The Logan Women Go After What They Want on The Bold and The Beautiful! (VIDEO)


Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope Logan (Kimberly Matula) are prepared to take full advantage of their respective baby dramas this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Mama Logan wants Eric (John McCook) back — in order to pass off her unborn child with brother-in-law, Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) as Eric's!

Meanwhile, Daughter Logan is hoping the untimely passing of Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) baby could mean Liam (Scott Clifton) will return to her. Oh, it's about to be ON in SoCal! Watch today's B&B preview after the jump!



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    I don’t see the point of including a shot of the back of Kim M’s head… unless “it” from the Adams family has dyed their hair and is subbing for her … or DC wants to draw attention to B&B’s hairstyling prowess,maybe. Sure it’s gorgeous hair , but really, the back of her head?!

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    [quote=thecourt99]Isn’t this the same thing that she tried…and failed…with Hope?[/quote]

    Of course. This pretty much is a redo of the Brooke/Deacon story, which is another one KKL didn’t like. Brad Bell loves to repeat his old stories. That’s what he’s doing 11 out of 12 months a year. Sadly.

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    The_Moustache, that is a good question. I was thinking the exact same thing. I think Hunter Tylo needs to sign whatever contract they offer her. It is not like she is going to have acting jobs coming out of the woodwork. No disrespect but Meryl Streep she is not!

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    So, watching Brooke try to spin their reunion on today’s show just had me scratching my head.


    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a ridiculous scene as that one.

    Has this worked for Brooke before?

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    i think Eric will give in to Brooke’s shenanigans again. a couple of years ago when she was leaving town he offered to leave with her even tho she didn’t love him.

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    What! LMAO. When are these two women ever NOT trying to take what they want, even when it doesn’t belong to them.

    This show is sick.

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    I had been enjoying it…but you are right…I have no idea how anyway can believe anyone would say…”I know you are happy, but we used to be happy, and you want to be the father to my baby who was fathered by my sister’s husband…”

    Weird. Not good.

    It’d be different if someone came to her and offered for whatever reason…I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before.

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    Yeah…I agree with most of you. But I do like the continuity in this story. Eric was probably the only man the always supported Brooke.

    It just makes me wonder, because if Nick was still on the show, Brooke would probably have turned to Nick for this.

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    No booze26, I don’t have shit for eyes. KKL squints so much she has bags/wrinkles under her eyes. Her hair is always uncomb and her makeup makes her look very pale. Watch GH and see how great Leslie Charleson, Maureen West, Luara Wright, Kelly Monacco looks. Their hair is so pretty and her makeup is done very well.

    I used to think KM was pretty, but then I watched in HD. KM has pot holes in her face. When KM does the wide eye stare, it is not attractive. Her hair sometimes looks like she has a wig on. These are not just my comments, others have said the same thing. Plus she can’t act. Why do you think they stopped the drug/sex addiction story lines. These were stories that could have won her an award. The writers stopped – what does that tell you?

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    @ Lovevillans

    It says absolutely nothing. What is your point?

    Ì\m glad you made the comment about KM though, just to proove my point. So it looks like she has a wig on. Well it does look that way, for you it does, on your HD television. Maybe you should look again, try discover some pot holes on her legs, I probably think you will come up with some discoveries that she has actually long hairs on her left leg. The fact that you see it that way, and probably the rest of your blind family, doesnt mean its true.

    Why should I watch Maura West on GH to see how KKL looks on B&B? It doesnt make sense. The fact that KKL has wrinkles could also suggest that she has passed the magical number of 30 years. IDK, it could have something to do with that.

    You have shit in your eyes if you dont think those two women are beautiful women, because they are. Well ofcourse other people said that KM isnt a beautiful girl, but that doesnt mean its true. Adolf Hitler had 100.000s followers for his believes, that doesnt mean they are right. Its so obvious you just want to bring down these actresses, and its just stupid behaviour.

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    Although I will not miss Taylor, I am bored with the same old Brooke sagas.
    The writers have no imagination.
    I may have to get the good sense to delete from my list of series on the DVR.

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