Katie Gets a New Executive Producer

More backstage drama for Katie Couric’s talk show. Deadline is reporting Michael Morrison, who joined Katie in January as executive producer, is leaving and will be replaced by Rachel Miskowiec. The article goes on to chronicle Katie’s freshman struggles.

After a strong opening, the show slipped in the ratings. Its numbers eventually leveled off and Katie remained No.1 in households among all freshmen for the entire season but it has been running neck and neck in households and total viewers with fellow rookie Steve Harvey, which has been edging Katie in the key women 25-54 demographic. Katie also has been struggling with its identity, with Couric, who also serves as exec producer, reportedly pushing for news-making interviews and more serious journalistic approach normally reserved for in-depth news programs like 60 Minutes as opposed to daytime TV’s conventional emphasis on lighter fare and celebrities.

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  1. Profile photo of sodsince16

    Katie is a talk show in need of an identity. It looks like Oprah and it sounds like a celebrity talk show from the 90’s.

    I don’t understand the need for a live audience when no one has asked an interesting question from the audience since Phil Donahue.

    If Katie wants to talk about news than I am going to need something other than a group of nattering nah-bobs sitting around a table like The View.

    Those shows attracted an audience because they were well produced and had something new to offer I have yet to see that from Katie.

    Feel free to disregard these remarks because I admit to enjoying both Wendy Williams and Anderson this season.

  2. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    I watched her “Mary Tyler Moore Show” reunion. While I enjoyed that show because of her guest stars, I found Katie herself irritating. She is trying really hard and it shows.

  3. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Katie trying too hard. At today show, she and Matt were good and natural. After his year, they probably should have joined forces. Both seem to be at a standstill at this point. They are not appealing to anyone.

    I also like Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey. They are both more natural, funny and seem like they are enjoying what they are doing.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Lord in a manger. It makes one wonder why this woman’s show goes through producers like most people go through underwear. I’d hate to think it’s her. ****insert heavy-handed sarcasm here****

    We all know how big the egos of these overpaid talking heads are. And it appears Couric is no different. She’s probably a tyrant behind the scenes, alienating folks. I don’t trust ANYONE who smiles as much as she does.

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