First Look: Snoop Lion Returns to One Life to Live May 28!

Guess who’s back! The Online Network has just released a clip of Snoop Lion’s visit to One Life to Live just in time for “Snoop Week”. From May 28 until June 6, the rapper/actor stops by Llanview to chill with his old friends Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith), and give some words of wisdom to Matthew (Robert Gorrie). Snoop’s trip to Llanview will also promote his new documentary, Reincarnated (out in stores now and on iTunes), which follows the Grammy award-winning artist’s journey from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.

During “Snoop Week,” The Online Network will transform their website and social networking pages with Snoop’s photo-bombing app Snoopify to get fans to interact via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out the clip of Snoop surprising Bo and Nora after the jump!

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    I love that Snoop Lion is a big OLTL fan and wants to be a part of this, but storywise I always feel like celebrity appearances on the soaps breaks the created reality and makes us all aware that this isn’t real.

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    I agree with MFarris70….I will always be a big fan of OLTL and will always watch it and yes, it’s awesome that Snoop Lion is making an appearance that is getting media coverage, but this new reboot really needs to focus on its long term stories or should I say lack of stories…there’s just no focus. Sometime I feel like I’m watching a comic strip with a few funny or sweet scenes per episode.

    Let’s look at what we got and what to improve, shall we?

    1) The only thru way storyline that is even remotely interesting is this whole Victor/Todd thing, but it has been taking it’s sweet precious time to get somewhere and the even still, it feels like nothing is happening. Let’s focus more on Todd and this organization making him watch everyone in town…is that weird to anyone else? Bring back Allison or make this organization he seems to be taking order from something real. I don’t know, it’s the only thing I am really interested in, but needs to be fleshed out more.

    2) Natalie…finally we are getting somewhere with her and Cutter but it took forever…I can stand seeing them say a few flirty words to each other and then she goes home and sleeps in her high heels. It’s boring. Maybe this date they have will set something. Also, if they are going to start a sort of triangle with Rama/Cutter/Natalie then do it already! This whole open marriage thing with Rama and Vimal is boring… and they are missing a lot of opportunity…I would be Vimal with someone so Rama gets jealous…but alas, if it’s a Natalie/Cutter/Rama triangle they are after then get rid of Vimal completely. The only way this will work.

    3) Blair…has she been reduced to scenery? She’s doing nothing and she’s one of the most talented actresses this show has..I was worried about this when the cast was announced…the only person Blair could remotely be paired with (besides Todd of course) is Cutter. Use her! Oy!

    4) Nora having a radio show is interesting, but again there’s nothing going on with it and it’s moving at the pace of a snail. Let’s have a face form her past call her show or someone calls her show claiming he or she killed someone, start a mystery…anything. I am loving her scenes with Bo but nothing’s coming from them.

    5) This big scandal that Dorian Lord has been involved in that is supposedly a restart for a Viki/Dorian feud is a complete snooze fest. Now we’re reduced to an entire episode where all Viki does is state that she is worried about her paper and how she can’t fire anyone because they are like family…as sick as I am of Niki Smith, that would be WAY more interesting than what I’ve been seeing.

    6) The younger set story is somewhat better but then again, it’s going no where. How many times does Matthew have to talk to this “Michelle” person before realizing she’s a fake. Nothing is happening with this story!!! Dani is a hot mess walking around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and all Destiny does is show up somewhere and complains about Matthew as a dead beat dad and complain how hard it is to find a babysitter.

    Look, OLTL, thank you for being back, but what the hell is this? I was on the edge of my seat when Irene came back from the dead and revealed that she has been holding the real Todd hostage for years…I was on the edge of my seat when Lindsay kidnapped Nora a million times back in the day…I was on the edge of my seat when Todd kidnapped Jack after he was born and told Blair he died at birth…I am not on the edge of my seat watching Dani seduce Matthew with peanut butter! What’s next? Is she gonna be seducing him with chicken tetrazzini?

    Just do something and quit worrying about guests like Snoop Lion or that God awful Riff Raff and work on YOUR OWN SHOW!

    Focus, focus, focus!!!

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    TV Gord

    Is Todd still on OLTL? I thought he would be off by the time Roger was back on GH. I’m surprised ABC isn’t counter-suing that ridiculous PP lawsuit!

    I watched the first episode when it was posted on YouTube, and I have to say the one thing I couldn’t get behind was the huge change in Destiny. A big part of the charm of her character was that she wasn’t the typical-looking soap vixen. Suddenly, she’s taller and thinner and has undergone a complete personality change. Them again, fans adjusted to Blair when she became a little less Asian, so I realize the silliness of my argument even as I write it. ;-)

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    Is this what long time OLTL fans want to see? Just curious.

    I’ve gotten through the first two weeks of the reboot, but have some catching up to do.

    I personally don’t need to see rap/pop/country singers on a soap.

  5. Profile photo of radrobd

    @TVGord, yes, Todd is still on the show. Reportedly, Roger Howarth filmed enough episodes to air through June, but with the reduced schedule, it’s likely his appearances might be stretched through July or even August. As for the lawsuit, actually that was one of PP’s complaints, they did not want Howarth airing on GH while he was still airing on OLTL.

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    With these online shows airing only a total of 48 minutes a week, why the hell are they wasting my time with this drivel? These Snoop scenes will just be more to skip through. I’m already skipping at least 1/3 of the show now…if I skip anymore I might as well just stop watching.

    Hey, I think I’m going to be saving myself $7.99 a month! ;)

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    I don’t care for Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoop Bear, Snoop Aardvark, or whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days, since he’s a homophobic POS, but I support anything that will help get this show more attention, and maybe even more solid funding later on down the line, and Snoop appears to be what the doctor ordered.

    He’s essentially nothing more than a washed-up rapper, but he does have a lot of powerful friends in high places. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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