One Life to Live and All My Children Stars Rally Behind Their Suds Following Episode Cuts


Since talk of Prospect Park renewing their efforts to bring back One Life to Live and All My Children first began, the production company has benefited tremendously from guerilla-style, social media marketing from the sudsers' passionate stars. Legendary actors Vincent IrizarryCady McClain, Jill Larson, Debbi Morgan, Kassie DePaiva and Robin Strasser have led the charge in spreading positive news about the endeavors. They've been aided by newcomers like Rob Wilson, Sal Stowers, Eric Nelsen and Rob Gorrie.

Many of these stars have been working overtime to quell panic from fans since Prospect Park announced they were cutting their weekly number of episodes in half. Below are a sample of their tweets and Facebook posts:


Cady McClain (@realcadymcclain)


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  1. Profile photo of SteveHardy

    So many soap fans are just absolutely ridiculous and utterly self entitled.

    You’re not owed anything.

    They should try complaining to fans of Guiding Light about their “measly” two NEW episodes a week.

  2. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I hope there not getting rid of the “more AMC/OLTL” I enjoy watching those to see some behind the scenes stuff and interviews because we’ll never get them otherwise :/

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    I only really watch AMC now when I can but when it goes twice a week I can then watch both because there’s not so much to watch. This is great news! I’m so excited.

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    Yeah, I read a bunch of that spin, spin, spin and go round stuff from Cady on twitter the other day. They may be rallying behind them but honestly I think most people don’t believe them and feel like they aren’t getting the truth.

    They may think the spin cycle is working and maybe it could be but if you wanna believe that don’t check the OLTL and AMC facebook fan pages then and also I think Hulu Plus subscriptions may be about to take a hit.

    I can understand some saying we should be glad just that they’re back if they wanna feel like that but I don’t think its fair to jump on people for being upset either. I think its ok to feel either way about it.

    If someone promises you a certain amount of something and then changes their minds in 2 weeks and cuts it in half it doesn’t seem normal that people would NOT be upset.

    I think it would be perfectly fine if we weren’t promised one thing and then quickly switched to another….to some it seems they were misled and to some it seems they were baited and switched so I for one am not gonna jump on people for being upset and expressing their opinions.

  5. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I’m still going to watch regardless of my disappointment. And if need be, I will even buy a Hulu Plus account if that’s what it takes to keep them on a little longer.

    I figure if we get a year out of these shows, it’s still a huge win.

  6. Profile photo of appleridge

    This is not a new thing. Primetime shows have their episodes orders cut all the time.

    What would U have quality shows at a number they can handle [110] or have them rush out the 168 just because thats what they said they would do & have episodes that arent well put together?

    For me its always quality over quantity.

  7. Profile photo of AbercrombieMike

    I’m extremely happy to get ANY new episodes. However, the fact of the matter remains, that we used to get 5 hours a week on television. We now get one hour, albeit in two 30-minute segments. Something is better than nothing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d be happiest with 5 hours of programming a week.

    I wish Prospect Park was being more proactive about allowing fans to help make the show profitable. Can’t they do tie ins, merchandise for sale, or hell, let me send them donations? lol.

  8. Profile photo of fmat55

    Tie ins would be a great idea. I know when Todd was on GH and he had the ring tone on his cell for Heather (Crazy Calling – Crazy Calling) I would have downloaded that on the spot if it were available. :-)

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    Bob Lamm

    This has got to be one of the great quotes of all time. Cady McClain: “ALL MY CHILDREN respects your busy lives.” Too funny!!! If the show dies again this summer, as I suspect and fear it will, will McClain say: “ALL MY CHILDREN respects your busy lives so we’ve decided to make life easier for you by ceasing production altogether”?

  10. Profile photo of podcastjunkie

    I like Cady as an actress and she seems like a truly nice person but she’s spinning like a tornado at this point. I’ve never heard of anything doing well cutting back instead of adding.

