HLN Publishes Younger Actor Daytime Emmy Reels (VIDEO)

Wanna know what this year's Daytime Emmy nominees are being judged on for the big night? HLN is publishing all of the nominated actors' submission reels, starting with the Oustanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category. Check them out after the jump!

 Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of Our Lives)



Chandler Massey (Will, Days of Our Lives)

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    Chandler is winning fairly easy if it on these Reels. He gots pretty much anything you want in a winning reel.

    Max is the likely spoiler just because you can tell he a talent as an actor (helps when he clearly outclasses the other teens.) But his reel is short and his charcter is very hard to like.

    Bryton got nom I guess because his reel had a happy ending but no acting really stand out.

    Freddie reel is nice for what it was but does not sceaming emmy winning reel.

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    Max Ehrich (Fenmore, Y&R) and Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days) don’t stand a chance. It’s going to be between Chandler Massey (Will, Days) and Bryton James (Devon, Y&R). I’m giving the Emmy edge by a long shot to Chandler Massey. He’ll repeat this year.

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    Yeah, the writing for Y&R is much better now, but I MISS that Y&R in the Devon scene. As far as the way it looks it sounds…I miss it sooo much :(

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    It’s so cool to see these posted so we can judge for ourselves.

    I wouldn’t say Will has it locked…Devon’s was pretty good too. Fen’s isn’t bad but I don’t think this is his year.

    Sonny’s reel just has him talking. Not much emotion or range.

    I hope we get to see the others on here too? (Hint)

    One thing the reels did do was let me quickly contrast MAB’s Y and R, and the new team’s.

    On Devon’s reel, notice the music queue at around 5:40…that’s what I know a LOT of us miss. Nothing that is currently being used comes anywhere near the impact of that score.

    It also made me realize that the show doesn’t need Tucker, Sophia, and Harmony…all of which I was glad to see go.

    Lastly for those who continue to say CL can’t act. I again disagree. She’s very natural with her style and her scenes with Devon are touching.

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    Ok please just bring Cassie back and Jerry Douglas, they have been gone too long and we need them back, NO MORE GHOSTS.


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