General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Sam is not pleased to find Silas at her door, so she slams it shut in his face. When she reopens it, Silas claims he’s there for his nephew.  Sam wonders what he wants with Rafe, since he didn’t care before when she told him about his nephew.  Silas was shocked by the news at first, but now has come to meet Rafe.  Sam feels Rafe has been through enough, but Silas informs her he isn’t leaving town.  

Lulu wonders who Roger Howarth's character is, and he tells her that they’ve met before. She doesn’t really care what his name is, since she has no memory of anyone anyway. Roger's character tells her that he’s back in town after an involuntary absence, and wants to rent her boat for a party tomorrow night.  Lulu’s not sure she could pull it off in such a short time. However, Roger's character tells her he’ll take care of everything, but just needs the venue. Lulu agrees to let him use The Haunted Star.  
Alexis is surprised when Rafe tells her that he’s going to the prom with Molly.  Molly informs her mother that she and TJ have broken up thanks to TJ’s jealousy.  When Shawn arrives, Molly and Rafe duck out and leave Alexis to handle him.  Alexis tells Shawn about Molly, Rafe and TJ.  Shawn angrily says Molly belongs with TJ, which angers Alexis.  She accuses TJ of being jealous.  Both calm down and decide they need to focus on each other, and let the teens settle things amongst themselves.
Sonny checks in on the Falconeri women, who assure him all is well now.  Olivia asks about Morgan, and Sonny thanks them for helping him.  The two banter, until Connie gets upset with them.  She reminds Sonny they shouldn’t be around each other, so Sonny leaves.  Olivia wonders if Connie is upset with Sonny, or with her and Sonny. Connie assures Olivia both she and Sonny are free to do what they want. She asks if something is going on between them.  Olivia swears she and Sonny are friends only, but Connie is family and will always come first.  
Dante runs into Milo, and demands to know Lulu's whereabouts. He stopped by Milo’s apartment, but didn’t find her there.  Milo has no idea.  Dante wants Milo to butt out once and for all, but Milo feels he’s just being a friend. He thinks Dante should back off. Dante hauls off and punches Milo in the face.  Sonny arrives in time to stop Milo from hitting him back. 
Kiki and Morgan are thrilled to be back together, much to Michael’s annoyance.  Michael wants her to go back to New York.  Morgan warns he’ll follow her, and wants Kiki to stay with them.  Michael points out there is only one bedroom, and the couple decides to take it from him.  
TJ tells Felix what happened with Molly.  Felix thinks Molly is a reasonable person, and knows there is still hope for them. He advises TJ not to give up. 
Sonny tells Dante he’s worried about him.  Dante complains Lulu seems further away than before.  Sonny wonders if Lulu’s blocking the memory of something bad happening to her.  Dante realizes she’s gone to the boat, and heads there.
Rafe and Molly arrive at Sam's, as Silas is leaving.  Rafe is shocked, but Sam explains Silas is his uncle.  Silas offers his hand to Rafe, who refuses it. He shouts Steven was never his father, and Silas isn’t his uncle. The young teen storms off.  Silas apologizes to Sam, who tells him to go back to New York.  Silas warns her that he doesn’t give up that easily. 
Lulu starts cleaning up and finds a bottle of champagne, which triggers a memory.  Dante arrives and asks what happened.  Lulu runs off.
Roger's character lets himself into the Crimson offices and retrieves a CD.  

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    So, Todd redid the Crimson offices when he moved in and Connie probably did a few changes when she came back but RoHo finds his CD still where he left it? Yeah, whatever.

    Morgan + Kiki = annoying

    I love Dante, but even I’m thinking he needs to back off a little bit. Having said that, Lulu needs to see a shrink and find out once and for all what happened to her.

  2. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    damn Felix, have some self-respect girl and stawp throwing yourself at guys who don’t want you!

    so is RoHo a Franco-recast or what??? he wants to make amends to Sam for hurting her and Heather seems to know what he did to her. He seems a bit surprised that Lulu didn’t recognize him. People in Port Charles seemed to have interacted with him in the recent-past.

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    Kiki and Morgan are beyond annoying. Brother or not, if I was Michael in that situation I would have thrown Morgan out. And them taking Michael’s apartment hostage – unbelievable.

    That Silas character ist another big fail.

    Alexis and Shawn’s romance seems to go nowhere and pretty pointless.

    I enjoyed Lulu’s scenes with mystery man.

  4. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    ME and KM still have great chemistry but there is something about Silas that bothers me. He is just a bit too aloof.

    If RH is Franco then Ronwill have his work cut out for him because that character is too far gone to be a regular fixture on the canvas. He’s a rapist and murderer and e en though Todd started out as a rapist, kidnapper and attempted murderer he had over a decade to “rehab” the character into a less psychopathic character. To quote Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that” in regards to Franco.

