Bold and Beautiful’s Ronn Moss and Patrick Mulcahey Fire Back at Attacks Against Katherine Kelly Lang!

Don't try to say Katherine Kelly Lang dictates what goes on in the writers' room at The Bold and the Beautiful. Lang's former leading man Ronn Moss and B&B writer Patrick Mulcahey came out swinging in defense of the actress, after online rumors started swirling about Lang. Mulcahey posted on Facebook:

Soon afterwards, Moss posted on his own page:

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    I haven’t been following this too closely. So is the backlash because of the story direction? Do they think that KKL is behind the story direction? Does this have anything to do with HT leaving?

    When I was paying more attention, I saw that some people saw KKL as a pet compared to HT and as a result, KKL got her way. I assume that with HT, there is a concern for “balance” amongst the Logans. Is this playing a part in all of that?

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    I stated before…but once again it’s sad when people attack these soap actors.

    Happens all the time to the Y and R crowd.

    To be fair, KKL has been very loyal to that show. She shouldn’t have to put up with that negativity.

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    First of all – what is this issue here? Fans are blaming KKL for the storyline? Have no idea.

    Having said that, Mulcahey is either lying or not aware of everything. If KKL is not getting special treatment, why is she the only castmember with constant airtime and/or front-burner storylines? And of course she’s “accomodating” – she is getting everything she wants! If B&B treated KKL like they have Hunter Tylo or Winsor Harmon, she would either be long gone or saying something.

    Brad LOVES KKL. KKL might not even want that herself, but the fact still remains. And it shows in every storyline. Yuck. I’m sure if KKL quit, Brad Bell would decide to cancel the whole show.

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    Why in the world would people think KKL would want this awful storyline? It has totally undone all of the work that went into making her classy and the heir apparent to Stephanie as matriarch.

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    Whether a diva or not, I don’t care for her acting style. The squinting evil eye look makes her look like a witch. It is not sexy. She does it in every other scene. I don’t feel any emotions in the tone of her voice. Maybe it is because she lost her friends (Ridge and Stephanie) that she lost her spark. I also don’t believe that she is not a diva at all. I think all women can be a little bit of a diva. Also her and Hunter have had a long history of not being friends. I think they just don’t like Hunter so they need KKL to look good.
    PS – her submitting herself as a supporting actress, also doesn’t sit well with a lot of viewers. She shouldn’t have done it.

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    Damn! These Bell Soaps have better drama behind the camera than the fluff that on the television. Jamey do tell on the upcoming podcast- WOW

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    Yeah it’s crazy and ugly out there. I wouldn’t want to be a soap star.

    KKL has been very loyal to the show and who thinks she’s responsible for the writing is just not very smart. She doesn’t even like her current storyline.

    And why are people mad that she submitted herself for supporting for the Emmys? She was supporting the entire last year. She had no own storyline. Hope and Stephanie were at the center of the show, while Brooke supported them in their stories. So what’s the deal? Brooke usaully is the center of B&B, but she wasn’t last year.

    Nor are is there any proof out there that Hunter Tylo is leaving because of her. All rumors for which an actress gets attacked who’s just doing her job.

    Crazy. People.

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    SO because KKL has more screentime then WH or HT, is oproof that she is getting special treatment. Maybe its all about the other actors and the lack of their perfomances (HT) or the fact that they are just not so interesting as characters (WH). WHy blame KKL for her succes, she only does her work and apparently the owner of this soap is satisfied with her. he was also satisfied with Susan Flannery, she and KKL got all the storylines during 1993 till 2010.

    You seem to know it all, because who says KKL wants this kind of storylines? Its a typical Bell storyline. And you know, quite frankly itb doesnt matter. It is their job to act whatever their producer wants them to act…so she is probably just doing her job in a good way. There is no hidden agenda I think.

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    As I said, it might very well be that KKL hasn’t herself wanted or chosen to be Brad Bell’s “golden girl”. That part is unknown. She might very well be as perplexed about it as the fans are. But the fact still remains, that that’s what she is to Brad Bell. And it is hurting the whole show. Brad insists on writing this inane storylines for her.

    And you mentioned the work of other people, what work? What storyline has there been? What lead actor have there really been since Susan Flannery left on the show? Don Diamont and Heather Tom, besides KKL. Nobody else. Hunter Tylo and Winsor Harmon especially cannot even be judged by their acting, because there is no script! Of course KKL is interesting, if there’s no one else there! LOL.

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    Truth is that Brooke has made this show for years. It’s not that there is no one else, the character is insanly popular in the end. KKL earned her place with the show. Years ago … even when Bill Bell was still writing the show.

    And next to Brooke, Bill and Katie there are Hope, Liam and Steffy eho have been on the center long enough.

    People keep calling it the Brooke show AFTER she spent a year on the backburner. That’s nothing but founded by hate for the character that some seem to confuse eith the actress.

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    I didn’t realize that the backlash had turned toward the actress. I am one of the biggest fans of Katherine and think she delivers in every story.

    Sadly, I don’t like that the CHARACTER slept so quickly with her brother in law but KKL has made the story exteemly watchable. AND Love that she is getting after Eric to save her tail and her sister’s sanity.

    That being said, I am sorry that the comments veered from the character to the actress. She is amazing.

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    Dear Patrick Mulcahey,

    Thank you for defending Katherine Kelly Lang.

    Why did you write such a disgusting SL for her character, Brooke? It’s causing a lot of problems, onscreen and off.


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    Stating the obvious: Daytime serials are in the business of making money. As long as someone (KKL) is perceived as helping with that, management will make sure they stick around.

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    The problem is that today loyalty means sh#t. Both to the networks and fans. That fans of the show are attacking her is no different than the brass thinking the actors are easily replaced. Shame to both.

    I personally think loyalty still should have a place.

    Thanks KKL for your loyalty to your character and Bill Bell’s fantastic show.

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    I think fans b*tching about the Bell’s obsession with Brooke is fair game. Its the Logan Show and that is a weakness of B&B. However, would any producer admit to letting KKL control the direction of her character? I don’t think so…..

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    No producer would ever admit that, ofcourse not.

    But would any Hunter Tylo fan ever admit that KKL is the reason this show is so populair over the years. I dont think so either.

    But hey, just like I cant proof that the show is so populair here in the US as well as overseas, nobody on this site can proof that KKL realy controls the direction of her character. So its just plain speculating and gossip from a fanbase who probably has lost all touch with reality.

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    No ONE person makes or breaks a show. B&B was traditionally popular not because of one character, but because of a family unit called The Forresters. That family has now been torn to shreds, and replaces with the Spencers.

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    But why in the hell would people single out Katherine Kelly for all this needless behind the scenes crap.

    People need to lay off her and others they like to seem to attack. Vile.

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