Fitch, Please: Ellen DeGeneres Rips Abercrombie & Fitch! (VIDEO)

Abercrombie & Fitch just lost another customer. Ellen DeGeneres is not amused following CEO Mike Jeffries' declaration the company doesn't sell clothes to plus-sized individuals, because A&F only wants “cool, good-looking people” in their clothing. M’kay, boo…

Watch the daytime talk show queen give Jeffries a hilarious dressing down after the jump!

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    Hypocrisy much?? (I say in slight jest) Okay, in the shot of the clothing from The Ellen Shop—um, how many of those models, male or female that were wearing the clothes –EVEN THE PREGNANT ONE–were larger than a size 8 or, in the case of the studly men, larger than a medium? haha! I mean, I like her and the message, but that shot was kind of unfortunate.

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    Regan Cellura

    That store should be banned from malls IMO for that AWFUL cologne they pump into the PUBLIC area. Anyone ever hear of people who suffer from migraines and can’t handle that stench? Nevermind the idiot that runs the joint and his stupid narrow-minded views on what people should look like.

  3. Profile photo of cinicic

    Yes, I realize that. And it is a good thing. As a chubby guy, I just have issues. :) And I wish I had seen a fuller size model especially at that moment is all. I was immediately struck by the “perfect” bodies in their Ellen tees and hoodies. No ill will toward Ellen or her clothes.That is why I threw in the “jest”. It is just something to maybe think about in the future.

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    Good comedy finds itself rooted in and springing from honesty and truth. I’ve always found Ellen DeGeneres to be refreshing and sharp in her insights. This little clip is a sterling example… 0:)

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    “Oh, Fitch please!”

    “What are we aspiring to? Honey, do these jeans make my butt look invisible?”

    Ellen DeGeneres has a very special way of getting her point across. Love you, Ellen!

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    @everyone: Every business has the right to sell what it wants. Don’t like it then don’t shop there. That is how I look at it and it is no stress.

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    [quote=david46208]@everyone: Every business has the right to sell what it wants. Don’t like it then don’t shop there. That is how I look at it and it is no stress.[/quote]

    Business is one thing…I agree, but the message this sends out is the problem. They don’t get to say who is cool and who is beautiful. No one should make another person feel bad for the way they look. True beauty IS on the inside…and has no “size”.

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    David, there are plenty of places I don’t shop, but for the CEO to publically make that statement makes we wonder how he got to where he is.

    He obviously isn’t that great at his job if he is driving away potential business. God, what a joke.

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    @everyone: His message just tells me that someone out there ought to start a business. That’s why I don’t let them get to me.

    When there is a market out there, then one can create a business to service that market.

    It is a hell of a lot better than reacting to what he says. I would just say “okay” and then move on. We cannot expect everyone in the world to send out messages we agree with or even like. It is our job to counter those messages with ones we believe in.

    So I look at it from a standpoint where your self-esteem should not be up to what someone else thinks. Nor should anybody be concerned about what he says.

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    I do think people need to learn from their comments, and so should this dude.

    As a gay man, I’ve had to put up with comments all my life. If any of us were just to say “okay”, I don’t think we’d now have 12/13 states where we can be married.

    Action is part of what allows us to move on.

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    Now see I would say that learning from their comments assumes that someone has “something to learn.” That I would say is an opinion.

    In a free society if we don’t like someone’s business practices or someone’s statements they make while running a business then we just don’t patron that business.

    I don’t expect anyone to have a “come to Jesus moment” or an “ah ha” moment.

    I also realize that the world can’t stop or cater to my feelings of offense.

    I see the PC culture that came out 80’s and 90’s as detrimental to society as a whole. I would rather people keep it real and be honest rather than having to edit everything because someone else may not like it.

    Then I know what to do.

    Basically I just don’t find shaming tactics as logical.

  12. Profile photo of pferrando

    But some DO have those “come to Jesus moments”. And thank God our society is continuing to evolve or there may still be slavery…women may not vote…I could go on and on.

    I may be too PC, but there are some that just are too far the other extreme.

