WISHFUL CASTING: Soap Superstar Robin Christopher as Phyllis on The Young and the Restless!

Okay, let's be real. Michelle Stafford is damn near irreplaceable. I still have nightmares about that Sandra chick who played Phyllis for a time. However, The Young and the Restless is at the beginning of a RED-hot paternity story almost a decade in the making. Said story requires the character of Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman to be present and accounted for in Genoa City. Therefore, the soap has GOTS to recast!

While names like As The World Turns' Martha Byrne and Guiding Light's Liz Keifer are already being bandied about by fans on Twitter as potential Phyllis recasts, I think one of daytime's most famous redheads would provide a sophisticated air to the bitch-nasty role. What about multi-soap vet Robin Christopher as NuPhyllis?

Christopher played Skye Chandler on basically every daytime soap ever to appear on the ABC lineup. I think she was even a fanger on Dark Shadows! Needless to say, she already has the art of playing a flame-haired schemer down pat. I think she'd sizzle opposite fellow All My Children alum Peter Bergman (Jack).

Christopher would also be more than capable of throwing hella shade at Phyllis' rivals Sharon (Sharon Case) and Avery (Jessica Collins). Who would you cast as Y&R's Phyllis? Sound off in the comments!

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    No recast! I say make the paternity test come back that it isn’t Jack’s or Nick’s and let her leave in shame with Summer….never to return! I am sure Phyllis would be back though. She is so psychotically evil, you would have to drive a stake through her heart to make her disappear for good!

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    I’d rather the character just exit when Stafford leaves.

    Keep her off the canvas for a while. This is not welcome news for “The New and Recasted”.

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    As big a fan of Robin as I am, I think the show already has waaaayyyy too many new faces.

    So if they have to recast, then I’d say yes to RC but not for at least four or five months down the road.

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    Robin Christopher is one of my all time faves so I say give the role to her. Although I would rather her come back to GH as Skye. GH is a little heavy on cast right now though so YR can have her. She’s a fabulous actress and will fit in well with YR cast. Is she a friend of JFP? If so then she is already hired. I think she probably would be since she was on Another World and GH.

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    What is it that I don’t understand about this recast statement? I don’t see where they gave a reason for Michelle not to do the role? What am I missing here? It says they need Phyllis to be in GC and as far as I am able to tell, she is there. Was it supposed to say, Michelle has a prior commitment or what? It has been ages since Michelle hasn’t done the part of Phyllis, so someone please explain this to me and thanks.

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    I think Robin Christopher would look great opposite Peter Bergman.

    However, I’d rather just have the character off the canvas for a little bit. There are way too many new faces on Y&R right now and it’s tough to get used to.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Marcia Cross is the right age. She’s 51. The Staff is in her late 40’s. Marcia is still sitting on fat stacks from her DH days though. She’s got at least five years before she’d consider a return to daytime.

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    [quote=david46208]Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place![/quote]

    Seriously, this woman doesn’t need daytime, just like Eva Longoria why would she ever come back??

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    [quote=The_Moustache]is there an out-of-work 80’s sitcom star that could play Phyllis??[/quote]

    What’s the name of the girl who played Punky Brewster?

    That would be an MAB casting move.

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Michelle Stafford IS Phyllis, so in that respect I wouldn’t want anyone in her place.

    However, if the role 100 % has to be recasted, AND Robin Christopher not coming back home to GH as Skye would be 100 % sure, then in that case yes. She is a wonderful actress and could act with any given material.

    Why isn’t SUMMER leaving instead??? Get rid of her!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Yoryla: MS is good. But she never did anything to the role the way Kim Zimmer did to Reva, Susan Flannery to Stephanie, or Victoria Rowell to Dru. MS plays a good bitch though. That is why she was recast the first time she left. Though Sandra played a more subdued Phyllis and that was not good. So you need a recast who can play a bitch. RC is just that bitch on screen!

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    David…Michelle is Phyllis. Hands down.

    Sandra was okay, but the character seemed more backburnered then. I don’t remember a thing she did while she was on.

    Can’t say the same about Stafford.

  13. Profile photo of noway

    If she is leaving, MS better be the one to rip Nick a new one if Jack is the baby daddy, it will be meaningless to me if she isn’t the Phyllis losing her mind on Nick.

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    since this is the top post:

    Rena Sofer has joined The Bold and the Beautiful.

    “Look who’s already getting a mother! Just last week we brought you the news that CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful had hired Emmy winner Darin Brooks for the new role of heartthrob Wyatt Fuller. Now TV Guide Magazine can exclusively report that another Emmy winner, former General Hospital star Rena Sofer, has been signed to play Wyatt’s mother, Quinn Fuller.

    Not a lot of deets yet, except that Mama is as mysterious as Sonny Boy and both have secrets that will rock the soap.

    The actress starts work at B&B May 22 and will hit the air July 12.”


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    [quote]David, Marcia Cross could play Phyllis’ mother.[/quote]

    Say what? MS is pushing 50. They are the same age.