  11. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I see it as an ever evolving thing. I plan to keep watching. I understand how people who subscribed to Hulu+ just because of these online soaps might feel disappointed but since I’m watching for free (with ads), it don’t feel put out at all.

    And yeah, as someone whose favorite soap was ATWT and saw it not only degrade and deteriorate over its last decade or so but had to get over it going off the air with no return in sight, I’m not mustering up much sympathy for people who excessively complain about the PP revived shows right now.

    It’s best to hope for the best for these shows :)

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    Me too! I did buy a Hulu+ account to show my support of the shows and also because Hulu+ has the Criterion Film collection which is amazing. I bought my Hulu Plus account the day they announced AMC and OLTL. They have a lot of other content as well.

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    I’m concerned that the actors won’t be able to survive on the cut production costs. The crew as well.

  14. Profile photo of giogio

    BOB LAMM- I wonder why Cady says that. I found time for 40+ years to watch them both one hour a day five days a week, plus general hospital. I found time, believe me I found time. So what are we supposed to think that after 12 episodes someone said, hey wait a minute, these 1/2 hour shows four days a week are too much for fans to handle. That makes me give a face like Burt from SOAP. this is just who Im feeling like lately.

  15. Profile photo of blake3b

    [quote=SteveHardy]So many soap fans are just absolutely ridiculous and utterly self entitled.

    You’re not owed anything.

    They should try complaining to fans of Guiding Light about their “measly” two NEW episodes a week.[/quote]

    You said it! I would love to have Guiding Light back, even if it were for two episodes a week. I admit the cut back surprised me but I say let’s see what happens. And everyone watch both shows to keep them alive if you can!

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I’m going to look at this as if they were in primetime and we get one 1hr episode per week like shows in primetime.[/quote]

    That’s a good way of looking at it.

  17. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I’m still excited for the shows. It’s going to be a different feel for sure. I just don’t know what to expect. If the deals with actors and crew are the same and so is the production model, does that mean there will just be higher production quality? More time for more takes? More rehearsal? More editing?

    It seems to be a bold move to pay everyone the same amount of money for half the product. If that is actually what they are doing then things must be going well.

    I’m not sure how the iTunes season pass works. Does it mean that people who purchased that way are now going to get less than they’ve paid for?

  18. Profile photo of days4ever

    The more I think about this it probably is for the best. I think it will leave the fans wanting more. My only wish is that they just do one episode a week and make it a full hour. This way it would be more like a primetime soap and be a full hour and on just once a week and can have a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. Both AMC and OLTL are my faves and I am so happy they are back and I do not want to lose them again so I will watch no matter what.

  19. Profile photo of plant50

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I’m going to look at this as if they were in primetime and we get one 1hr episode per week like shows in primetime.[/quote]

    I agree-that’s how I am going to look at it. I hope they write the shows that way eventually.(like Dallas, Revenge etc). Hey, unlike night time soaps which produce between 10 to 22 one hour shows a year, we get 1 hour shows 52 weeks a year (for now)

    I actually am keeping my hulu plus subscription so I can stream to my Roku to my tv. I also can watch Revenge, Dallas, Downtown Abbey and other shows with my Roku. Cheaper than cable and at nearly $100.00/month I am getting ready to dump my cable

  20. Profile photo of days4ever

    Ryan-Scott said “I’m going to look at this as if they were in primetime and we get one 1hr episode per week like shows in primetime.”

    I agree with you and my statement was then they should just do them as one hr and on once a week. This way they can write them similar to a primetime show and have a cliffhanger the end of each episode and make people want to come back next week. They could do AMC on Monday and OLTL on Wednesday and then an hour long recap show on Friday for both shows combined.

  21. Profile photo of GertieGal

    I LOVE this new schedule!!!! I started watching ABC soaps in 1979 so yes I am a devoted fan BUT I have a very busy life!!!! I started watching the reboots out of loyalty and curiosity but quickly was realizing that there was no way I was going to be able to sit at my computer and watch all the episodes every week…something was going to have to give. Thank you PP now I do not have to make that choice – I can find 2 hours per week, when I want!!!!

