First Episodes of New All My Children and One Life to Live Available on You Tube


Soap fans who missed the premiere episodes of the new One Life to Live and All My Children on Hulu, Hulu Plus, iTunes or FX Canada now have the opportunity to catch them on You Tube. Prospect Park has uploaded the first episodes of their versions of the classic sudsers to the TOLN You Tube Channel. Watch both eppys after the jump!

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    Even though yesterday’s AMC episode was almost completely unwatchable between the acting, the “fashion show” and last but not least the horrible singing. It’s like they can’t fill a half hour show so they have to add a bunch of mind numbing stuff. I couldn’t watch the whole show.

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    I pretty much knew at some point, TOLN would allow/post episodes to You Tube. It makes sense considering You Tube’s worldwide reach.

    It wouldn’t be a bad strategy to post episodes after their initial run on Hulu and iTunes, perhaps weeks later, many BBC/ITV productions are done this way, in some cases days after their initial broadcast runs in Britain.

    I know revenue must be made from ad dollars, so I’m guessing there would have to be a delay between Hulu and You Tube streams, unless perhaps, they could insert ads in the manner that they do with Hulu.

    Hopefully this is a test run for a broader partnership agreement. Make it happen TOLN :) (lol)

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    THANK YOU TOLN! As I live in London, I had been unable to see these episodes before.

    I am IMPRESSED! Awesome production values, these shows look way better than all the network soaps.

    I enjoyed OLTL more, because of the suspense.

    I wish both shows a very long life and keep those episodes coming on youtube!

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