26


    They both have a very big fan base. I think Brad is worried, for JMW. For the HT fans, there wasnt a lot to do the last few years. But JMW could be a problem. If she is indeed gone, then it could get messy, because she is a very likeable character. I do have to admit, I dont like her the last 5 months, she is turned into a goody goody character, that annoys me, but I always liked her spunk and sexyness.

    I can also see the difference in story telling. All I know that B&B made some changes through the years. I remember during, 2008, they started to use flashy camera images, the long stares at the end of a scene disappeared, they started to use some soundtracks and I just didnt like it. It felt different and know I am used to it.

    I also remember a time when they introduced a whole new scene of youngsters. We had a forrester niece, a nice looking boyfriend, some Sylvester Stalone guy, two black kids (one was a retard), a designer girl from saved by the Bell. It was one big mess. (I think it was 1994-1995) IDK anymore.

    There are always certain periods when the witing is off. And the most dangerous thing is introducing these new characters. I must admit, Brad doesnt do that very bad. It was worst before (The Cortez family, what a snoozefest).

  52. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=booze26]And the majority of the stories you name where broadcasted after 1993. [/quote]

    No, they’re not :D I specifically made sure the stories I listed were from 1993 or older. One or two of these, tops, could be after 1993, but the majority were.

  53. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @stoney07: People complain about daytime not getting the respect it deserves in Hollywood. Might the casting choices they make along with the ridiculous storytelling that started in 80’s have really contributed to turning the tide? I mean are we really going to be upset about a woman who would never make it film or prime television? That really her career has been sustained due to the low standards this genre has taken on?

    I mean people say they care about soaps but they accept substandard writing and substandard acting. It is like soap fans don’t demand the Meryl Streep’s, Angela Bassett’s, Denzel Washington’s and Tom Hanks of Daytime. They’ll settle for a pretty face and watch them spend years (decades even) mucking up the screen, something that would never happen in primetime and rarely in film. And they praise this as wonderful?

    It’s like saying send me all your bad cooks. We’d love to have them work at the restaurant and hopefully they’ll learn how to cook soon.

    And somehow this genre makes stars out people who couldn’t even get cast in a hemroid commercial.

    So from where I sit if the quality of actors does not match the quality of writing we are wanting, then it is just a waste of time. You can’t have one without the other.

    Ask Spike Lee and Shondra Rhimes!

    Agnes take the script!

  54. Profile photo of pferrando


    Hopefully Y and R fans and those B and B fans that watch both shows know that I was joking about that above comment.

    If you’ve been reading all the posts about Jeanne Cooper, you know why I said that.


  55. Profile photo of stoney07

    I think Brad Bell is a good writer. I think he needs someone to sit his behind down and talk to him. Brooke is a HOT woman…there’s no denying that. Even at her age, she’s HOT. And if she indeed is the one set in place to be the “New matriarch”…then that’s fine. But I personally think if that’s the case, he needs to stop with these storylines of her getting pregnant by husbands of her family members.

    Now I’m not a huge Brooke fan, so I admit, I’m eating this storyline UP. I find it to be incredible…lol. But from a longterm standpoint, how can anyone accept Brooke looking her nose down on anyone else when she is the way that she is??

    As for Hunter Tylo, David, I think we have to agree to disagree…lol. We hardly ever disagree, but on this one…I don’t think she’s that bad of an actress. She’s no Meryl Streep, but when she has good material, she pulls it off. Personally, I feel like for the past couple of months she’s been doing the damn thing (in a good way). Now I will be the first to admit, there were a few years (her return up until a few months where her acting wasn’t exactly the best…but I have to say, putting together her entire stint on B&B…I think she’s done well. I don’t remember her being bad AT ALL before she got “killed off” in 2002. But her return..idk what happened. And even then, I think she’s had a few shining moments…like her alcoholism storyline, and hitting Darla with her car. But after that, once the storyline dried up…so did her acting.

    In all, Brad Bell is an okay guy. He can write incredible material, and he can write RIDICULOUS material. I mean, the same writer that wrote Amber sleeping with Usher and giving birth to that stillborn baby, and then switching the baby with her cousin’s…and the one that wrote Brooke’s seduction of Thorne while Macy was drinking, culminating in Macy’s “Death” at Big Bear…the whole car accident and gas leak and explosion…the same writer that wrote Stephanie faking the heart attack to get Ridge back with Taylor, and the same guy that wrote the whole backstory of Morgan and Ridge, Stephanie FORCING Morgan to get an abortion, Morgan kidnapping Steffy, etc…, the same writer that wrote Bridget and Deacon…and Deacon and Brooke, and the same writer that wrote all these great business/fashion storylines…he’s the SAME guy that wrote Pam tying DOnna up in a cabin, pouring honey over her, and letting a bear come in -_- He’s the SAME dude that wrote this ridiculous triangle for over a year with NO resolution in sight. He’s the SAME guy that had a great storyline idea with Maya’s daughter being dead, and ended it in one week for no apparent reason. He’s the same guy that did that awfully written and acted “texting while driving” story last year. He’s the same guy that had Katie, one second from death, hunching her niece’s husband on some island. The guy HITS really big and he MISSES even bigger. I think he needs to take a break. Let Kay Alden be headwriter just for a little while while he clears his head…maybe a year. And then he can come back with fresh ideas…

  56. Profile photo of booze26


    Not Kay Alden please. She had a chance during the writrers strike and she was resposnible for a lot of stories during the horrible year of 2008.

