SPOILERS: Will Adam Learn The Truth About Chelsea’s Baby on The Young and the Restless?

Adam/Chelsea/Dylan: The Newman black sheep sets his sights on his other ex-wife, Chelsea! Adam starts to become a bit bothered by Chelsea and Dylan getting closer. He wonders if Chelsea is lying about her baby’s paternity. Adam starts to figure out the months of Chelsea’s pregnancy. Heaven help Chelsea, when Adam goes looking for her to get some answers.

Meanwhile, Dylan gets Chelsea to go out with him on a date. The two hit it off like gangbusters. While on their date, Adam arrives for a showdown. Will Chelsea confess the truth to Adam?

 Nick/Phyllis: The two team up to help Summer.

Sharon: She spots Nick and Phyllis having a close moment. In the words of Jay-Z, does Sharon want that old thing back? Meanwhile, look for Sharon to head to therapy over her breakup with Adam (Really, girl?)

Devon: The busybody realizes the attraction between Tyler and Lily.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys get disturbing news.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The meat and potatoes of the story is going to Steve “Turtle Acting” Burton? It is time to have a soapercism (soap exorcism)!

    The cluing of other people in on the fact that Lily is attracted to Tyler is something that is interesting.

    Then the hoe-apparent needs some therapy because she is addicted to the Newman crack. Umph!

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    [quote] Cane/Lily: The Ashbys get disturbing news. [/quote]

    Hmmm. How about GenV has been killed in a car accident. When her will is read she reveals she adopted Cane/Caleb from a young pregnant girl in Europe. Later GenV did some digging and found that the woman was involved (and impregnated by) Brock when he was sowing his wild oats in Europe in his early days.

    That would make Cane Brock’s child and Macs sister, some would find that disturbing. lol

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    Chelsea will not reveal all to Adam…. this will give us dualing step brothers ( Nick and Adam ) fighting to figure out the true DNA of their children.

    So, what will the relationship truly be, between Abby and Chestie?

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    I’d like to see Adam and Chelsea back together, but then that’d mean SB would have to throw into someone else’s story line. And I’m not sure where he’d annoy me the least.

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    It’s absurd if Dylan sides with Chelsea and they go down the route that Jill went with michael on GH between AJ, Jason and Carly.

    Dylan needs a rest and his story reconfigured so either Steve burton stays or he goes. Right now Avery has said I LOVE NICK AND YOU ARE A FRIEND. He’s just a friend to Sharon n no more from the way it’s written. And with Chelsea once he finds out the truth why stay with a two timing liar?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Chelsea a lot and think Melissa is an asset to the show but enoughs enough with this story and plausibility of a guy sticking with Chelsea cause she’s sweet. Right now keeping the child from Adam is really based on Chelsea’s own mind trips rather than real proof. Adam only didn’t move to Paris but was her true believer in who she was.

    I hope they play up the DNA with summer. In essence if they go down that route she has to be jacks otherwise why would nick keep the results? Down the road it could cause Avery to rethink if nick is more a Newman than she thought and send her to Dylan.

    And if summer is jacks, that makes nick every bit his brothers twin. And sort of worse from all he said and did to Adam for switching his kid!

    I’m for summer being an Abbott!! There is so much meat to that story then it really being nicks.

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    david, the honest truth is I have nothing against the actor or the character.

    Maybe if Jill gets the mansion, she can hire him, he moves in somewhere on the property to help her fix it up and they begin to fall for each other…
    This would be after he finds out that the baby isn’t his.

    I don’t know.

    That way we’d have Jill on ALL the time because we know JFP wants HIM on our screens.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Victoria is so weak. I can’t get past it. I’m sorry folks. Also I still hate what they did to the classic music…[/quote]

    Yeah, I know it’s beating a dead horse, but this storyline with Victoria against Adam just isn’t working. Because this Victoria is completely laughable thanks to AH’s lifeless performance. I’ve said it before, the only way I buy AH as Victoria is to pretend she’s not Victoria Newman but a totally different character with the same name who debuted 8 years ago.

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    What is so wrong with the Chelsea/Dylan story is how fast he accepted that he was the father of her baby after only a one-night stand. His “Golly-_Gee” attitude about the baby , designing all the furniture, he is just “too perfect”. I have nothing against Steve B., watched him for years on GH, but he was so much better as Jason then this Perfect Man character that can do no wrong. I have always found, in most cases, you can’t take an actor from one soap and put them on another soap and expect a new audience to accept them and for them to be as popular as they once were.

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    For the most part, moving soap “names” to shows these days doesn’t work.

    Good god look at all of MAB’s failures with that. And they eat up the budget I’m sure.

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    Pferrando: I thought we had come to some sort of truce on bashing Steve Burton day in and day out. I just don’t understand how everything has to be about him. He is playing out a story that was written for his character, don’t you all think that he looks at the scripts and thinks “Holy Shit this is crazy.” And this whole turtle acting thing is getting obnoxious! Turtle actors don’t get a call to be in a film with Robert Redford if you totally suck at acting. Did he lack personality and emotion on GH as Jason Mogan, yes he did! That is how his character was written after his accident and he played it brilliantly. This is all new for him, just give him a damn chance. I’m still waiting for Sharon and Dylan to hook up anyways, I think that is when his character will actually come to life.

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    Jasam….again I’ve never bashed him or his acting. I AM bashing the way Jill is using Steve. He’s on more regularly than any of his cast mates .

    I don’t see how she can justify taking over the number one show and assume she can bring a new character (forget that it’s Steve for a second ) onto the screen in the way she has and not have the outcry of the fans.

    This type of reaction is common, and it seems like time and time again these new EPs don’t get it.

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    PFERRANDO, if you won’t bash DYLAN, I don’t mind doing it for you. I find him to be one of the worse actors, to have ever been on this show, in the over 30 years we have watched. I find it disgusting, that they relegate actors with many years on the show, to the background, so they can show this hack, about 4 out of 5 days. Absolutely disgusting.

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    I would like to see Avery and Dylan back together I think he still loves her and she still loves him and Sharon and Nick they was great together

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