The View Drops 20 Percent Among Women 25-54 This Season

The View ain't so rosy right now at ABC Daytime, at least not when discussing the lineup's marquee chatfest! A new report on the state of daytime from Broadcasting & Cable reveals the 16-year-old talk show has seen significant ratings dips this season. From the report:

This season, The View has declined 7% in households to a 2.6 from a 2.8 and has dropped 20% among women 25-54 to a 1.2 from a 1.5.

It's no wonder they're all but cleaning house over there. Said Executive Producer Bill Geddie in the article:

“This will be our sixth major incarnation,” says Bill Geddie, The View executive producer. “We’re not looking to replace Joy, because she’s irreplaceable. We’re not necessarily looking for an unknown or for someone young. We are looking for someone who is interesting and different in their own right.”

Will yet another co-host shakeup help stop The View from bleeding out? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: ABC


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23 April 2008
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BEST NEWS ALL DAY. This show is awful programming, I'm glad women are waking up and realizing these uneducated, blow hard women should not be representing them. I hope this show moves quick into cancellation.

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13 February 2013
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CHILD BYE! I only like Whoopi and Joy but Joy is leaving...

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26 May 2012
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Sad, but not surprising.

Hopefully ABC will find a more successful platform for thei lineup.

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16 May 2013
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I only like Sheri Shepard. The rest of them are ingratiating.

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23 August 2009
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Thank God! That has-been Barbara Walters and the ever annoying Joy Blowhard are a pain the ass!!

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30 April 2009
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I think it is to be expected. Their ratings increase was a bit...superficial. It only happened because of the political stuff...and in daytime, I don't see that type of show lasting long with such high numbers. The Talk did a couple of things...and the main thing they did is be what The View was when it first started...and they capitalized on people being sick of the politics.

I think the View needs to get back to its roots, be a discussion panel amongst women with different perspectives, and have a realistic opinion about ratings.

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2 April 2009
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Lets be real, the ratings went up when Rosie got into a fight with Trump and politics. Now they no longer have Rosie or any type of politics going on there is no real excitement AND the lineup has been decimated you can't tell me that at least a small part of the reason is lack of AMC and OLTL especially when the Chew and Katie aren't doing that great.

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8 September 2009
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I think ABC Daytime bullying Elizabeth and the controversy over her status on the show turned a lot of viewers off.

Now that The Mummy (Barbara Walters)is leaving, that will probably make more people leave. They need some more likable personalities...Whoopi is too abrasive and vulgar, Sherri is a ditz, Joy on the way out. The only ones I can stand anymore are Joy and Elizabeth.

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1 July 2009
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Not surprising at all, I am more with what thecourt99 said, the politics turned a lot of people off whatever side of the aisle you're on. People tune in to be entertain as well as to be informed.

Yes, ratings were high when Rosie, Donald Trump, & Elisabeth were in feuds, but at the same time, it turned off other viewers, too.

The reason the Talk's ratings are high is because they do what the View used to do in their earlier days, yes they've talk reality shows, but it doesn't dominate the segment, they don't cut off each other, and it's very cordial.

The View needs to go back to what made them successful. I believe they need to bring in a successful Hispanic woman, like an Eva Longoria & Adrienne Bailon, because they've never had that.

I love Whoopi, she keeps things moving, as much as I love Joy, she and Sherri were the culprits of talking over people and cutting each other off. I like Sheri, too, but sometimes she acts like the crazy lady. I actually like Elisabeth, she's gotten better, and I respect her, even though I don't agree with her politically.

We'll see what new direction Barbara and Bill decide to take the show, but it needs to change.

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28 June 2012
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I'm not surprised at all.

The only one I enjoyed listening to was Joy. And I rarely watched.

I like Whoopi, but not on there.

I don't think it's the bullying of Elizabeth that turned people off. I think a lot of people got out of the habit when AMC and OLTL were cancelled. And up until about a year ago, GH was struggling too.

It's their whole "lineup" that is weak.

Time for an overhaul. Bring on JFP. She seems to think she's great at that.

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27 January 2009
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So glad to hear of the drop in ratings...that show is AWFUL!!!...they are clueless & they always have a love fest for each other!...Behar should retire permanently from tv...Walters ..should have retired long ago...Whoopi...enough of the facial expressions when you are not included in the conversation...(this has been going on for years)...I did DVR this show years ago for a bit..Elisabeth really don't stick to your principles because you waffle too much..Sheri...likeable but enjoy your too are done...all I've said amounts to cancellation...maybe ABC should see the writing on the wall!!!

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25 June 2012
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I haven't been happy with "The View" for quite a while. I hated them during the election coverage. They were so mean to the blond lady (can't remember her name right now). They scream half of the time. I like it alot better when Barbara is there because she can sometimes control them. Sometimes they argue (which is ok) and get so mad and talk over each other... louder and louder. I can't understand much of what they're saying when they do that so I only watch if I know they're having a really good guest and I don't want to miss them. But again, sometimes they all talk at the same time so I'll change the channel, telling myself I'll switch back shortly so I don't miss the guest I'm waiting for. Of course, many times I get interested in the other channel I'm watching and miss the guest that
I was waiting for. I think when Barbara is gone for good that the show will slowly go bye-bye.