What’s Wrong With Will and Gabi’s Baby on Days of Our Lives? (VIDEO)

Both the lives of Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and his infant daughter are in jeopardy on Days of Our Lives. On Wednesday's installment, Sonny (Freddie Smith) managed to deliver his boyfriend's bambino, but the little lady has yet to exercise her lungs. A kid who can't scream? Are we sure she's related to Sami (Alison Sweeney)?

If William and that brat make it out of this whole kidnapping-plus-delivery-in-the-woods saga alive, he owes Sonny breakfast in bed for like six months. Dude had to stick his hands up Gabi's (Camila Banus) va jay jay?! Now that is true love.

Back to Granny Brady, she was off getting into at bitch fight with Great-Granny Kate (Lauren Koslow) over Rafe (Galen Gering). I'm sure EJ (James Scott) would be none-too-thrilled about his baby mama getting so worked up about her comatose ex, but Mr. DiMera was too busy having clandestine meetings with Justin (Wally Kurth) in the park to care.

Do these two fools really think they can take down Stefano (Joe Mascolo)? The Phoenix is likely having a birdcage built for two readied for their behinds.

Over on Smith Island, that nasty, kidnapping, dayplayer, boy-rapist was tormenting Nick (Blake Berris), as Will bled out on the floor. Did Hope (Kristian Alfonso) get there in time to save her trouble-prone little cousins? If she didn't, she should take a switch to that fast, little Ciara's (Lauren Boles) backside, once she gets back to the mainland.

Sidenote: Whoever those Smiths are, I bet they hate they ever sold the late Tom Horton a cabin. Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump!



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    They are killing me with this Kate “loves” Rafe stuff. What we have been shown so far is that she loves to sleep with him. I’m fine with that, but they’re going have to do more with this before I’ll be able to think of it as anything more than a booty call.

  2. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    People are blaming Ciara for hiding the letter, but it’s really the cop that dropped off the prisoner release letter in Hope’s absence and expecting her child to watch over it. Likewise, Hope shouldn’t have had her daughter hanging out at the Salem Police Department. Kids don’t belong in their parents’ workplaces, especially in a place like a cop shop. And, if the criminal was so dangerous, why did they release him?

    Hope Nick comes around and lets Will have access to his own kid once he’s recovered.

    EJ or Stefano still may have had something to do with the initial attack on Rafe, and if it truly was mistaken identity, then Nick was the target.

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    I agree with Hello, that even though this all has proven great drama and acting possibilities for Lauren Koslow, Rafe and Kate were never “in love”. They were in lust, had good sex and were becoming closer. They were dating, that’s it.

    Another thing is Sami’s involvement in all this. Any chance for Kate & Sami to try to out-bitch one another is great, but Sami shouldn’t really be so involved in Rafe’s life anymore. Let them stay apart and let Sami concentrate on her own family, and the DiMeras.

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    I am LOVING Days right now! Days has been pretty good for awhile now..but it hasnt been this great in sometime..for the first time in ages..I am wanting to watch it live or as soon as I can! I normally only watch about half the characters…Daniel/jennifer anything bore me..aswell as anything to do with Abby..aswell as Brady and Kristen..so that normally leaves me with half a show to watch…this Will/Gaby/Sonny/Nick stuff this week has been amazing..so cliffhangerish every day…I am excited for the next. I pretty much knew Nick was raped in jail soon after he got out..esp. when the Will/Sonny storyline came up. I have hated Nick for months..everytime he’s on my screen I am ready for him to go because he’s such an a**! Even if I figured he hated Will for being gay because he was raped in prison..still I was tired of him..but watching these scenes this week really are touching..none of this excuses his behavior on Will but I really felt Blake(Nick) was doing a really good job running through of emotion of having Benson back..and when Will put his life on the line for him I think he was finally getting the message. I could completely understand Nick being in the hospital upset..and thought the scene in the park was very moving.
    Meanwhile I am loving Sonny’s scenes in the hosp. with Will..they are so cute!
    I really hope they start having Nick come around and back off Will..because that’s getting on my last nevere.
    So hopefully Nick can deal with what happened to him and know Will being gay is completely different then what happened to him…plus the guy got shot trying to save your sorry butt :/

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