  22. Profile photo of liason4real

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I’m going to look at this as if they were in primetime and we get one 1hr episode per week like shows in primetime.[/quote]

    What a fantastic idea! PP should go the route of having AMC & OLTL on once a week like Revenge, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.. but give us 52 episodes a year.

  23. Profile photo of

    The truth is we all just need to keep watching because the shows need our support. I’m willing to be patient and believe that they will become more interesting as stories develop…….but I’ll probably still complain a lot. LOL

    The other thing we all really need to do is create positive buzz about the shows. I told my beautician about the shows being on and she was excited and was going to tell her Grandmother and show her how to watch them on her computer. There are people out there that still don’t know they are available yet or how to watch them.

  24. Profile photo of Jabot1991

    [quote=Marland Fan]I knew these shows were doomed the minute they hired the same old writers and producers who ran the shows into the ground in the first place.[/quote]
    you do realize it weren’t the “old writers and producers”, it was the network’s micromanagement add to that the selfish angry self-entitled soap fans who moan and complain and threaten not to watch like children when a story happens that they don’t like

  25. Profile photo of winpoohgirl

    I am sooooo happy with the decision to go to 2 episodes a week.
    Once AMC and OLTL were cancelled I started watching GH.
    When the two soap started back up I fell behind quickly
    trying to watch all three.
    I think the quality of the the websoaps are great but they also
    made me love my TV and DVR so much more.
    Even though they are a half hour they seem so long with the commercials.
    It’s only week three and I’m tired of seeing the intros on both.
    Still getting use to all of the cussing and swearing the actors
    picked up during their time off. There must not be much of a wardrobe
    budget either.

  26. Profile photo of TheOldSoapster

    From what I understood, PP had a deadline to meet to get the shows online or else the deal was dead. Well, they met that deadline. And if a breather is needed to keep things humming along, that’s fine with me too.

    My TV hasn’t been on since Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 — the last day of OLTL. And for the next year or so I felt like a long-time friend had died. … Cathy Craig .. Meredith Lord … Tom Edwards … Sadie Gray … Hubcap … so many characters have come and gone. I couldn’t believe it was over. About once a day I’d find myself whistling one of the half-dozen theme songs.

    But now it’s back and as long as they keep making new episodes, I hope to be watching when I’m in the old folks home years (many, I hope) from now.

    Let’s be thankful for what we have and not be angry about what we don’t.

  27. Profile photo of Barepartyguy

    PP is trying to work with viewers. Sure, it’s very expensive which is probably why they chose new actors when they could get away with it. If they were not committed to this genre, they would not have gone through so much trouble. Would I like to see a new hour long episode 5 days a week? Heck yeah! But the truth is, it won’t happen…..not just yet.

    I grew up watching OLTL, but chose to get addicted to Guiding Light and even All My Children, but sadly Guiding Light is not with us. Now, if I had my say, I would bring back my all time favorite, Port Charles. Its resurrection may never happen, it at least PP has brought two soaps back and even stated they would entertain ideas of spin offs from these shows! This statement alone shows they are very dedicated and sure they are going to succeed!

    I wish ABC would buy them from PP and place them back on the air where they belong, but that too may never happen. These shows are struggling to be reborn so,lets give the parents time to let this undertaking soak in. Two thirty minute episodes averages out to four fifteen minute episodes, which is what most soaps were when the genre started. This is a new start as well. PP wants them to succeed. Lets be grateful for,them instead of whining about what we don’t have.

  28. Profile photo of CTwildheart

    So agree with you SteveHardy! Two NEW shows (however long!) a week are way better than ZERO.

    Hopefully, we can pull together and support these two shows so they will be successful enough to pave the way for the return of other cancelled shows – like Guiding Light!