    Is it wrong for me to wish that someone send Molly and Rafe upstairs to get some skis and we never see them again? Molly is irritating as hell and Rafe’s overly earnest wounded puppy thing grew old months ago.

    I like Shawn and I like Alexis but I just can’t buy Shawn and Alexis as a couple. There is no spark between them at all.

    If one side effect of this Lulu amnesia story isn’t a heartbroken Milo turning to Felix and exploring his sexuality then I will be seriously disappointed in Ron Carlavati as a writer.

    Someone needs to tell KA to tone it down as Kiki because she is just being way too extra for mid-afternoon.

    And Morgan is the worst.

  5. Profile photo of bishbay

    The maybe-spoilers I’m reading about Lulu are so gross and remind me of why I LOATHE Carlivati’s writing so much of the time. I really hope they’re fake but it would be so like Carlivati.

  6. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I so agree, send Rafe and Molly to the Quatermaine attic never to be seen again. What Molly did to TJ just makes her so unlikeable.

    I don’t give a rat’s piss who Roger’s character is. It’s getting annoying now. I know Lulu lost her memory but my goodness you don’t do a business deal with someone and you don’t know their name! Her saying she didn’t need his name was like WTH.

    Morgan and Kiki are so annoying. I liked seeing Michael be a Quatermaine and involved in ELQ, now he has to babysit Morgan and his odd head shaped girlfriend?

    I love the Mister Roger’s sweater Silas had on today. He rocked it. He is scary thin but so far he is the only new character I’m liking.

    Dante’s head is going to explode. I understand his frustrations. But he can’t be going Sonny on Milo all the time. I wish Milo could have hit him back. But I also think this is Ron’s way of making us feel sorry for Milo so we will root for him in this triangle. I need my Niz. Why are Connie and Olivia still in Port Charles, why oh why

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    Angie Lucy

    Morgan and Kiki were almost unwatchable.

    Loved seeing Shawn’s chest. Still don’t love Shawn and Alexis as a couple.

    Having Roger H.’s character show up in all the places where you might reasonably expect to see Todd is annoying. At least with Silas (can we just call him Si?) and Kiki, the spoiler-free viewers were set straight nearly right away that these weren’t John and Starr. But the third character has got to be confusing for them.

  8. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    So much hate for the younger set. I disagree. Molly’s behavior is exactly what I’d expect from a confused-by-her-feelings 15 year old. And Morgan and Kiki are behaving much as I’d expect 2 rich spoiled kids to behave. Morgan, like many younger siblings, knows he can manipulate Michael into giving him what he wants.

    I like the fact that I don’t yet know who Roger is (unless of course it turns out to be Franco–who I hated). But as long as it ends soon, it’s a great way to get viewers engaged. I know when the show ends, my mind stays occupied trying to guess the answer. It’s all so soapy.

    I do think since he was out of his hospital work environment, ME should have had his hair down.

  9. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’ve decided to wait it out a bit and withhold judgement on what is going on with this show until the stories and characters are fleshed out a bit.

    Yesterday was my last complaint.

    Don’t you just love nuLULU

  10. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    pjc722-First, I always read your posts as they are well thought out, bracing and passionate.

    In answer to your question about the recast, and always being honest, no. I do not love her. There are many things about her presence and performance that leave me very unsettled and not convinced that she was/is the best choice for the role. I’ve purposely waited so as to give the young woman a chance. I’ve considered storyline/writing as well as all of scenes showing her interacting with those who will seem to comprise much of her main contacts within the fabric of the overall cast. Speaking for myself only, she does not embody the qualities that I believe are important for what I think is the pivotal role of L. What disturbs me most is that I’m looking at someone “acting” the part. I never felt that I was watching Julie “acting”. She just was L, with a natural ease and flow to her delivery. For me, her L was a living, breathing entity that I would fully expect to meet on the street. That is a rare gift to find in an actor. And that’s just one thing that I sorely miss about her not being here… 0:)

  11. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Thanks TV Gord. I’ve missed your mostly positive views here. I decided I could either stop reading this board (so much negativity) or read it and add my more positive perspective.

  12. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Tv Gord & Lucy D you are definitely more to my way of thinking.

    I’m loving the show and really enjoying Emme Rylan as Lulu.She is a very expressive actor,with great delivery and energy.Viewers have to remember she’s an amnesiac and of course she won’t be acting as you expect.

    I just adore watching Roger Howarth and it’s great that I still don’t know who he is.Intrigue is a vital ingredient to a good show like GH.I’m hoping he’s not Franco,but maybe a Cassadine,or someone completely new.The Heather connection fascinates me.