    [quote]is there an out-of-work 80’s sitcom star that could play Phyllis??[/quote]
    LMAO….is that you, MAB?

    I say kill the character off in a brutal fashion. Let JFP get her “AW’s Frankie Frame Winthrop” on.

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    I love Phyllis, Stafford and Robin Christopher but if MS goes I’d rather the Phyllis be offscreen for the paternity SL than have a recast on. Given a bit of time I think RC would be great in the role.

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    I feel that Michelle plays the role so well “Hey Dude” that the door should be left open for her to come back. Robin Christopher would be a good recast, but I say no-recast! No to Liz Keifer she was on the show in the 80s, and a huge HELL NO to Sandra Nelson she was a mess in the 90s.

    However I just want to hear some more commentary though, so how about these names just to continue to the fodder. How about Sarah Brown or Carrie Genzel in the role of Phyllis????

  18. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Laura Leighton, Cynthia Watros, Cynthia Preston……….did I mention Cynthia Watros?

    But I love Robin too, so I would welcome her on any show in any capacity.

  19. Profile photo of bishbay

    KDP…for at least the last decade on OLTL she was more of a doormat than a bitch. Bitchiness is Phyllis’ defining characteristic and I don’t think she can bring it. Also, she would look ghastly (original definition of the word) with red hair.

  20. Profile photo of bishbay

    Yeah, JFP gave Christopher work on GH for no reason other than to keep her on SAG insurance a year/year-and-a-half ago. Looks like this is going to happen.

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    I think all the actresses listed are fantastic actresses and would be perfect and welcomed by in any role on Y&R but I think that Phyllis needs to be the frantic self that she is and that Robin Christopher WOULD BE AMAZING in the role.

    As Skye, Robin has played the bad girl but the actresses listed besides her have all been good and think that we would see them as only playing bad. Sure, Keifer’s Blake was a bad girl early on but not when it ended and I don’t think her energy would be there for that either.

    I am still shocked we may lose Stafford though.

  22. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I think KDP can still play a bitch, but she hasn’t been offered the material. They have forced her to play dotting mother. IA she would suck as a red head, but if hairdressers dyed her hair a dark auburn-it could work. Is Stafford even a red head anymore? She’s been blond and dark brunette.

  23. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    My pick would be Sarah Brown. And she worked with JFP before. Robin Christopher however is a great pick too. Even tough I’d rather see her back as Skye on GH.

  24. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I do not want to see Skye being part of the convoluted Pickle-Lila mess on GH, which is another powerful reason why I’d like to see RC as Phyllis if Michelle vacates the role. :)

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]My pick would be Sarah Brown. And she worked with JFP before. Robin Christopher however is a great pick too. Even tough I’d rather see her back as Skye on GH.[/quote]

    Ugh, I knew someone would get around to mentioning Sarah Brown. Sorry, but she’s even less-subtle than MS is(and she out-screeches MS as well). Could totally see Robin Christopher as Phyllis. You know who else I could see as Phyllis(although she’s a few years younger than MS)? FLORENCIA LOZANO. I know, OLTL just got restarted and she’s not exactly known for subtlety either. But damn would she tear that canvas up(in the best way possible).

  26. Profile photo of Mandolin

    If seems as if people think that being a redhead is the most import aspect to the Phyllis character. :S If she is recast I doubt it will by ANY of the actresses mentioned thus far! They may be good ( RC) and have red hair , but so what ? Get the best actress and dye her hair.

  27. Profile photo of Mandolin

    yeah Florencia L would be a great recast – I take back my previous statement. tho I doubt FL would leave the NYC area where she is developing a parallel career as a playwright , not to mention OLTL having dibs on her for a while.

  28. Profile photo of pferrando

    Maybe it’s just me but to hear that they’ve worked anywhere near JFP at GH is a red flag for me. Y and R is not GH. If there has to be a recast I’d rather have a no-name than a familiar face. Isn’t part of the issue salaries/budgets? I’d rather the role be vacant if they can’t negotiate with their current popular actors.

    Sarah Brown could not be Phyllis. Nor Beth, or Cynthia. Just because they may have been successful on a previous soap does not mean they can step into a role like Phyllis.

    Two recent failures were Maura and Debbie M at Y and R. Recasts and not successful, regardless of the writing.

  29. Profile photo of soapmeup

    If Phyllis is going to be recast then my wishful recast would be..Sarah Buxton. She played Morgan Dewitt on B&B and she was also on Sunset Beach.
    She has the look and she is a great actress.

  30. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    i like Sarah Buxton as Annie on Sunset Beach but i don’t think she has the chops to play Phyllis.

    it’s gonna have to be a big a-list name in the soap biz to replace Michelle.

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    Too much speculation and not enough of a solid statement from either camp! It’s unfair to fans. Once a decision like this is made in today’s world they powers that be should be prepared to release a statement. Otherwise it just sounds like they were late to the game.

    I’m sure that ms stafford opted not to renew and then the show requested to draft a release to save face and give the actress a “proper” official release. But they should be prepared.

