What Does Uncle Silas Want With Rafe and Sam on General Hospital? (VIDEO)


Rafe Kovich, Jr. (Jimmy Deshler) doesn't want anything to do with his Uncle Silas (Michael Easton) on General Hospital. Can you blame the kid? The man looks just like Caleb Morley, I mean, Stephen Clay, er…John McBain!  I'm confused. Barbie wass right. Math class is tough! Watch a sneak peek of today's GH after the jump. 


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    Yes, I’m kinda not feeling this character.

    First of all, Silas Clay? Did someone look up the stupidest names ever? Second of all, as said here, this is now the FOURTH character ME is playing on this show. Yes, I am counting Caleb Morley and Stephen Clay as separate characters, even though they were supposedly the same.

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    [quote=TV Gord]Stay tuned for FIFTH incarnation, when Silas’ other brother, Cassius shows up! ;-)[/quote]

    Gord-LOL! Will “Cassius” show up with boxing gloves, too? If he does maybe he should go a couple rounds at the gym with the mob boss. ;) Too funny… 0:)

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    I can’t wait for Caleb’s twin-father ICHABOD to come to Port Charles as a love interest for Tracy.

    I think they should have just made Michael Easton a new Cassadine. Dye his hair chocolate brown, make him grow a full goatee…voila!

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    I am definitely not feeling Silas. ME’s performance feels very uninspired, almost perfunctory. As others have said, his hair styling choice is not a good look. It is very unflattering for Easton. It makes him look kinda creepy.

    My personal hope is that he plans to take Rafe far away and never return.

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    I think that now AMC & OLTL have changed their head writing staff we will get back to our old shows like they were. They have too many new characters on AMC and for us older folks who have been watching these shows for over 40 yrs want it to continue like where it left off and not have all these characters on the show. I think the reason that Prospect Park cut back was due to the writing changes, it is just my guess having watched these shows for over 40 yrs. I was going to give up on them because it is annoying to watch them and not know who is who and what is going on and I think that the newbies (kids) got most of the time on the show. Glad they brought people into write that had been with the show for a decade or more. They know what is and has been going on with the shows storyline! That was a great move!! Now I won’t stop and I’ll see how it all goes!

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    Oh, and I read in SoapsInDepth that Ron Carlivati said that the fans won’t have a problem with changing the John/Starr/Todd characters and giving them new names won’t bother us. Well, he couldn’t be further from the truth, me, my sister-in-law a couple of my friends DO NOT like these people in these new characters. Kirsten is a horrible Kiki and John looks hedious with his hair and being the brother of a killer with a nephew that doesn’t know him. And if Roger is the new Jason, we are mad as hell. Roger is NO Jason and will not be good at that character either. This was a VERY bad move on GH’s part. They should have just brought them back as John’s/Todd’s brothers and Starr’s sister – long lost ones!! That would have made more sense. I don’t know if I will continue to watch GH with these 3 in roles I hate!

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    I’m not liking any of the new characters so far. I agree that Silas is a stupid name, his hairstyle is unbecoming, and he’s just plain creepy. Kiki and NuMorgan are really unlikeable at this point. As for Roger Howarth, I believe he is portraying the new or “real” Franco. That would mean he is Kiki’s father, so RH and KA are again father and daughter. However, I liked Todd, John and Starr on GH with their established storylines. Prospect Park has not only ruined OLTL, but also ruined these three characters for both OLTL and GH. I watched the first two weeks of the OLTL reboot, but lost interest. The writing misses the essence of the characters; even the chemistry between Victor and Tea was missing.

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    i agree in prospect park’s quest to reclaim ownership of the 3 characters(which had kinda settled in at GH) now it seem they and WE have lost all the way around,with the loss of the the 3 original OLTL characters who WERE on transplanted i mean wasn’t it enough asking us to accept these OLTL characters suddenly showing up on GH? NOW BAM! they are gone and 3 NEW NEW characters have show up ok this is really pushing it just saying

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    TV Gord

    …and it doesn’t seem that PP plans to use Starr and McBain, either. At least, I haven’t seen anything about them coming up in any storylines. So, we’re deprived of those characters on both soaps.

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