Kidnappings! Brutal Beatings! Hot Sex! Shoot Outs! Days of Our Lives is Playing For Keeps (VIDEO)


The Young and the Restless and General Hospital have been benefiting from buzz surrounding their recent anniversaries and regime changes for some time now. The Bold and the Beautiful is offering up more edge-of-your-set drama backstage than onscreen of late; and fans are celebrating the historic-yet-bumpy returns of All My Children and One Life to Live. What about Days of Our Lives?

 NBC's lone sudser has been generating precious little buzz, when the soap is pretty damn good these days! After years of begging from fans, slightly-reformed villains EJ DiMera (James , Scott) and Samantha Brady (Alison Sweeney) are finally being written as the supercouple we all knew they had the potential to be.

The skeevy, prison yard past of homophobic Horton grandson Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) has come back to haunt the town's young adult set. A sexually-charged May/December affair between cunning, corporate maven Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and true blue cop Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) has evolved into tender, true love.

Manipulative, pot stirrer Kristen Blake DiMera (Eileen Davidson) has all but dismantled the Black clan, simply by sweating up the sheets with John's (Drake Hogestyn) addicted to love son Brady (Eric Martsolf). Kristen's adoptive father, Stefano (Joe Mascolo) is still alive, kicking and causing tons of trouble. 

To top (or bottom) it all off, the hero the town is now holding out for, is the flaxen-haired, homosexual great-grandson of the late Tom and Alice Horton. What's not to love about DAYS?

Okay, so there are a couple of things not to love—namely the monstrosity that is Dannifer and my Hope (Kristian Alfonso) flying solo—but there is no denying DAYS has been on a quiet, creative upswing for months now. Need more proof? Watch Monday's DAYS recap video below!

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  1. Profile photo of Brando

    Couldnt agree more!!!!!!!!!! I am glad that Whitesell and Tomlin came back to HW duties…i was skeptical at 1st but they REALLY have turned the show around for the better. Days is the best soap on right now…with GH coming in 2nd (in my opinion)…B&B i never watched, but Y&R is a complete and utter snoozefest and I stopped watching a month after the new regime started their reign of terror. Even nuAMC is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Y&R!!! Actually I am enjoying nuAMC A LOT…to me Days and AMC are showcasing good classic soap opera and are the 2 shows i race home to watch daily (too bad AMC is only 2 epps a week now)…kudos to Days, the writing team, the actors and NBC for giving us DAMN good drama in the afternoon :-)

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    The show is so good right now that I don’t even mind “the monstrosity that is Dannifer”. By adding JJ to the mix, something they should have done months ago instead of shoehorning Nicole and Chloe into forced triangles, the show has suddenly made them a little more interesting.

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Meh…Days sucks for me right now, because I love Marlena, and she is basically been MIA since Tomlin and Whitesell took over.

    Will & Sonny are boring now

    Dannifer makes me sick

    Rafe worship makes me sick

    Gabi still makes me sick

    Nick still mumbles

    The show I can take or leave right now. The best part is Ciara and the envelope.

  4. Profile photo of CatOTO

    Yesterday (Monday 5/20) was the best episode of a soap I have seen in a long time. Tightly plotted, everybody had purpose in this far reaching umbrella story (including Ciara. That little girl GIVES ME LIFE. And her and Johnny fighting over her envelope obsession last week? Perfection). Um, I saw a lot more of Ali Sweeney’s fabulous cleavage than I anticipated but, heck, EJ was all over that like white on rye.

    Basically, I think Sami’s sexytimes wish a few months back to get rid of Nick has prompted the DiMeras to bring this Psycho on board without realizing what his past with Nick is really about and what a nutcase he is. And it is going to end badly for Will, and that is going to be wrenching for Sami.

    BTW, Blake Berris is going to kill it when the truth comes out about the prison rape. I would also like to say, for no particular reason, that Lauren Koslow as Kate is an absolute marvel and I cannot keep my eyes off her when she is in a scene, any scene.

  5. Profile photo of Janie

    I disagree. I hate the show right now and just keep holding out by reading spoilers to see if it gets better.
    I HATE Daniel and Jennifer together. There is no chemistry.
    Don’t like Abbie with Cameron either. No sizzle. Boring on both those couples.
    I hate the entire John/Marlena/Brady/Kristen storyline. All it does is make John and Brady look like idiots.
    They totally changed John’s entire personality. I keep thinking we will find out that Stephano replaced him
    with a clean in Alamania.
    I loathe Kate with Rafe. How many younger men has this woman had through the years? Seriously.
    And don’t get me started on EJ and Sami. They might deserve one another but I believe EJ is beyond the capacity
    to reform. He shot John, he raped Sami, he stole her child, kidnapped her husband and replaced him with a
    clone. Please. How can she allow him to touch her is beyond believable in my book.
    I would like to see some great storylines with some couples to root for. I like good versus evil. I don’t like the gray line
    where the writers toy with characters being both.

