Baby, Schmaby: Hope Wants a Do-Over With Liam on Bold and Beautiful (VIDEO)

Hope (Kimberly Matula) doesn't miss a beat on The Bold and the Beautiful! As Liam (Scott Clifton) grieves over his and Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) baby, Ms. Logan is selling him on her hope for their future.

Elsewhere, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is busy trying to recreate her family with Eric (John McCook). Is this why Bridget (Ashley Jones) is back? Watch a teaser for today's episode of B&B after the jump!

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    How *DARE* they? That’s all I ask of these two Logan women.

    The one person Brooke has hurt most in this world is her daughter Bridget. And now, out of all people, she is using her to cover up the thing she is doing again: Getting pregnant with her in-law. Really, Brooke??? Asking Ridge, or even Taylor! for help would have been better.

    And, stoney already said everything necessary re: Hope.

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    Amen Stoney!
    Brooke has no definition of lines not to cross, and needs to have Donna show some righteous indignation for her sister Katy.
    No wonder Hope is like she is with Liam, she doesn’t understand you don’t always get what you want. She was raised by a master manipulator.

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    I think I may stop watching too!! So stupid the way Liam bounces from one to the other! Kim M is so boring to watch as an actress. I think a 3 year old could write better storylines. I mean come on! Brook pregnant yet again with a in-laws baby! She is so gross and Hope thinking Liam was taken from her! How many times do we need to listen to the same lines over and over!!!!!

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    I gave this show up because even though most of the logans have no moral compass they always win out.

    As for hope, so if liam could turn back the clock wouldnt he turn it back to the point his child is still alive vs. when he was with you. UGHHH

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    Hope needs to find the nearest seat.I can’t anymore with this dumb girl!
    Liam is thinking about the baby he and Steffy lost, not you. Can someone please buy this girl a clue?

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    So many people are about to drop this show, the writing has got to get better than what they’re dishing out. B&B’s actors are bringing it (Thank God!) but the writing still effin sucks! Brooke being pregnant again at like 55 is the biggest joke of all. :-(

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    Everyone says they don’t like the trio, but the ratings keep going up…

    Someone seems to like this story.

    And I’m not being a smartass, check out the ratings for B and B.


    Since I’ve only watched for almost three months now, I don’t have the same disdain for it.

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    No I dont hate the triangle. It was on too much during 2012, but 2013 is far more balanced. The show is better then last year and thats a great improvement.

    SC, KM and JMW probably have a huge fanbase in the right demographics. The ratings are better and b&B had during 2012 the biggest gain in total viewers in all 4 soaps. 2013 is again a better year, so Brad must be doing something good.

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    That’s what I’m saying.

    The average soap viewer we know is not on here, so maybe the story, for most fans, is exactly what they want.

    If the ratings are good, the formula shouldn’t be changed.

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    Pferrando for me its that they have made hope SOOO unlikable that whatever interest in the triangle i had has completely elapsed. I get rivalries – every soap has them – but to capitalize on your half sister losing her baby is just gross. And the pendulum swinging back and forth so quickly is laughable. On GH, Sonny/brenda/jax had a great triangle for the better part of the decade. while one side was always still sharing scenes she was actually very solidly choosing the other guy and for very clear and understandable reasons and then she stayed with that guy until circumstances changed. – ie she left one because of danger and went to the other, then something from the other guys past cropped up and drove her back to guy number one etc. In the interim, the guy on the outside would try and move on so he wasnt just some chump hanging around for the wind to blow. With hope/liam/steffy we have breakups over nothing and we never have a clear CHOICE – poor hapless liam always gets the push pull from hope and then dumb steffy takes him back. I would say steffy was an also ran if liam didnt always seem a million times happier and more content with her once he was pushed back in that direction. Is hope the love of his life or is he just in love with the idealization of her and thats why hes happier with steffy. does he love steffy or is she just the back up chick that he goes with when hope has a melt down. If anyone argued for either side, the would be totally projecting because the writing hasnt supported one narrative or another. I love the character of steffy. i like liam when he isnt being an indecisive ass hat. I have come to dislike hope and the more liam toys with the idea of lope the more i think he isnt good enough for steffy. its not the triangle but the writing of the triangle that is the problem. for example, maybe they should have had hope confront liam over the kiss and leave him as did. He comes in and says its for the best because honestly i love hope but when i think of the kind of life i want and the kind of woman i want to spend my life with it isnt her, its you. then he should have stayed with steffy for a solid year, no whining, no questioning, just focused on steffy – let hope hang with thomas and start something and then create a situation that makes all four reevaluate and cross paths again. maybe liam comes to think steffys with his dad too much and gets jealous and they have the tearful scene where he says i realized that no matter how good we are no matter how much i love you i know i cant ever get past your connection with my father. Maybe she wants a baby and he doesnt and when he says no, she leaves him. He then stays single a bit and works his way eventually back to hope. Then lope should stay together for a year. Maybe he then finds out that some of the things that were suspicious between bill and steffy were orchestrated by hope. or maybe there is some crisis with bill that forces liam to step up at the office and he needs steffy to help him leading to one late night of weakness that hope cant forgive or that leads to a pregancy and he goes back slowly to steffy. And when hes with one woman he should continue to run in to the other randomly – attending a board meeting and he talks to steffy after or waiting for steffy at dayzees and running in to hope volunteering but without any suggestion that he would give up the girl hes with to go with the other. Same triangle but nobody is behaving in a way you cant understand, both couples are portrayed as being together and in love for a real reason. No one is waiting around for crumbs. This sadly isnt that.

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    Cindy Surgeon

    I am so sorry that Steffy lost the baby but Liam and Hope should be together and would have been all this time if Steffy hadn’t constantly interfered. She can’t seem to get a man and always has to go after someone else’s. First it was Oliver when he was with Hope and then Bill when he was married to Katie. Steffy has no morals whatsoever. The way Liam looks at Hope is true love. He may love Steffy but he is still in love with Hope. I hope now that they will be given the chance to be together without all the manipulating. Seems Steffy is leaving the show so the triangle wiill finally end the way it should, Hope and Liam.

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    Hope didnt lose liam because of steffys interference although at times that was part of it. She lost liam because she only wants perfection. Okay so he drank to much the night before his wedding and she believes he kissed his ex while he was three sheets to the wind. many guys do WAY worse than that the night before they get married and she didnt even take his word on things. She threw away the engagement ring the first time again over a kiss and didnt even ask for an explanation. The relationship blew up over her pill popping because against liams wishes she turned their relationship in to a media circus and then couldnt take the scrutiny. etc. etc. When things get tough hope runs and thats why bill and a few times steffy were able to manipulate things (although too what the hell was liam doing with respect to boundaries. if he had set them with either woman his relationship with the other might have worked. Hey hope NO you cant come in to steffys home and throw her clothes out and hey steffy quit cha cha chaing in my ear, im taken would be great examples.) i think steffy is ready to get married and is ready to do the work to go the distance. I dont think liam and hope are anywhere near ready to make a life long commitment.

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