Granny Sami Goes BALLISTIC on Nick on Days of Our Lives!

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) burst into the cabin and capped Jensen’s (Derek Magyar) ass like a five-year old playing Duck Hunt at Chuck E. Cheese. Nick (Blake Berris) immediately told Hope that Will (Chandler Massey) had been shot.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) accused Kate (Lauren Koslow) of putting Rafe (Galen Gering) in a coma. A furious Kate hauled off and slapped Sami. Sami then realized Kate had fallen in love with Rafe, and began to taunt her long-time nemesis.

Gabi (Camila Banus) demanded to know why her baby wasn’t crying. Sonny (Freddie Smith) didn’t know, because he had no idea what he was doing. Sonny began swatting the baby’s butt, which caused it to start crying.

EJ (James Scott) met with Justin (Wally Kurth), and gave him information on how to bring Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) down. They were interrupted by a call from Sami, who revealed he’d been shot.

Will and Gabi were rushed to the hospital, where Nick found out Gabi had given birth. Gabi and Sonny were shocked to learn Will had been shot.

Sami, Lucas and Kate arrived at the hospital and demanded to know what happened. Sami went BALLISTIC when she found out Jensen was connected to Nick. She accused Nick of trying to kill Will. Hope jumped between Sami and Nick to defend Nick, as EJ pulled Sami away.

Sonny was in a state of shock over everything that happened. Justin pulled his son aside, and they talked about Sonny delivering Will’s daughter.

Vargas (Sean Douglas) showed up at the hospital. He told Nick what Jensen had done to him was in the past, and didn’t make him less of a man. Then, Vargas went to talk to Hope. I sort of want Vargas to fall for Hope. The cop and the con could be a great romantic storyline.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Kate celebrated being great grandmothers by taking pictures and holding the baby. Kate joked about the baby calling her Kate instead of great grandmother.

Nick left the hospital and walked through the park by himself.


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    Days has been really good. Great acting from everyone. I thought that Sami was going to put Nick in a chokehold. I’m also hoping for a little romance b/w Vargas and Hope. There was a little spark there between those two.

  2. Profile photo of bishbay

    I’m glad there are signs that they’re considering keeping Vargas around. The actor is hot and talented, and maybe he can perk up Kristin Alfonso a bit.

    I’m concerned, however, that there’s no coming back from him literally stabbing Nick in the back when they were in the clink. It’s nice that he told Nick not to get too down about the fact that he was repeatedly raped, but still: He nearly killed Nick and still has him enmeshed in criminal stuff. Hard to redeem that.

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    And all of the sudden, DAYS has become the best soap opera on the air. It’s great to see that since December the show has been up creatively. Storylines and couples – Dannifer being the big exception & last thing that needs to be fixed – finally work and it’s a very entertaining hour of television again.

    Ali Sweeney seemed to have real fun in those scenes. LOVED it. Sami and Kate is always good and seeing Sami go off is another great thing. Especially in this case where she really went ballistic. LOL
    Sami Brady is back. No confused heroine who is in over her head about her love life but a more feisty Sami. Also love Sami and EJ’s dynamic.

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Days is on fire. This recap alone is a great example of how a show can be tightly-knit, exciting, have a lot of people showcased, and a good balance between veterans and younger character. Other soaps could watch and learn from this storyline.

    Like bishbay, I’m also not sure whether I want Vargas to stick around. I like the actor, and he is nice to look at, but honestly I’m not seeing a place for him on canvas in the future.

  5. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    Only on a soap can you get shot, have surgery and still look great. Same with having a baby — Gabi bearly had a hair out of place, during delivery and looks beautiful afterwards.

    Loved how Sonny was the one who delivered Will’s baby, especially the way he feels about Gabi and NIck. This baby connects the Horton, Brady and Fernandez families. And if Will and Sonny get married, the Kiriakas family too, though not by blood. Whew!

    Sonny’s reaction when he heard about Will was heart wrenching.

    Kate and Sami were at each other’s throats one minute and cooing over the baby the next like nothing happened. Loved how Kate slapped her. Sami needs more of that.

    Sami was understandabily upset about Will getting shot and going after Nick like that. Hope did a great job, very strong when she told Sami to back off and explained what went down. Sometimes stuff like that can linger for days. She was right to the point. Both Nick and Will are her family so she must be torn over about everything. And, I don’t like Vargas and would rather he stay away from Hope even if her “Brady” doesn’t come back. There is just something about him I don’t like.

    Days of Our Lives is MUST SEE TV once again!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Profile photo of Hellolisare

    Well, the only way I’m going to feel good about Nick again is if he tears up that agreement that Will signed. I get that he was traumatized while he was in prison, but he needs to do the right thing. As for Vargas, he’s small potatoes. Stabbing someone and making $30k illegally is hardly a blip on the screen in DOOL. So we’ll see.

  7. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Freddie Smith has been just fantastic this week. :) The whole show has been must-see for about three weeks now. And the rest of this month promises to deliver even more good, soapy stuff.

    My only gripe is that Camilla Banus’ performance was….lacking. I know next to nothing about how a woman who’s just given birth (in a shed, no less) is supposed to look; but she sure as hell wouldn’t be jumping up and down in a wheelchair and be fresh as a daisy a few short hours later.

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Camila Banus’ performance is ALWAYS lacking. However, considering that I thought she has done *pretty* well recently. She’s not, nor will she ever be a Kate Mansi, but then you can’t have it all, can you?

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    Brown Eye Girl

    Another great week on Days…Still loveing the Ej and Sami story quote for the week: “You just would not shutt up!” HA! Ej tells Sami… the best ever!

    It was so great seeing Kate slapped Sami..It was getting pretty intense between those two….I was waiting to see who was gonna be “B” salpped next! HA! then to see how a baby could bring everyone to common ground…way nice..

    Loved… Will and Sonny where there in the moment and was going to save Nick regardless….awesome writing.

    And holy crap on a craker!….I still think it would be soooo great to see Ej bring Stefano down and not have Stefano regain the power….aahhh.. just think…. Ej and Sami… and all that power…. and her driving him nuts years of endless writing…

    Let the May sweeps continue!……

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