    I think we just need to wait and see what happend. Like you said, Brad Bell has his ups and downs, maybe he gets an up soon, because the storylines you mentioned as good where indeed very good, so maybe he will come back from his writers block.

  57. Profile photo of Daisy

    Blame the WRITERS,they have absolutely SUCKED at their job!!! These story lines and HUGE pay cuts have run off all their best talents,ie:Susan,Ron,Jack,Lesley-Anne & others,NOW Jacqui & Hunter. I have watched this show from day one & am So disgusted that I just cannot take anymore. Brooke talking Eric into being a wimp&helping her into deceiving her own sister&most probably Bill…no thank you. You may keep younger viewers with this garbage,but you will run off more long time,older viewers. And for those of you making unrelated,insulting PERSONAL comments—STOP!!! It is rude & unnecessary…no one wants to hear it. The actors/actresses are real human beings with feelings AND they are also NOT their poorly,inconsistent,not like a real,complex person~ but poorly written characters!!? The old,ragged Logan clown car is worn out & BORING! The show has turned into a failure & helping the demise of soaps. The writers do NOT deserve ANY awards or praise…they are failing miserably at their jobs. Bill Bell did a better job than Brad will ever be capable of…he needs to let good writers write or sell this show to someone that has its best interest at heart. He has made the show low caliber like most other tv,reality trash shows,etc.Hence,the mighty PEN is running off any viewers like me. I will find another guilty pleasure to relax with,I am done with this waste of talent & garbage.

  58. Profile photo of Mets82

    I think Hunter Tylo is a fine actress. The problem is that even though I really wanted to side with her against Brooke, I just couldnt. I dont know if it was the dialogue but Taylor always came across to me as very whiney.

    I also think the writers never allowed Taylor to be on her own. What I mean is that she was always bogged down by talking to Brooke, asking about Brooke, asking where Brooke was. It was always Brooke, Brooke,Brooke.

    Taylor really should’ve been her own woman and worried about herself and her family and not Brooke and her family. Thats been done to death over the years.

  59. Profile photo of EZBaby

    But Hunter is correct when she says she has been successful outside of B&B, the last time she left she was able to do something like 4 movies and got commercial work too. If she leaves, it will be harder to get work now- not for “arm flailing/head bobbing” but because Hollywood is youth obsessed and caters to the younger actors.

    Still, if Hunter has the right representation and everything, I do think she can stay busy working after B&B or maybe she will decide to retire? That’s the difference between her and other soap actors, the lady’s never been scared to walk away (she might’ve returned for family reasons etc. ,lol but she she’s never been scared to step out that exit door).

  60. Profile photo of stoney07

    Brad Bell is a smart man. And up until last year, B&B looked basically the same as it had for the most part for the past 20 some years. You still had the core four in prominent story (albeit the SAME story…smh)

    So with that being said, I think he was banking on JMW sticking with B&B. So the negotiations with HT weren’t going well, and they allowed her to WALK. (as she said, negotiations ended 4 weeks ago) But then, JMW decided to leave too, and so to keep from completely demolishing that fanbase totally, they now have to save face by saying they are STILL negotiating with HT and that JMW is returning.

    Both of which I believe to be a lie. It’s kinda like throwing away your bus tokens because you have a new car. But when that car breaks down, you wish you wouldn’t kept those tokens….lol

  61. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Ms Tylo has become frightening to look at. The bad plastic surgery she’s gone under is just a horror. I’ve never seen such botched work since Priscilla Presley’s train wreck. Two beautiful women butchered at the hands of greedy Hollywood plastic surgeons. It’s hard to even watch her. Sad, sad, sad.

    I think it’s good that she’s taking a break from B&B.

  62. Profile photo of clancycook

    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Ms Tylo has become frightening to look at. The bad plastic surgery she’s gone under is just a horror. I’ve never seen such botched work since Priscilla Presley’s train wreck. Two beautiful women butchered at the hands of greedy Hollywood plastic surgeons. It’s hard to even watch her. Sad, sad, sad.

    I think it’s good that she’s taking a break from B&B.[/quote]

    I totally agree! Her lips are so frightening. And they get worse every 2 years. Please refresh my memory how many times has she come back from death? I know of at least once. I think she should stay dead. I stop watching BB every time she is on. Not my favorite.

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