Just How Does Heather Webber Know General Hospital’s Mysterious Relish Saboteur? (VIDEO)

The dream team of Robin Mattson and Roger Howarth is back together again today on General Hospital. Only this time it won't be Todd Manning cooking up schemes with Heather Webber. Just how does the woman immortalized in a disco hit for having an "insane attack" know this apparently relish-averse chap? Watch a teaser for today's show below!

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    This is great news!! I’m so excited I just can’t wait to watch today’s show!! I hope Robin Mattson comes back!!

    I just hope if Heather and (?) are going to interact that they don’t be as cartoonish as Dorian and David on OLTL. I can’t even watch them.

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    If Howarth turns out to be a Franco recast, it’s a total miscast. Sorry! But if they change the story and somehow Howarth turns out to be the real Robert Frank I think it could work. That would also untie Lauren to the Quartermaines.

    Anyway Howarth and Mattson are golden. In their scenes they are able to keeo the cartoonish sense of the script to a minimum and it showed today. Hope we’ll see more of them together.

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    Honestly… as much as I love Mattson I just can’t get my fingers around this connection with Howarth on the show.

    CARToONY needs to do more to get me interested then stunt casting and lame stories. ANd could Kristin Alderson PLEASE PLEASE act when she is working with the likes of Maura West or anyone else. This 20 something is just saying lines and adding no heart to the character.

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    I agree with the Moustache & SoapJunkie, I think Roger’s playing the real Franco, and the other one James Franco played, will turn out to be an imposter.

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    When James Franco played Franco his backstory was told to us. Ronnie and Franco grew up together in Besonhurst so he was Robert Frank from the time he was a baby. Which means he didn’t steal anyone’s identity unless the babies were switched and sold (again) by Heather. Why RH would want to play another twin with another face and another rapist is beyond me but I have zero interst in watching Franco back from the dead. The man is a kidnapper, rapist and serial killer and there’s nothing entertaining or redeemable about him!!!

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    I have always loved the scenes between Roger H and Robin M. They just connect, acting-wise. Whatever character RH turns out to be, it seems like he’s the “real” Franco, but who knows? So, some people on this board have made fun of RH’s shorter hair, showing off his “dumbo” ears. PLEASE! Look at yourself in the mirror before you make fun of someone else. NO one is perfect, and hell, I’ll take RH, dumbo ears and all, because he is so great in every role he does.

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