  13. Profile photo of david46208

    @pferrando: There is a big difference between the government intruding on people’s lives (I.E. slavery, voting rights, Jim Crow, Same Sex Marriage) and a private businesses decision making habits. The two do not go together. So the government should not be involved in restricting anyone’s individual freedom’s or liberties.

    On the other hand I live in PC California where it is not okay to talk about gays, blacks, latinos, asians and women. But it is quite all right for feminist to rag on men, quite all-right for gays to rag on straights and quite alright for people of color and other white people to rag on white people. It is also quite also quite alright for democrats to rag on republicans. All this in such vile manners, while claiming offense when a specific group does not like something.

    So I have learned to take things in stride. Because we have created a society where people are not strong enough stand up for themselves so they expect others to bend to their feelings of offense. I don’t.

  14. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    From a business perspective, the CEO who made those comments is a total assface. Even the most basic business class will teach you that you never do or say anything that can potentially turn ANY segment of the buying public against you or your product.

    It’s called generating goodwill.

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    We need to get away from a size 0 or a size 16 being a bad thing. You are who you are. Some people are naturally skinny.

    What the CEO said was irresponsible in a world where people kill themselves to meet a standard of beauty that is ever changing. Not that it changes anything, but he said this many years ago, and it was just republished so he had to explain again.

    That being said, I can be safe in assuming that most CEOs of large companies are azzholes in one way or another. If I knew the beliefs of many of these people, I would never shop in many stores again. So in my opinion, it isn’t about their personal beliefs. It is about how or whether those beliefs impact their employees or their customers. Will they hire a person that is a size 16? Maybe not. Employees are used to advertise and wear their clothes. Will they fire a person that gains weight? Is this discriminatory?

    I think the problem is with our fashion industry. They don’t create fashions for the average size. They create them for Hollywood. The sample size is a size 4 (I don’t remember anymore)…even though that isn’t average. If you go to a Gap, Banana Republic, etc…see how successful you are in finding a size 14, 16, or higher. Their CEO may not say it, but they essentially practice the same thing. I say essentially because they may have 1 or 2 pieces. The people that shop there aren’t that size. Now..what came first…do they not shop there because the size isn’t available…or is the size not available because they don’t shop there?

    I think I am rambling. The CEO’s comment sucks, but freedom of speech applies even when we don’t like what he is saying. And we are free to not purchase from his stores.. if we so choose. Ultimately, in a free market society, that is the only way to force change.

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    @thecourt99: By the way I love Banana Republic. But you are also correct. And there are plenty of stores that cater to men and women of size. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, SimplyBe and Mens Warehouse to name a few. So those are examples of people engaging in the free market to create businesses to cater to women and men of size. I like that they do that. See problem solved.

  17. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=david46208]@thecourt99: By the way I love Banana Republic. But you are also correct. And there are plenty of stores that cater to men and women of size. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, SimplyBe and Mens Warehouse to name a few. So those are examples of people engaging in the free market to create businesses to cater to women and men of size. I like that they do that. See problem solved.[/quote]

    I still think there is an area that can be exploited. We need a store with the fashion sensibility of a Gap or BR…that carry the sizes of a Lane Bryant. Does that exist?

  18. Profile photo of david46208

    @thecourt99: In my research Lane Bryant is a major fashion retailer that specializes in clothing for women of size. Mens Warehouse for men. Sears, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Walmart, Targee’ aka Target and Montgomery Ward have clothing for men and women of size. Macy’s carries some lines that are specific for big men and women.

    So from what I have seen is that big men and women have been accommodated through stores and fashion lines that cater to them.

    I have some big women in my extended family and they find their clothing just fine. So do the men.

    But there is even a etiquette to being big. Just because make it in your size does not mean it will look good. So retailers can also exploit that as well.

    On the other hand as an African American male I know that people across racial lines are built differently. So even I as a man who runs 3 time a week and hits the gym up 4 times, does not eat red meat or fatty foods has to still be careful about what clothing I select and from whom.

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