First Impressions: Soap Icon Denise Alexander Returns as Dr. Lesley Webber on General Hospital!

Watch out, Scotty (Kin Shriner) and Monica (Leslie Charleson). Dr. Lesley Webber is BACK in Port Charles, and she's feistier than ever! What were your First Impressions of the return of Laura's (Genie Francis) mama on General Hospital?

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    I’m so excited to see her! I am so glad to see Denise Alexander back on GH. It made the best week for the show since the nurses ball. I hope she stays around. I’ve loved Denise Alexander since Days of Our Lives!!

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    Was great to see her again! She brought the same great energy she did in the 80’s. I laughed out loud when she was yelling at Scotty!

    Wish she could be more permanent! I would love to see her and Tracy sparring. The one liners would slay!

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    I so miss my Mary Lasalle McKinnon and her boy, Scott and Vince and even mean old Reginald Love. Another World–now there is a show I would watch online faithfully and religiously. Though it would be difficult to recapture it after so many years. Got a bit off topic there. Was great seeing Mary pretend she is Laura’s mom. :) Love Denise Alexander any way I can get her. I must confess I had NO idea Lesley was a doctor, though. She is one of those magical actresses a person is just drawn to.

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    It’s amazing to see Lesley again. She was such an important character in the show’s history. I hope Lesley stays in town and we see her interact with Monica.

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    I was also glad to see that her hair wasn’t so orange/reddish as it has been in the past. She looked great.

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    I became her fan for life when she played Mary LaSalle/Mckinnon on Another World.

    One of the first times I ever cried watching a soap was watching Denise as Mary struggling to recapture the memories that Reginald had stolen from her when he faked her death, brainwashed her, and took her to Paraguay.

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    I loved her shock that Liz was dating Monica’s son. I love that she’s on Nik’s side.

    I just loved how she yelled at Scott though. Scott coming to her all warm and fuzzy and she’s like you killed my husband!! It’s like he totally forgot he killed Rick

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    One fact everyone is forgetting: Rick had not been Lesley’s husband for quite a while when he was murdered. Ginny anyone?

    It would have been awesome if Roger Howarth had returned as Mike Webber, bent on avenging his father’s death

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    The return of Lesley Webber made the week. I was always drawn to Lesley when I first started watching the show. Maybe because she was such a loving mother to her daugher (and I was just a boy at the time). I hated that wretched Monica for all the pain she caused Lesley!!!

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    I wish Lesley could stay around forever. I still remember the 70’s and have always had a fascination with Lesley. Denise Alexander is a beautiful actress. Please keep her around.

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