  6. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I could not agree more Jamey!!! I have been marathon-catching up on the May episodes of DAYS, and especially when watched back-to-back like that it becomes clear, what a flowing, tightly-knit show this is right now.

    Like for instance, Rafe’s beating. It could have been handled terribly wrong – by making Rafe some sort of hero or hailing him as Saint Rafe. But instead, they did it exactly right and had that provide drama for everyone else. In fact, I don’t think Sami even flinched when she heard Rafe’s in the hospital. It was so good!

    And now, on to the Bristen wedding!!! I’m sure it will be GOOD. :)

  7. Profile photo of lostfan

    Thank you Jamey for throwing some love toward Days!! As a diehard fan of it, through thick and thin, I have been so weary reading about GH, B&B, Y&R and the returns of AMC and OLTL. I’ve watched all of those shows at one time or another, (I watched GH in college along with everyone else during the Luke and Laura days), but Days has been it for me since 1981. Days is great right now, notwithstanding boring Dannifer and the need to give Kristian Alfonso something meaty to do (Maybe Peter Reckell will come back now??–one can only hope!)

    Also, it’s about time that someone give Lauren Koslow credit for having chemistry with EVERY SINGLE MALE she has been romantically paired with, from Joe Mascolo, to Galen Gering, to Josh Taylor, to James Scott, to Drake Hogestyn, to John Aniston, to Shawn Christian, and anyone else I am forgetting at the moment. She also has always had great chemistry with All of the actors who have played/play her kids. Anyway, thanks Jamey!!

  8. Profile photo of Tmaddy32

    The show is great right now.


    The young adult story

    the Chad/Abby/Cameron storyline reminds me of the Jack/Jennifer/Borning Huck triangle of the early 90’s.

    JJ is great (Days has been nailing their casting lately)

  9. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    DAYS is my favorite soap right now(yeah, I said it). It’s been really firing on all cylinders for the last several episodes(prob because Dannifer hasn’t been seen much).

    Nice to see they’re finally resolving what happened with Nick in prison–the dude with the pretty eyelashes looks to be his rapist–and now the road to redemption begins for that character(or possibly death, whichever comes first). Everything and everyone involved in that story is bringing it(yeah, even Camila Banus, who’s out-acting Chandler Massey these days. Yeah, I know, no huge feat).

    CatOTO–yes yes yes to everything you said about Ciara. I don’t know what it is about that little girl because I couldn’t stomach her when she was all smiles. But now that she’s acting out a little she’s a helluva lot more interesting(and the little actress that plays her is a keeper–those wide-eyed looks she gives people as she slowly turns her head; can you say creepy?).

    And yes to everything everyone is saying about Lauren Koslow. She is slowly trying to take Eileen Davidson’s and Ari Zucker’s spots as my favorite actress on this show. And yes, she has chemistry with any and every person you put her in a room with. DAYS need to keep her front and center for, like, ever.

  10. Profile photo of dattilofan1

    DAYS has been good for a while now. But every other soap for reasons stated has been given a spotlight. The Will/Sonny storyline has been an incredible tentpole for the show which is not telling edgier and more interesting stories. I look forward to more. My wishlist for returns would be crazy Vivian Allamain. She’s sorely missed (by me anyway).

  11. Profile photo of noway

    I haven’t watched Days since the early 80’s, but since ED left Y&R, occasionally I will troll over to NBC to get a fix, then if LK is on I get sucked into watching. Days is lucky to have two fabulous actresses on their show.

  12. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    [quote=ChrisGa]….Nice to see they’re finally resolving what happened with Nick in prison–the dude with the pretty eyelashes looks to be his rapist–….[/quote]

    Honestly, the guy is a good actor; but I’d find it a bit more believable if he looked a bit harder and rougher, more like my idea of a vicious man-raping ex-con. The Days casting people always seem to go for the pretty. :)

  13. Profile photo of Yoryla

    ^^ SoapA, I kinda thought the same. Vargas would have looked exactly the part! But obviously they decided to keep him on and thus he couldn’t be the rapist. Something that I’m kind of glad about, because I like the actor and he is hot, but in another sense, not happy, because there is no real reason for him to stay. I don’t want him in a pairing with Hope or Nicole, it’s just not plausible to me.

  14. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=Yoryla]I don’t want him in a pairing with Hope or Nicole, it’s just not plausible to me.[/quote]

    Yeah, I’m a little concerned about that. He’s been interacting alot with Hope in the last couple of eps. Like they’re trying a chem test on them on something of that nature. I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling it.

  15. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Chris, me neither. And actually to me, it’s not necessarily even that they don’t have chemistry, but I don’t buy Hope getting involved with an ex-con of 10 years. It’s not my intention to sound prejudiced, but it’s just something I can’t ignore. I could somehow buy it from Sami, Nicole or even Kate, but not Hope. It’s just her. Especially when she has a little girl to consider.

    And the reason I don’t want him with Nicole, is that it doesn’t advance Nicole within the show in any capacity. She needs to finally get with Eric, or then leave the church altogether and eventually make her way to the Kiriakis or DiMera mansion. Either is fine.

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