Jensen to Nick on Days of Our Lives: “You Were My Bitch, Right?”

Will (Chandler Massey) attempted to free Nick (Blake Berris), while Sonny (Freddie Smith) helped Gabi (Camila Banus) escape. Will was interrupted by Nick’s kidnapper, Jensen (Derek Magyar) and quickly hid.

 Jensen wanted to know where Gabi went and noticed Nick’s bindings had been loosened. The criminal did a bunch of yapping about their time together in prison, how close they were and even said "you were my bitch, right?" Nick pushed back on the question by replying, "No!"
Gabi’s water broke. Sonny insisted he get her someplace safe to have the baby.They found a shed, where Sonny helped deliver his boyfriend's child. 

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) offered to return the MP3 player that Daniel (Shawn Christian) let JJ (Casey Moss) borrow. JJ told her he’d already done so.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) spent a bunch of time talking in bed. 

When Sami finally got out of bed, she went to The Brady Pub, where she ran into Kate (Lauren Koslow). The two quickly started arguing about Rafe, which resulted in Kate hauling off and slapping Sami. I'm all for Sami vs. Kate, but over Rafe? I have been underwhelmed.

The episode ended with Will on the floor, Nick begging for mercy and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) bursting in and shooting at Jensen.

NOTE: A big chunk of Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives episode was pre-empted by Oklahoma tornado coverage. Our thought and prayers are with the families affected by the tragedy.

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    I did not think DAYs writers could redeem or explain Nick’s homophobic hate for Will and Sonny, it will not be easy, but it seems like they will try.
    I have been riveted on Will and Nick, Gaby and Sonny and am truly bored with Jennifer and Daniel.

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    I am SO glad the Days’ team didn’t chicken out on making Nick a prison bitch. This is such a great story to tell, and controversial. It is so deeply hidden in the realms of his mind. I have hated Nick thusfar, but if the writers take their time with Nick, and have him undergo serious therapy, I totally think he can be redeemed.

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    Cordelia Chase

    Predictable, and will probably not be handled with the same sensitivity as Michael’s rape on General Hospital – although I do expect it to be wrapped up just as quickly.

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    When you think about it, it’s clear that a lot of the stuff happening is Ciara’s fault. Hiding that letter caused the police to be unaware that a dangerous ex-con is on the loose and hiding that photo of Kristen and her henchman leaves Brady unaware of how devious Kristen is.

    That little girl is turning out to be a bad seed.:)

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    Ciara’s always been a little psycho. Remember when she cut up Carly’s clothes? She was also NightTimeHope’s little henchwoman on a few capers. Mark my words: She’s going to be a hellion.

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    I thought it was a great show! There’s Will who’s been shot and we think he’s dead at the same time his baby is born not breathing. And loved that Sonny who doesn’t like Gabi was the one who delivers his boyfriends baby. They will always have that bond and this was the way to bring them together as friends. And, no, Sami, EJ is not going to tell you what he is up to — you will just get your nose into it and screw it all up. You’ve been like that your character was SORASed. Everything you do causes more trouble. For once, EJ is being smart. (I am not a fan of Sami’s, and I am not a EJ/Sami fan.). Jennifer and Daniel will have their hands full with JJ (can’t stand that name, can’t they just start calling him Jack? Oh, and I like Jennifer & Daniel). Love Kate and cheered when she slapped Sami. And,how did Hope, who heard a woman’s scream from one direction, show up at the wrong warehouse? And, Kristen is the one who hired that guy so it all stems back to her and not Ciera. And loved how everything that happened to Nick (I had a feeling that he was raped from almost the very beginning) is out in the open now, or at least Will heard it. And, if Will remembers it, that may be the way to pave the way to a friendship. There is just so much going on that Days is definitly must see TV!

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    It was a strong episode. I think it going to come out that EJ help Jensen get out of prison to go after Nick.

    Also I won’t mind seeing Justin and Kate hooking up down the line if Justin working with EJ causes problems his Marriage.

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    I’m so loving Ciara! :D I could totally see her as the new Sami, an evil, manipulative wench in the making. If all goes well, she’ll be changing paternity tests in just a few years time!

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    Glad to see that they are explaining why Nick is such a homophobe and not comfortable with it, I’m surprised to see Days go there.

    And Ciara is pretty awesome, she seems like a little bad ass. She will cut a bitch! lol

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    House of Plantagenet

    After all the crap Nick has pulled, this reveal does not make me feel sorry for him. The ass murdered a guy and only served three years. Yes, he was a prison bitch. This does not excuse his actions.

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    Well, like I said elsewhere, DAYS is my fave soap right now. Today’s ep was another standout–this story has managed to bring in so many characters on the canvas and tie them to it. It’ll be interesting to see where the character of Nick goes after this.

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    That little girl is turning out to be a bad seed.:)[/quote]

    OMG! What a demon child she is Lol! Those looks she gives people gives me the hebe-gebes! Such a creepy kid. Reminds me of The Omen! I want to see if there is a 666 on her head somewhere Lol! But man do I Luvs me some Johnny! Hope they keep that kid around for a while, so fun to watch! And he can act to boot :)

    As much as I hate Nick and how he has treated Will and Sonny, I have enjoyed this story very much! Very well written and played out. Not to slow and not to fast, with the exception of Gaby’s pregnancy.

    I also love Nurse Maxine! Now if they would give her a story and just hook her up with Abe…

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    I have no sympathy for Nick at all. He was treated as a bitch and I only wish he’d be bitch-f*ked again and again. Like that song says…..’Hurry up and when you’re done wiping your ass, I’m a F*k you again, so buy your ass a cast. Nasty Bitch!”

    He got exactly what he deserves and nothing he didn’t. Jensen stripped ALL of his self worth. This needs to happen a lot more often to the bigots in this world.

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    Even though Derek Magyar (Jensen) played a despicable scumbag on “Days”, I think he’s sexy as hell. If you have Netflix or Hulu Plus, you should check him out in a movie called “Boy Culture” where he plays a hustler named X. He has some very hot kissing scenes with an older man, and with his roommate in the flick. I looked him up on IMDb, and it looks like “Boy Culture” may become a series. ;)

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    @ blake3b When did Nick ever act afraid of Sonny and Will? He don’t like their lifestyle but he never showed to be homophobic you know scared of homosexuals?

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