Shemar Moore Recalls The Young and the Restless’ Jeanne Cooper (VIDEO)

Near the end of a recent appearance on CBS Daytime's The Talk, co-host Sara Gilbert asked guest Shemar Moore to share a few words about his late, The Young and the Restless co-star Jeanne Cooper. Watch the Criminal Minds hunk's touching-yet-funny tribute to the soap legend after the jump!



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    It’s fantastic that the Talk continues to honor her.

    I’ve always like Shemar. He had an innocence when he came to the show. Not the most skilled, but definitely charming and immediately likable. Bill knew how to work with him. And the guy ends up with an Emmy!

    I dislike when they compare Tyler to him. Tyler doesn’t match his looks or charism.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @pferrando: The comparsion comes from the fact that Redaric Williams joined the show a much stronger actor than Shemar Moore did. Truth be told Shemar started off has a horrible actor. He was in Ron Moss and Drake Hoygesten territory back then. But within 3 years and the help Victoria Rowell (his own admission) he grew to become an actor worthy of an Emmy.

    You will notice that when Redaric joined Y&R it was not his acting that was the topic of debate by most fans across the web, it was that the writers had written him as coming on too strong. With Shemar it was not even a question that he was hired for his looks. No one questioned his lack of acting skills from the jump. And they didn’t make any bones about enjoying him for his looks.

    So that is where much of the comparison comes in.

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    Yeah, but put up Redaric’s pic next to Shemar’s above and it’s no contest.

    And Malcolm was much more carefully written, and easily accepted by the fans.

    A lot of us disliked the way Tyler was brought on.

    And since Shemar’s acting improved, I still think there shouldn’t be a comparison, other than they both have great bodies. Again, though Shemar in his time won that one hand’s down as well.

    But as they say, that’s just my opinion.

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    And I have to say, that Redaric’s character has grown on me a tad.

    I don’t cringe now everytime he’s on the screen.

    I just stared when Shemar was on my screen. >)

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    This is a very sweet moment. Aww.

    david46208, I agree with you. Shemar was definitely not impressive in his acting when he first arrived, there was a lot of bluster filling in the gaps but over time he learned and became quite skilled in his portrayal of the character and I also attribute this to being around the likes of Tonya Lee Williams and Victoria Rowell. And even in those days, Kristoff St. John could even turn out some good performances–the two had a natural rapport that made it believable that Neil was the industrious, serious minded, uptight (some would say ‘stuff shirt’) older sibling, while Malcolm was the laid back (some might say, less ambitious), impetuous younger brother.

    It’s great that people from different periods of the show have only great things to say about Ms. Jeanne Cooper.
    Judging from the histrionics among many of the current cast members, it is unlikely that this will be the case for many of Y&R’s most recent stars.

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    Redaric started off a stronger actor.

    And no one but the fans compare him to Shemar Moore. As far as we know, Tyler has never even HEARD of Malcolm because no one on the show even mentions him….

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