  29. Profile photo of aveRex

    My take is that a lot of soap fans talk but are not backing this with their dollars. You’ve got to subscribe to HuluPlus and / or iTunes multi-pass to generate dollars for the shows. In this format, they know PRECISELY who is spending money to support the programs and who is not. They also know whether you’re watching specifically or not. There is an ID tied to both models (iTunes account and HuluPlus account) so they can target at the most micro-level who is doing what.

    Personally, I’ve signed up for HuluPlus but havent watched it even once, even though I’m paying $8/month for it. Instead, I’m watching via iTunes (download and AppleTV streaming). That costs me $20/month for each show. I’ve watched OLTL for almost all episodes, but haven’t watched a single episode of AMC. I just dont have the time to commit to both shows at the moment, so I’m following only OLTL.

    All that said, at the end of the day if you are really a supporter of these shows, you need to subscribe to the 2 delivery channels they are using to get them to us. Using free Hulu is likely not making a big impact (though it has ad support). The iTunes and HuluPlus subscriptions are ad-free.

    Please share how you’re supporting them.

  30. Profile photo of star4494

    I watch prime time shows once a week then I have to wait 3 to 6 mths before they begin again. I get it that the shows are not the same but remember what we fought for! We have them back as that’s all we need. Adapt! :)

  31. Profile photo of aveRex

    The only difference here is the income that the actors and crew are making in comparison to primetime. Primetime actors are paid substantially more per episode than daytime. So it is a concern when the shows are trimmed down to twice per week vs. the original 4 days. Again I think we need to support the shows by subscribing to their distribution channels.

  32. Profile photo of plant50

    [quote). The iTunes and HuluPlus subscriptions are ad-free.

    Please share how you’re supporting them.[/quote]

    Actually Hulu plus does have ads in the shows. Not as long as the free Hulu. I subscribe to Hulu plus and will continue to support both shows. I have gotten use to watching them each day( never watched AMC until they went online). I prefer the less episodes because I really never did watch all the hour long shows/each week when they were on ABC
    I use the Roku device which streams to my tv. I have Hulu plus and will actually be dropping my cable subscription.

  33. Profile photo of aveRex

    plant50 – thanks for the update on HuluPlus. I hadn’t watched any episodes through it so didn’t realize they included ads. The iTunes subscription is ad-free.

    Same as you’ve mentioned, cant devote time to watch both shows everyday so I’ve only watched OLTL, which I love.

  34. Profile photo of tarpaz

    Now that the episodes are cut down to hour a week are the story lines going to be tighter?

    If Monday AMC episode is heavy on the Cassandra storyline, but Wednesdays episode has a heavy focus on Celia and no mention of the Cassandra storyline that won’t be good.

    I am still not buying the Celia and Peter romance. I don’t understand why Peter would want this plain looking, spoiled, immature brat.

    I wish the writers would have just aged Miranda to 20 years old and made her more like Erica 2.0. Then I would have had a triangle with Miranda, Peter and AJ (who of course would be 20 as well). Seeing Peter and AJ fighting for Miranda’s affections would have been more entertaining.

    The Celia character doesn’t do it for me.

  35. Profile photo of rapido

    Cady McLain sounds desperate And her spin sounds bogus to me. But what else can they say about their employer. Probably under a gag order for anything but authorized spin.

  36. Profile photo of appleridge

    According to Nelson Branco’s SU issue 70

    @AllMyChildren & @OneLifeToLive cost 80,000 an episode to produce. Actors are paid a weekly rate.

    I understand the reason for the episode reduction/airing change more now. 80,000 per episode is the cost and actors are paid weekly. Well they have been pulling 18 hr days plus that shhould make PP have to pay actors at least time and half on those days. So they are probably spending more than they thought. So the episode order was reduced and 2 days airing so the episodes stretch over a longer period of time. Giving the shows more time to find an audience

  37. Profile photo of appleridge

    From the @AllMyChildren Facebook but also applies to @OneLifeToLive as well:

    Hey When the demand grows for more episodes we have the ability to readjust quickly. The demand of episodes is measured by viewership of each episode. Hope this helps.

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