    When they or the actress opt to drop a actor or the actor opts to leave then the show should be prepared in “seconds” to “wish them well in the future and what a pleasure to work with them. And they are always welcomed back”

    It’s that simple.

    All this speculation in today’s “twitter/Facebook/tmz/e online” world makes it worse for the show because we all go down all this RUMOR crap.

  32. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I don’t believe MS is leaving till she actually says it. Perhaps she is holding out for more money, and, her character has been in the background since JFP took over in favor of the perfect “Avery”, which I’m sure MS doesn’t like. How many bets that a lot of the actors on Y &R are looking at all the perks Steve Burton has gotten to get him on the show, how JFP did all she can to get him. So, of course, the long-time actors on the show are going to look for “perks” of their own.
    Robin C. would be great in the role (she has the red hair,has always played fiery characters, and she would look great with Jack. Tony Geary has always spoken so highly of her). But, they would have to offer her a lot of benefits to come on the show since she now lives with her husband and kids on a farm in PA.

  33. Profile photo of pjc722

    Personally if we don’t get robin Christopher OR EVEN IF WE DO…. I would love to see a dramatic end to Michelle stafford time on Y&R.

    Before I was TOTALLY AGAINST Phyllis having an affair with Kyle but with Traci saying Phyllis is for Phyllis alone first wouldn’t it be great that after yet another confrontation with traci, an argument with jack that traci is right they are not good together, that Phyllis goes to that dive bar billy likes and drowns her sorrows. On walks Kyle who has just had it out again with nick. They commiserate. They sleep together. And then get caught by jack. In desperation Phyllis bolts… As is the persona of Phyllis. But she’s still drunk. Emotional and crying. She crashes her car. It explodes and Phyllis is presumed dead.

    The rest of the story can be written by the writers once robin Christopher comes on board. (I don’t get paid to do their jobs. Lol)

  34. Profile photo of Trinityboy

    Martha Byrne would be good and Robin Christopher will be great but no one could ever replace Michelle stafford as Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman

  35. Profile photo of pferrando

    Martha Byrne is good, but also couldn’t play Phyllis. Not enough edge to her.

    If the role is recast, you know damn well JFP will fill our screen with another cast off from GH.

  36. Profile photo of blake3b

    Robin Christopher would be perfect as Phyllis, she has the look, the attitude, great actress, sexy as hell!

    Not sure about Liz Keifer and Beth Ehlers in that role but they should be on daytime again for sure!

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    It’s totally obvious that Robin is one of Jill’s pets! I mean they worked together at AW- then Jill went to OLTL- and all of a sudden Robin is back to ABC soap & it wasnt AMC- like she should have been. But rather Skye joins the cast of OLTL. Then Jill moves to the West Coast and GH- and Skye is now the long lost daughter of Alan Q and is a regular on GH.
    So it’s only a matter of time before Robin is offered a role on Y&R- and this may be a good fit!
    If Robin doesnt get the gig- I bet another great recasting idea would be JAMIE LUNER. I cant believe I am even saying that cause I thought she was terrible as LIZA COLBY- but it was a terrible recast. I do however think she will work out in this role if they recast!

  38. Profile photo of pferrando

    So with it now being official, it’d be great to give the character of Phyllis a rest.

    Bring her back with an unfamiliar face many months from now.

    That means I’d love to get the meat of this paternity test on now so we can watch her in action before she gracefully exits.

    Too bad for the show, and for us fans.

  39. Profile photo of staffordNancylee

    Phyllis don’t drink so she wouldn’t be in Can’s bar Jose love Phyack I hope when Robin get there they Marry Tracy shock her stupid mouth before Phyllis shock it for you. after they get Marry Phyllis stand up to Jacks sister and say IM BACK if you don’t like it to damn bad.
    Jack lets Phyllis throw both his sister out on the ass. hope Robin can do a good job when is she coming in…

    Michelle is there intil June 15 right oh ah hope hunter likes Robin too

  40. Profile photo of CanView

    Honestly, Michelle Strafford cannot be replaced and I sincerely hope she changes her mind… I think Marcia Cross ( Bree from Desperate Housewives) would be a good fill in until Michelle decides to return.

  41. Profile photo of terriebari

    Just thought of Liz in that role makes me feel a lot better about losing Michelle. Liz is GREAT at playing multi-dimensional characters! Her role on GL was similar in a lot of ways.

    Robin does not, in my opinion, seem to possess this acting ability. I have seen her on GL and on AMC and I always thought she was kind of flat.

    Not sure how old Liz is, but I can absoutely see her in the role.

  42. Profile photo of JJ57

    Seems like we are getting a lot of General Hospital folks…but I have to say Robin Christopher looks like she could pull it off. Stafford IS Phyllis so no matter who they pick it’s going to be a hard sell. That said, she needs to be in GC for this story about Summer and I think the way they are having her leave is terrible writing.

  43. Profile photo of pferrando

    I still say to let Phyllis chill offscreen for a while if they are going to recast.

    I want more MTS, Jess, Doug D screentime.

    Stafford has been featured a lot, so let’s give the other vets some well deserved air time.

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