Is Matthew Getting Catfished on One Life to Live?

Viki (Erika Slezak) told Clint (Jerry verDorn) she wanted to marry him, but in a beautiful way and not rushed. The two began going over a list of people who she may have to fire from The Banner. Every name on the list was someone Viki had a personal relationship with.

Dorian (Robin Strasser) wanted to celebrate secretly handing over the Pellegrino Fund documents to the senate committee by taking her family out to dinner. However, Jack (Andrew Trischitta) refused to go.

At the Llanview PD, Bo (Robert S. Woods) told Todd (Roger Howarth) evidence was coming together, but they didn’t have enough. Tea (Florencia Lozano) barged in and told Bo to get rid of Todd, because she had something he needed to see. Todd left, but lurked outside the office and listened to Tea give Bo more evidence against Victor (Trevor St. John).

At Shelter, David (Tuc Watkins) was on the hunt for a sidekick and spotted Rama (Shenaz Treasury). It turned out she is a big fan of his work. He quickly offered her an unpaid job on his show.

Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Destiny (Laura Harrier) showed up together. I’m not exactly sure why these two keep hanging out together. Other than being single mothers, what could they possibly have in common? Maybe it's just that anything Shelter-related is falling flat for me.

Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal) tried stirring up a meal for Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu), but it didn’t go as expected. While Dani was attempting to save her food, Matthew was trying to reach his online companion.

Both Jeffrey and Dani tried to tell him something was amiss, but Matthew wouldn’t listen to them. Two words, Matthew:  Manti Te’o. 

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    I think Matthew might be in a catfish scheme with this Michelle! I am enjoying any scene with this new Matthew. He is one of the sexiest younger men on soaps right now IMO. Loved his shirtless scenes on todays episode.

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    Great post, david46208! I agree on all points. Although I liked One Life today, it’s still very messy and there’s a lot of disconnect that makes scenes that I enjoy feel hollow all the same.

    I would love it if Matthew is truly being catfished. It would knock him down a peg and hopefully sort his skewed priorities in life.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: When I look at both All My Children and One Life To Live for this week, again I have to give it to AMC. Things are really moving full speed ahead. I kind of makes you wish you had more of episodes or longer.

    The Sex Trafficking stryline has been the lead. And Debbie and Darnell are working their asses off. The secondary story of JR’s having to deal with the past post-coma is also good. And while the other stories are in various stages of development (like they should be), it is overall good.

    Yet, when it comes to OLTL, all the stories seem to be in their first stages. And this week was especially uninteresting. I seemingly watched a lot people talk about a lot of other people, talk about each other and talk to each other. There wasn’t much excitement in the mix either.

    There should be at least one leading storyline that equals what is going-on on AMC. But there’s none.

    The Todd/Victor feud falls flat because Victor is not even there to spice things up. And the focus on “Victor” and the tattoo on the dead body doesn’t work either because we all know he is not dead. So even exploring comes up as lazy writing.

    I like that Vicki is having a crisis with running The Banner in the digital age. That is timely and relates to what is happening in the newspaper industry all around. But the crisis does not feel real enough. To make the idea of Vicki having to lay long-time staff members off that would cause such a conundrum, The Banner would have to be in state where she is going to have to declare bankruptcy on a principle loan from the past that kept the news organization afloat during the 2008 recession.

    Something is needed though to make me connect more with it.

    When it comes to Dani and Matthew it is as if the writers have clearly decided to alienate these two characters from the rest of the cast. Especially their parents and family members, just to try and push that they want the audience to view them as a future couple.

    And yet on AMC Pete/Celia and AJ/Miranda are anchored by their families.

    For Pete/Celia you have opal meddling in the life of her son and Evelyn in the life of Celia (thought she is no relation). For AJ/Miranda you have AJ dealing with the return of his father JR and Miranda being of support to him. Then you have Miranda dealing with her teenage issues and having AJ and her mother Bianca supporting her. So there is definitely multi-generational story telling going on there.

    So with OLTL I need to feel and see a connection between the characters, along with more multi-generational family storytelling and a bit more realism.

    Also I might need to add that this show started with Dani overdosing on drugs and since then she has not even taken another hit? This from a young woman who was to supposedly have fallen off the track due to her mother’s distance from her and the loss of her dad. It appears to me from a writing and storytelling standpoint that Dani should be struggling more with drugs and having Matthew trying to save her as the source of what would draw them together. She should be a walking-talking bitch of an addict who goes through all the stages of addiction and would lead to an intervention of sorts. That is how this story should be told. Think of it as OLTL’s version of Lindsay Lohan with a dash of Brittany Spears.

    I mean as a writer, and thinking in contemporary terms, that would work much better than this cookie cutter island pre-romance with curse words to make it sound hip and youthful.

    So if you are going to go there than take it allllllllllll the way!

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    I think Matthew is being catfished. I had no idea what “catfish” meant until accidentally seeing Dr. Phil talk about it one day with a guest on his show.

    I hope to do a marathon of AMC this weekend in order to get caught up on the show.

    Yes, OLTL has been missing several beats with Victor showing up alive. Viki Lord is an heiress and should not need Buchanan money to bail out The Banner. How many times did we see Mitch Lawrence in the last decade try to gain access to the Lord fortune and even used old suddenly alive Victor Lord to change his will from Viki to Mitch? I smell something funky with Viki not having any money.

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    Secrets and Lies

    I actually like Jack’s acting better than Matthew’s. Neither of them are going to win any awards, but to me Matthew overacts with the faces he makes, arching his eyebrows, etc. Jack’s acting is not as dramatic but it’s more realistic to how people behave in real life.

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    I thought at first that Destiny was the one Catfishing Matthew. But then there was a scene with Destiny at Matt’s apartment when he was talking to Michelle. Unless she had help from a friend…

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    With all this talk of Catfishing, which I have no clue what it is, I have put the definition below:

    “The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time).

    Possible motivations: revenge, loneliness, curiosity, boredom

    The term catfishing was inspired by the 2010 documentary “Catfish.”

    So call me unhip or someone who does NOT watch Dr Phil….

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