    Now to the younger set: I’d expect them to act they way they are and I like their involvement in the show.I do wish that Michael would acknowledge that Kiki looks a bit (a lot) like his ex-girlfriend though.

    Enjoy the show people and suspend your disbelief.It’s an escape from reality. :)

  13. Profile photo of katehhoward

    So much negativity on these blogs. Poor OLTL and AMC, I have not watched since everyone jumped on the take them down band wagon. They should of never made that damn announcement,

    As for the show today I actually enjoyed it. Kiki is growing on me. The thing about Kristen Alderson is that she brings this fun attitude to the show, She brightens it up, I still do not see her as a Q heiress. It is obvious that Michael and Kiki will probably end up liking each other. That said we will find out that she is not the real Lauren Frank. But regardless I am going to give her a B for her performance. I like NuMorgan as well. Look these are young arrogant people. They are doing great and there personalities reflect young family members I know.

    OOOO Milo gonna get it! When Dante punched Milo that was strike number two, there won’t be another. Milo about to hit Dante, I was like BITCH ITS ON!!!!!!! Too bad papa Sonny showed up. It was kind of cute. Sonny looked like the dad coming in between two of his Son’s fighting over a woman. I think Sonny is going to side with Milo seeing how Connie pushed him away as well for health reasons. Olivia and Sonny are growing on me. Connie needs to be with a new man Sonny should be with Brenda but in the mean time Olivia is okay I guess.

    Love NuLulu and RH interaction. Molly and Rafe boring. TJ and Felix awwwwww so sweet. I actually liked Shawn and Alexis scenes…am I nuts to say that? Can’t wait till new players hit PC. I hope we get some good mix ins.

  14. Profile photo of pjc722

    Thanks, swan queen, for that!

    I decided after railing on abt a story with Brooke on B&B that after it played out a little more it got more dramatic and fun to watch.

    As for emme rylan… Personally I know I become invested in a character that has been “owned” by one actor that sometimes it’s jarring to see another actor play that character. With emme I definitely don’t think it’s her acting but that CARTOONY has opted not to utilize her biggest strength and that is comedic delivery without being a cartoon like roger howarth was as Todd.

    I think, from what I have, they want to change the direction of the character so that we eventually see emme has Lulu. I’m not buying the direction and hate with a passion convenient plot twists like amnesia. It’s just bad and lazy writing.

    Time will tell BUT I WILL say that where emme left… Y&R… They have suffered in the addition of a new Abby especially since they have opted to remove her bitchy TRUTHFUL one liners and have given over to simple battles of dimwits. Seeing Abby and carmine duke it out to be smarter was like watching my 2 yr old niece argue the point that two munchkins should be an option for cleaning up her toys. (Sadly, she would win a debate between carmine n Abby)

  15. Profile photo of pjc722

    Michael and KIKI can’t be lovers. Aren’t they related if she is a quartermaine?

    AJ parents are Monica and Alan.

    Jason’s are Alan and some other chick.

    Franco’s would be Alan’s.

    Kiki is Franco’s.

    Michael is aj’s.

    They are first cousins. Am I wrong?

    Or this just proves she is not the heiress and we will see her bump into her sister… The true q… Soon in port Charles.

  16. Profile photo of Grimm

    Time for my out of left field WISHFUL STORYTELLING:
    Howarths character describes himself as having returned from an involuntary absence from town and said he’d been pigeonholed by others for a long time. His scenes were conspicuously placed adjacent to Samantha telling Silas about her dead husband. He’s blonde. He’s JASON returned from the dead with a new personality shift making him more like his eccentric twin brother Franco.

    TJ and Felix are suddenly confidantes. Alexis gave Sean the “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you” speech. Enjoy the shirtless sexy while you can, Sean is a GONER.

  17. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am also holding out on judgement till we get the whole revealation stories on who RH is playing. He seems to know so much! If he’s Franco, I don’t think he was the James Franco character who raped Sam and did all those evil things. I am sure it will all be explained at that party he’s planning at the Haunted Star. I think ME and KM have such chemistry together, it’s in the eyes. Would like to see them get involved somehow.
    Just can’t get into Alexis and Shawn. Don’t feel any chemistry there. I think her and Sonny always generated much more heat together. Rather see them as a couple, then boring Olivia or Connie.

  18. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    SwanQueen 59- Agree with you post. I am trying to like ER in the role of LULU but like you said, it just seems like she is “acting” in all her scenes, while JMB was Lulu. But, JMB wanted to leave so I am trying to get used to ER in the role.

  19. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Just rewatched yesterdays episode on Soapnet. This sounds bizarre, but have a feeling Susan Moore could have had triplets,(explaining Heather’s involvement and how she knew RH’s new character) ,and Roger is triplet, that was born (the blonde hair, making him look more like Jason), I can’t believe they would make RH Jason, no way. I somehow think Steve Burton will return to GH someday, at his best role,his character on Y &R is a big bore!!!! This would make RH’s character a Q, taking over the Q empire, and his sympathy toward Sam. Perhaps RH will be involved in a Sam, Silas, triangle?

  20. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Good idea, angelwendy15! It seems to obvious that RH is playing Franco that I’m hoping that it’s not true. Valentini and Carlivati have both acknowledged that there’s been a lot of “back from the dead,” so I’d be surprised if RH was Franco and I would be beyond shocked if he was Jason. I just don’t see that happening.

    I wasn’t watching when Franco was originally on so I have to ask– did we ever see him with his mother?

  21. Profile photo of tmac

    This wouldn’t be the first time cousins have gotten together on a soap. Larry Wolek and Karen Wolek were cousins on OLTL, and Jonathan and Tammy were first cousins on Guiding Light. There is an ick factor there but this wouldn’t be a groundbreaking storyline if it happens with Michael and Lauren.

    Jason’s “some other chick” mother is Heather’s cousin, Susan Moore. She and Alan are also Franco’s parents since Jason and Franco are twins. And since Heather gave Franco to Betsy Frank when the boys were born we never saw him with his birth mother. Franco may have had a scene or two with Betsy Frank but I’m not sure.

  22. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Count me among the ones that wanted to see Milo beat down Dante. I haven’t liked caveman Dante since we found out he was the son of the mini-mobster.

    Since I have ZERO tolerance for jealous assholes, I’m glad Molly kicked TJ to the curb. Don’t let the door hit you.

    Not feeling Shawn & Alexis, I agree that she has alot more chemistry with Sonny. But he doesn’t deserve her.

    Uh, no. The second that Kiki & Morgan said they were taking over my bedroom, I would’ve called Carly AND Sonny, “Come get him.”

    I’m DYING to find out who RoHo is playing, I just adore him!

    So far, it seems that ME is still playing McBain. No personality.

  23. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    tmac-I believe the majority of Franco’s scenes with his “mother”, Betsy came during the time he kidnapped Aiden and delivered the baby to her… 0:)

  24. Profile photo of luvinggh

    @SwanQueen is correct with the scenes with his mother being when he kidnapped Aiden. Side note: Betsy Frank is JF mother in real life.

    Also off topic… Have to say I’m disappointed that the person from Lucy’s past that she is surprised to see is probably going to be Silas. Who she confuses with Caleb. BORING!!!! Was hoping it would be Serena :(

  25. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; grimm]He’s JASON returned from the dead with a new personality shift making him more like his eccentric twin brother Franco.[/quote]

    The only problem with that is the scene with Heather. Jason despised her and I’m pretty sure she did him. That scene was played with clear affection from both Heather and RoHo’s character.

  26. Profile photo of flalma2000

    Ok, really loved the 50th anniversary, but since then not so much.

    Already bored to tears w/R Howaths character, at this point couldn’t care less who he is. The new Morgan, was he only hired to take his shirt off? He certainly can’t act. Milo is better than he is. And don’t like Kiki at all.

    Hope Silas is a good guy, they desparately need more doctors, but can’t the guy cut his hair?

    Jane Elliot was wonderful and heartbreaking w/Luke the other day. To bad she doesn’t believe in Emmy’s, it would be hers.

  27. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I loved the chemistry between Sam and Tod when she worked for him. I think she has such easy going chemistry with most of the men and it shows. Even knowing what Todd had done to her I still loved watching them together. So I hope to see some romance between whoever he his and her.. That would make my day!!

    It was comical to see Sonny playing peacemaker with Milo and Dante..

    Feel bad about TJ..:[ Hope he isn’t headed under a bus.

  28. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I loved the chemistry between Sam and Tod when she worked for him. I think she has such easy going chemistry with most of the men and it shows. Even knowing what Todd had done to her I still loved watching them together. So I hope to see some romance between whoever he his and her.. That would make my day!!

    It was comical to see Sonny playing peacemaker with Milo and Dante..

    Feel bad about TJ..:[ Hope he isn’t headed under a bus.

  29. Profile photo of Yoryla

    WTH has happened to this show? Seriously.

    The episodes from this week (20-24.5.) were horrible. Like this episode, I could have easily FF’d through the whole thing at once and not bat an eye.

    The one thing I have enjoyed these past episodes is Carly. God forbid, she has been the only reasonable person in this whole Morgan mess as of late. And this is Carly we’re talking about, so it’s a big deal. Loved her calling Kiki out and listing all the reasons Morgan should re-evaluate his life. He’s obviously a loser, who is doing absolutely nothing with his life nor does he care what happens.

    I also loved seeing Carly tell Elizabeth how grateful she is, and that she wishes for the best man possible for her.

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